Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, August 06, 2012

Did you miss me?

Yesterday a reader tapped me on the shoulder and say, "Hey. Are you still there?"

Virtually, of course.

I wish I could say I went on an exciting vacation. But, I'm still here. Still knitting. On the third Hunger Game book. Number two was unimpressive. I think once I got beyond the initial shock of the whole concept, I really needed more action than what was available. I thought number two was just number one warmed over? New tricks, but same trick book.

I have been off my feet for the most part since last week because I had my hips "fixed" last Wednesday. Not surgically, just manipulated by my doctor. You might remember they were rotated, but not to the same degree. She was able to move them just by pushing on the muscles really hard (if you see a chiropractor you probably have had this done, but this was all new to me, and my D.O. did it), and was able to align my tail bone too.

In a discussion about what I was feeling (pressing on the muscles in my back triggered spasms in/around my bladder -- interesting) we got in a discussion about my hysterectomy and reconstructive surgery four years ago. I don't know enough about what the doctor did to answer her many questions (he reconstructed a lot of muscles), but we talked about a nerve in my leg (lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, I believe) that burns a lot and keeps me from doing any walking for longer than 10 minutes or so.  When she adjusted the muscles in my back, the side of my leg began to burn. It's weird how all those muscles and the nerves are tied together. Anyway, that nerve had been on fire since then. It feels, alternately, like I have been walking uphill for a long time (burn) and I am being stung by bees (really burning). I almost went to the ER on Saturday, but I an philosophically opposed to using the ER for non-life-threatening conditions. At this moment, I am waiting for a doctor to call me back (mine is on vacation) so I can possibly see a neurologist. This is all going to get so much more fun under Obamacare. I can't wait.

I bought a cute pair of German shoes. They slip on, though they don't look like it (they don't have a heel). I think they'll look good with handknit socks. 

This morning while my leg had not quite caught fire yet (it feels pretty good in the morning after eight hours off my feet) I cleaned the basement rec room and Joshua's bedroom down there. I have a carpet cleaner coming this week and he is going to clean my sofas, so I pulled out the sofa and swept under and behind it, and under the cushions. Yuck. After cleaning both rooms I no longer need to buy new dishes.

I also filled three garbage bags full of stuff my kids will never know is gone. First world problem, sadly. I am following A Year of Less and enjoying reading about her purging. Some things I already do, but I am definitely struck by how far she is taking her purge. You should really read Day 3 to see what I mean. I am anxious to get in my closet. Maybe next week. This weekend I am having a visitor, so the point to my cleaning this week is to have all my rooms clean, but not necessarily purged. It's hard for me not to do both. I'm a throw-awayer and my kids are keepers.

I started eating wheat last week. I didn't eat a lot, I think on three days maybe I had one wheat food, and I had absolutely no ill effects. That's good, right? Well, I had pinned my hopes on wheat as the cause of all my ills, so it's good, and bad, both. If wheat's not it, what is? I don't really eat a lot of anything one other thing.

When I was at the doctors for my adjustment I asked her to do some lab work. She did quite a bit and I found out that while I was off wheat my cholesterol went way up (I stopped taking my statins because I was sure that without wheat, and the fat and sugar that goes with, my cholesterol would fall miraculously). Duh. I also found out that I have low thyroid. Low enough to treat with synthetic thyroid hormone. I started that on Saturday and am hopefully maybe that is the root of all my aches and pains and generally feeling oldness (did you notice I'm an all or nothing kinda gal?). I also am making almost no progesterone (and when I say almost no, I really mean like as close to negative as you can get without being zero) which can be caused by low thyroid, and also menopause, and after all, I am 50. I am seeing my gyn this week to talk about that.

It seems I am seeing a lot of docs lately, and I am especially for me, because I have never been sick. Not really. But I'm getting all my ducks in a row, so to speak, and hopefully I'll be back in perfect working order soon. Because I know in a few years, seeing a doctor is going to be much harder, and who knows if we'll have insurance.

