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Phil 4:6-7

Monday, July 30, 2012


Last night I knitted the heel again. Fail. Again. Four freekin' times. Obsessed much? Stubborn?

I finally decided to find the author of Socks From the Toe Up on Ravelry. I tracked her to her website and emailed her. I was just that obsessed, and stubborn, and lost.

She emailed me back (thanks, Wendy). And she explained the part of the pattern I was getting wrong, in a different way (I was one of those kids in math class, too).

For those of you who are knitters, maybe you will see it my way, and maybe you will see it the right way. (By the way, thanks Kelly, for trying to think it through with me. I know if we were in the same room looking at it we could have figured it out.)

Here's where I went wrong:
*sl1, k1; repeat from * 16 times.

I did "sl1, k1" 18 times. Because the 16 times didn't count the first one did it? Well, it did. It was supposed to. And when Wendy told me that I should have 14 stitches on both sides of the heel, and 33 on the flap, I placed the 14 on each side on separate needles so I could keep them apart from the heel flap. Then I could visualize what I was doing.

Now I have a perfect heel. Or at least I did it right.

Because I was doing "it" 18 17 times instead of 16, I was essentially going though the stitches on the left side of the flap way before I used up the ones on the right.

I will never make that mistake again. Whew.

In other news, my son Joshua now has had his debit card number stolen. We are quite a target these days. The culprit drained his checking account. Fortunately when we set up his checking account, we put a stop in place that prevents all debit activity when the account has a zero balance--card declined. Otherwise the culprit would have gone through all of his overdraft protection. As it is, he will now have to go through resolution to get his money back, since it was actually money in his account and not credit. Fortunately the bank caught it before Josh did.

Unlike the thief who used our American Express card (which, btw, Am Ex did come through and covered all the theft), we think Joshua's thief used a blank Master Card and loaded the stolen number. He used it at a local Speedway and a local Meijer grocery store to the tune of $195. You would need an actual card at those locations, as opposed to the thief using our Am Ex number who just used the number at retailers who were "in on it."  We think someone at a fast food restaurant must have skimmed Josh's number on a cell phone, and that may be how Doug's was stolen, too. We now know to be extremely vigilant whenever we use our credit cards and make certain we can see the person who is swiping it to make sure they don't swipe it on a skimmer while they have it. Best policy? Use cash.

I'm off to switch the laundry and sew on a baby quilt. I'm avoiding planning school today. Tomorrow's another day, right?


  1. Very happy you are progressing on your socks! :) We've had credit card and debit card thieves here too. Someone got our credit card # and used it at several places that are just not our market...bank called to notify us and refunded the charges. Our oldest had his debit card # stolen last year and someone made 17 charges totaling over 600.00 in US Postal Service charges (money orders perhaps??)...and overdrew his account. His bank did not notify him, he found it on his own and had a much harder/longer time getting his money back, but he did get it all back.

  2. Hooray! I'm glad you got your socks figured out. You're not obsessed and stubborn, you're Persistent. That's a good thing - pressing on until you get it right! It must have been so frustrating, and so exciting when you finally got it. (And sorry to hear you had hacking troubles again. What a hassle!)

  3. I haven't tried socks yet just because of the heel thing. It looks complicated. Glad you were able to get it sorted out!

  4. Hooray for figuring out the socks!!! :)

    Boo for the card being stollen. :(

    I agree with Kimberlee. You're not stubborn. Tracking down the designer and emailing them is exactly something that I would have done. I think partly the reason I love knitting so much is that it is a bit of a challenge for me. Like figuring out a puzzle. I am more determined than ever to knit these socks now. Your sock is coming along beautifully.

  5. That whole card being swiped is just scary---we use drive thrus and I always wonder if they take the card and swipe it or copy it...Best policy I suppose would be to not use drive thrus, but with 6 kids, well...a mama needs to get a diet coke sometimes...

    I got my school ordered but not the laundry done today...

    Yay for the sock

  6. I'm so glad you got the socks figured out; I remember having a lot of trouble visualizing what was supposed to be happening with the heel. Ravelry is great for tracking down those designers and getting help, or just getting help from the other experts! Can't tell you how much I love those colors you're using!

  7. Missing your updates. Hope all is well!!


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