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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Easy Schultüte Tutorial


I stole away to my bedroom today with the supplies for our Schultütes, which I'm giving away tomorrow. I prepared one each for Peach and Noah's first day tomorrow, and Josh, whose first day was last week -- before I had the idea. I'll make Geoff's later -- he doesn't leave for school until mid-September.

These were really easy to make and I think I made them and filled them in about 30 minutes. Even if you think you are craft-challenged -- you can do this.

I used one poster board for each, as well as two sheets of white tissue paper and two sheets of colored. I used a ribbon for each and, of course, the goodies. I mostly used sweets, because that's what my kids consider to be a treat. Sadly, school supplies just don't appeal to them that much, even though I know that many of the German
Schultütes hold school supplies. Each child got a little spiral notebook, and Noah received a "sixth graders are #1" pencil, and Peach a "first graders are #1" pencil. The rest was mostly sweet stuff. The great thing about filling your own is that you can give your kids what they really like.

First step: roll poster board into a cone with a tight tip. Staple the top in a couple of spots and then tape the loose corner down. You could cut the poster board to make a perfect cone, but since I was covering them with tissue, I didn't mind if it didn't have a perfect side seam. Besides, the extra poster board made it more sturdy. Then cut the top so that you have a flat edge (it doesn't have to be perfect).

Place the colored tissue paper down on a flat surface (I was working on my bed) with the edges overlapping, and then place the white on top. Place the tip of the cone almost at the edge of the tissue paper lengthwise. Then roll the cone, rolling the tissue along with.

Using small bits of tape, tape the edges in a few spots. Then fill the cone. Here are my goodies:

Then tie with a bow (see picture at the top). These are certainly nothing fancy, but since they will be ripped open in seconds, I didn't feel the need to decorate the outside. I know the kids will appreciate the sentiment as well as the start of a new tradition!



  1. So lovely! Thank you for sharing instructions. My son is going to love this!

  2. you know, they put these on Christmas trees, too.

  3. Someone linked back to this Barbara and I am so inspired! Guess what I will be working on....


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