While I was off my feet Friday, I sat on the floor and painted a dry sink that sported a scratched flat blue color. I like the shiny black.

My sock is going well. I have knit from the heel up three times and ripped back twice. As long as I don't talk or watch TV I can knit the lace. I can listen to Hunger Games and knit the lace, which is relaxing. I have a few more inches to go and then I can think about winding it up. I'll be sure to post pics.

I'm off to switch the laundry. My mother-in-law brought me my father-in-law's old cane to make getting around easier. Boy do I feel old.

But, I'm not complaining. Really! I'm grateful for the foods I have and can eat, and for two good legs, even with pain.

Did you see this guy run in the Olympics last night? I have limited my Olympics viewing to some gymnastics events, and swimming events with well known Americans in them (my favorite is this Catholic school girl), but last night I was finishing up a project and his race came on. Impressive man. It is good to remember that there are incredible people in this world. They are not all bad, or evil. It's hard to remember that sometimes.

Really going now!


  1. Yes, I did miss you -- even though I've been a little more scarce on the internet myself. This is still one of my favorite destinations. :) Hope that you are feeling better soon and that all your appointments go well. Before I got pregnant, I was convinced that a lot of my problems were thyroid, but wouldn't you know all my labs came back normal. So I know what you mean about pinning your hopes on getting an answer from one source. Thyroid runs in my family and I was so sure, but alas . . . :)

  2. I definitely WOULD have missed you, but I've been off the net a good bit, too. Hope you get a handle on what's going on physically and that you can eat more of what you enjoy. The new shoes are really cute, and the dry sink looks great painted black! I'm trying to get my "ducks in a row" because of misgivings about future medical care, too. Will be praying for you. --- Rosemary

  3. Yes I did. I think you are right about getting your medical ducks in a row. Things are gonna get even crazier in the medical world I think. Do you purchase your audiobooks from itunes or do you use audible? I am thinking of trying audible but I hate to be tied down to a monthly subscription. I hope you hear from the doctor soon and he/she can get it all figured out for you.

  4. Those shoes are SO CUTE! Let me know how they go with socks, because I am an incurable sock-wearer, and not all shoes look good with socks (my favorite are cotton ragg-knit socks and I can't wait until the cool weather comes so I can get back into them!) And I like the dry sink. You know what would be cool on there--those painted drawer pulls.
    I hope that you are feeling better soon. Your mention of bloodwork makes me think that maybe I should get that done, especially a cholesterol check and a look at the hormones. And I know all about those muscles and nerves!
    Prayers for you :)

  5. Cute shoes! I can just imagine you wearing the socks too. I felt the same way about Hunger Games #2. I'm also a bit MIA online. So much going on. Attempting to write an update right now, and it reminded me of you.=)

  6. Barbara, praying that you get all your health issues situated soon. I'm sorry you are having to deal with all of that.

    Love the shoes! Cute!

  7. I had hoped your were enjoying an at least slightly exciting vacation. I hope you resolve some of your health issues soon so that you feel your best! (and cute shoes, cute socks, cute sink!)

  8. I am sorry to hear you have been in such pain. I hope that you are on the mend, and that your doctors can help you figure out what is causing the aches and pains. God bless you, Barbara!

  9. Love the shoes! I think they'll go great with your hand-knit socks. I'm so sorry to read that you're still in such pain. :( You are in my daily prayers.

  10. Oh shoot! I was so hoping to catch up and find your summer had been delightful vs challenging. I will begin to pray pronto. It is sobering how quickly one's health can do down like so many dominos from one initial event. Likewise, while I DO think nutrition is essential, I don't think pinning all our hopes on one diet or allergen is usually successful. Sadly it is often more complex than that.

    Miss chatting with you. I hope you will link to your shoes! And I laughed out loud over you finding your dishes. It's a mom of boys thing I am certain!


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