Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, August 10, 2012

(8/10)...I spy / streaming

Driving in the car this morning, first to the grocery store and then to deliver groceries to my college boy (Yes, I know by now he should be getting his own groceries, but he has no car and he would have to take a bus to get to a store, and then only buy what he can carry, and the least I can do is buy his groceries and deliver them. Besides, its the only way I get a kiss and a hug every week.) I had lots and lots of thoughts. I finished Mockingjay, so I really had nothing to listen to. Mother Angelica was on the radio and I can never hear her in the car.

So anyway, I had lots of thoughts. I also had lots of stuff sitting on my kitchen counter and table when I got home, so I made an "I spy." All these things were out because they are current events, so to speak. Things, issues, I am dealing with right now, so they are forefront in my mind, with some other things, not pictured.

In the past week doctors started me on two new drugs. I have to tell you that before age, um, say 45, I never took medication. I preferred an ice pack to an Advil. After my surgery four years ago, things went downhill fast. Maybe it's age, but the surgery suspiciously sits at the beginning of all the events on my health-going-downhill timeline.

Anyway, my two new drugs, Synthroid for my newly-diagnosed low thyroid, I'll probably be on for life, unless we can figure out why my thyroid failed and fix the cause, which I'm doubtful about. And Neurontin, for the nerve pain in my leg. This is a temporary thing if for no other reason than: 1) it hasn't stopped the pain and 2) I refuse to be on it for long. It's an epilepsy drug, which by some molecular-level coincidence prevents nerve pain. My gyn, who I saw yesterday for some issues we won't discuss on the Internet, believes the leg nerve pain is coming from my tailbone which was "altered" (for lack of a better word) in my surgery. So, you can see why I think so many fo my health problems stem from my surgery.

dietary supplements
After my lab work results came back last week I realized I needed some dietary supplements, ie vitamins and minerals. I have a pretty balanced diet and I eat my veggies (I'm trying to "eat the rainbow" which is kind of a weird term if you consider that God's beautiful rainbow has been sort of hijacked in our culture, but let's ignore that for now and understand that I am just trying to eat foods of many colors.), but even if we eat a really super good diet, we probably all still need dietary supplements of one sort or another. I spent some time at my health food store and talk a lot with someone who really seemed to know what she was talking about, and came home with a raw foods multi-vitamin with probiotics. I have a hard time with multi-vitamins because they make me so nauseated I sometimes can't keep them down (TMI!). I only say that because I know that's a common problem and these have caused no such problem. They have enough vitamin D that I don't need a supplement (because I'm low in D).

Recently, Ginny promoted a sunscreen created by a friend and I ordered some. I am always on the hunt for really good sunscreens (especially for my blondie and my redhead) and I love to support small, family businesses like that. It smells really good, though we haven't used it yet. It has rained for two days, praise the Lord!

green tomatoes
Kroger had them. For dinner. My beloved will be so happy.

a visitor
This weekend we are having a visitor. Someone very dear to my heart who I have never met in person. Sorry to be cryptic. I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. {w} I made a little something for her. I hope she is too busy to be reading blogs.

ten car rosaries
Almost finished.

sock # 2
Enough said.

Love and Life
Noah and I are going through this book. I will not say "eagerly" on either person's part. Yes, my husband has "the talk," but in recent years I have decided that the talk needs supplementation -- not of the vitamin and mineral variety, but of the spiritual variety (my husband is ok with that). Dr. Colleen Mast is really good at this, so I'm letting her help.

wishful pinking
The perfect nail color -- almost no color -- for mother and daughter (though the daughter wants more color!). Let's do our nails.

little boy blue, and red, and green
A sweet baby quilt for a sweet baby boy.

Tomorrow: some thoughts that can not be pictured. Stay tuned.


  1. Are you making that book I think you should make? (the eye spy one?)

    Love that beautiful baby quilt, you make the greatest quilts!!

  2. Sorry, Jamie. Not yet! And thanks. :-)

  3. Let me know how those vitamins work out. I'm looking for a good one for women that doesn't contain phytoestrogens.

  4. Now I want to know who your visitor is!!!! ;) I want to order some of that sunscreen also and maybe I shouldn't think too much about that "change of life" surgery and just continue slugging through with Aunt Flo's monthly visits...even though I am getting tired taking care of her...sigh...

  5. I love your photo collage! I hope the meds help, and I'm still praying for you. --- Rosemary

  6. Sorry about your health. I hope the Drs. can help. Nerve pain sounds like a nightmare.

    Hoping to get my son into a Theology of the Body also. This is one of the most important talks I think parents must give...because of the crazy world we live in where anything goes these days.

  7. Have you read Marilyn Shannon's book: Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition (4th Edition)? I love love love her food guide for colorful eating. There is a simple chart that you can print out and laminate (sheet protector) and simply check off the different foods you eat each day. You don't need the book to get the chart: http://ccli.org/resources/pub/FCN-Table1-13.pdf


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