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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yarning along...my first sock

I am not new to creating things. From a very young age, I have been creating things: cookies, cakes, then bread in the kitchen; potholders, sit upons, and lamps in Girl Scouts (back in the day); clothes in home ec class; cross stitched images; clothes for my children, quilts; rosaries; knitted scarves, hats, then sweaters.

I cannot tell you, however, how exciting it is to make a sock. I feel like I have finally made something from nothing. Of course, it's no different than making a rosary from some beads and wire, or a quilt from some scraps of fabric. And, of course, it's not something from nothing.

But it is different. I feel like a pioneer woman. It feels like it does to make a quilt completely from scraps of clothes, and I have done that. It feels empowering. I feel like I could survive in the Big Woods. Maybe it's too much Hunger Games {w}.

Let's not get too carried away though. No one needs a big head. People make socks all the time.

This sock is from Socks from the Toe Up. Except it's not, because I made the lace all wrong. Well, not all wrong, but one stitch, repeated over and over and then, it was all wrong. I didn't realize until I was several inches in and by then it was too late. If you remember I started the toe over a lot. No way I was ripping back to the toe. Besides, I liked it. Basically it's the same sock, nothing crucial changed.

I love it.

It's my favorite finished object, ever.

Here's what the lace is supposed to be:
p  k  k  p
p ssk yo p
p  k  k  p
p  yo  k2tog p

Here's what I did:

p  k  k  p
p k2tog yo p
p  k  k  p
p  yo  k2tog p

Just one little stitch, but resulting in a very different look. The Lacy Rib is supposed to be straight. As you can see, mine is very curvy.

Well, maybe you can't see, but it is curvy. In a straight sort of way. Straight lace, curvy rib.

Just by not paying close enough attention to the pattern, I created my own design. Sort of.

I need to start the second right away, so I don't forget how to do it. Remember all that trouble I had with the heel? I could definitely forget how to do that.

Incidentally, the yarn is Knit Picks Felici self-striping fingering sock yarn in high tide. It's so soft. I really like it a lot.

I want to knit socks for every one for Christmas, but unless I can duplicate my arms (Octomom!), I don't think that is going to happen. Imagine though if you could. You could knit four socks at the same time. Whoa!

I am listening to Mockingjay, which is the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It is infinitely more action-packed than Catching Fire, number two.

For those of you who were wondering what my resource is for the audiobooks, it's the Ohio Ebook Project, which I can link to and borrow books for free through my library. Great resource. My library is a great library. I tell my husband all the time that we can never move because our library is so great.

Be sure to link up with Jonny over at Ginny's. It's the GQ version of Yarn Along!


  1. I love them! Being a non-knitter (unfortunately), I don't understand the pattern bit, but can appreciate your hard work and finished project.

  2. Hurray! I think it's beautiful. All I know how to do is knit in a straight line. Maybe I should take up knitting as a new hobby for winter. Thanks for sharing. :-) --- Rosemary

  3. Love the sock! I wish I could knit. I tried, but I just can't do it. Sad face.
    I'm interested to hear what you think of Mockingjay. I thought it went a bit off the rails at the end but that could just be me. :)

  4. I love the sock. One of these days I would love to learn to knit. Thanks for the audiobook info. Wow you do have a great library! Mine is getting better but still has a ways to go for those of us who appreciate reading with technology.

  5. I keep saying I'll knit a sock but I never do...always start different project...
    I love your sock! and the lace pattern is really nice and I love the color changes...
    I know the feeling you get when you finish a project - it feels great - enjoy the happiness! :)

  6. Hooray!!! I love it! It is beautiful. I'm so happy you powered through the challenges and now have a successfully finished sock. It *is* empowering. I completely understand your sentiments. I felt the same way when I finished my first pair. There is a way to do two at a time toe up socks. I've heard that once you learn it that you never go back. It is *that* revolutionary. I haven't looked too much into it though because I like using my dpns. But if you could make two at once it would really save time that's for sure. Btw, guess what I bought myself at a local knit store…metal size 1 circulars! We were in the "big town" the day before my birthday and I made sure I stopped by my favorite shop. So, now that you've done all of the hard work and ironed out all of the rough patches I should be good to go on this pattern! ;)

    P.S. I really like your "adjustments" to the lace pattern. It looks like the faux cable stitch I did in a hat pattern.

  7. That is amazing! I know the joy. Pete wants socks BAD! Great job!

  8. Dude. You ARE like a pioneer woman. :) Fantastic colors, by the way.

  9. Thanks, Mary. It actually looks more complicated than it is and I likely have menopausal attention issues. ;-)

  10. Thanks, Rosemary and I agree, you should. It's very relaxing when you're not messing up! :-)

  11. Emily,
    I finished yesterday. I completely agree. After Prim died the story went rather wild. Especially did not like talk about suicide. I was quite disappointed.

  12. Softie,
    Besides having a great building and resources there, our library offers a ton of resources through their website. Encourage your library if there something you want. They are usually open to suggestions.

  13. Jarka,
    My mother-in-law bought me the book and then I had to do it. Fortunately the yarn was inexpensive and I got to buy new needles --always a treat. But I'm set to knit a LOT of socks now! Just do it!

  14. Kelly,
    After all the trouble I had at the heel, I now totally get it and I have lots of yarn to work with until I can do it in my sleep! Lots of socks in my future. After this one's mate, I will try the double method. Since I did these on two circular needles it should be easy. I love my dpns too, but the circular needles are easier for this toe-up method I think.

  15. Lisa,
    Knit that lovin' man some socks! They are fun and challenging and you are just the woman to do it! Come on. Join me out in the Big Woods! ;-)

  16. Sarah,
    I laughed out loud this morning. Thanks! I can't tell you when I did that last. Sad but true.


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