Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Daybook

"The LORD is good to those who trust in him, 
                      to the one that seeks him"
                                                                  Lamentations 3:25

In the garden...
...gold and red and orange and green. The trees all around the house are beautiful. We are just about at our peak color right now and it hasn't rained in weeks, so most of the trees are full of colorful leaves. I'd give my left arm for a rainy day, though. You know I love my rainy days. And some rain would make it a lot easier to get some spring bulbs in the ground.

I'm thinking about...
...blogging, but never actually doing it. I think this was the longest hiatus I've had since I started blogging over eight years ago. It wasn't intentional, but school (and my daughter) has been kicking my behind this fall. I could say a lot more, but I better stop with just that.

I am wearing...
...a denim skirt and an orange v-neck t-shirt. It's Indian summer around here. I even have sandals on.

I am reading....
...A Fall of Marigolds. I am almost finished. I've enjoyed this book, though it's taken me a while to finish it. 

I had a revelation of sorts while I was reading it, though it had nothing to do with the book. I have a "guilt for pleasure" habit.  I have a really difficult time just sitting and reading. It's worse than difficult -- it's virtually impossible. I can't just sit and watch a movie or tv either. I can't just sit and not do anything. I have to have busy hands or I feel guilty. I'm not certain when I became this way, but it's a really bad habit I need to break. 

I am creating...
...a layette of hand knits. I think I mentioned this project several months ago, but I'm still working on it. I have two sweaters, booties, a hat and bib finished in three of the colors (pink, white and wisteria purple). I am working on the ivory set now, and I so regret agreeing to do it. No more commissioned hand knits. EVER. I am being paid pennies by the hour, and in all honesty, there is not an amount of money I would agree to in order to do this again. 

I haven't made a rosary in months. Nothing for sheer pleasure. It's depressing. Let's not talk about it.

I will talk about creating some twine rosaries to give away. Check back this weekend and we'll talk about a giveaway for the month of October -- the month of the rosary.

In the kitchen...
...lots of meals, but nothing really worth writing about. The kids are still coming every Sunday, but I'm wearing myself out making huge Sunday dinners and dessert. I think we need to throw in a couple of dinners out every few months. This Sunday is Geoffrey's 26th birthday -- his golden year, 26 on the 26th. We're having Asian ribs on the grill, rice and sweet and spicy sesame green beans, all at his request, with Better Than Everything cake for dessert.

At the school table...
...see above comment. No more on this subject.

Around the house...
...lots of laundry, as usual. I have a hard time this time of year because you might put one thing on in the morning and get hot by three and need to change. Seems like the loads pile up quicker. Everything is fairly clean, just don't come over with white gloves. ;-)

Plans for the rest of the week...
...well, there's not much to the rest of the week, is there? I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow (more on that another day), and I'd like to get out on Saturday to get some nature pics. Noah took the one up top at Dawes Arboretum last weekend. I think he's pretty good. I'm going to frame that one.

A few of my favorite things...
...chilly nights
...longer evenings
...fresh apples
...pumpkin desserts

Prayers sent heavenward...
...for my husband and children, to do God's will every day
...for all priests and religious
...all babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion, for a change of heart
...for friends who have asked for prayers

Remember to pop back over the weekend for a rosary giveaway.


  1. Oh man what you said about the commissioned work totally confirms what my suspicion about crocheting for money. People mentioned it to me fairly often, but I always imagine that it would put so much pressure on what is for me right now my creative release. I love sitting down with hook in hand at the end of the day but I know doing it for money would put so much pressure on me that I wouldn't enjoy it anymore thus defeating the purpose! If I ever find myself with a stockpile of already created things I would consider a craft show or something, but I definitely don't want to do made-for-order. At least not right now.

    I'm glad you posted! I love hearing about your days. I hope the schooling aspect of the day improves soon!

    1. You could open an Etsy shop, like I did Anne, to sell the items you want to make. My mistake was letting someone else talk me into making what she wanted me to make.

  2. No picture of those beautiful baby sweaters? I'm sure the people will appreciate the beautiful priceless items, right?

    I'd love to order a rosary. For myself this time. I am going to. Wait, would that be sheer pleasure? or does that mean making them does not bring sheer pleasure?

    Love the top photo! Really pretty.
    Sorry to say we have rain...and I don't like it....trade for a day? :)

    Gotta start our family rosary....love you--happy you posted!!

    1. I will share a photo of the entire layette when it's finished. Promise. And I would love to make you a rosary. It's make multiples of the same item that makes me crazy!

  3. So many momma's hearts are praying for their children and families right now. I see it all the time and I feel it in my life too. I remember hearing that mother's heart move to outside their bodies...so in front, so vulnerable. I feel it too. Praying for your intentions and happy to see you blogging. So many distractions, it's nice to take a moment to reflect. Thank you for allowing me to do so with you. Now take some photos. ;)

    1. Thanks, Allison. I do feel like my heart is so exposed. And teenage girls know just how to hurt it when they want to.

  4. Can I make a suggestion, sweetest friend? How about you draw back from EVERYTHING that's nonessential and just spend a couple hours (or the day) with Faith. Not coddling her, mind you, or giving into her every whim, but being truly present to her. No diversions on your part; just listening and learning what's going on in her heart.

    1. Believe me, dear friend, I know just what's in her heart. That's the reason I didn't spend much time talking about our issues in this post. Everything right now is about Faith. She's very selfish, which I suppose is normal teenage behavior, but one-on-one, it's more than I can handle most days.

  5. I love these daybook posts! I am in agreement with your about crisp nights and pumpkin deserts!

  6. So wonderful to see you back here! I love those baby hats you made but it was so exciting to click and see the gorgeous fall photo up top instead. :-)
    I can't even imagine making all of those knits! Can you convince the over-zealous lady that no baby could possibly need so many sweaters etc?
    I'm sorry to hear your schooling and stuff has been so challenging. Maybe start a new habit like going for a walk every day with your daughter where you just enjoy the weather and lovely fall colors and each others' company, with no agenda.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kimberlee. I do love that photo -- it's one of my Noah's. I just had it printed to frame!

      There was no convincing this grandma, unfortunately. At least I know now that no baby, not even my own grandbaby, needs that many sweaters (especially a baby in Alabama).

      Thanks for the advice. I have the best plans for Faith each day, but it takes her so long to finish her school work, I'm into making dinner by the time she's done. Distracted, distracted!

  7. I'm so glad I discouraged the buyer who wanted one of my book blankets in different colors! There's no way I could duplicate that particular blanket, and I don't think she would have been happy. Neither would I.

    Teenagers. Especially girls. I have to work really hard not to get sucked into the drama. Just state the applicable rule or consequence and walk away. And then I hold my breath until the next explosion of drama. It must be hard on her being the last one home! Meg would hate it. Faith is home because she wants to dance, right? I would keep reminding her of that. Hugs and prayers, my friend!

    1. Right now she just wants free time, but she also wants dance. She wants everything EXCEPT school -- non-negotiable.

  8. That header picture is just beautiful! I'm a bit behind reading but sure am glad to see your post pop up. There's something about yours that make me want to have a cup of tea and imagine I'm sitting in your house having a chat :) Over recipes, weather, and kids born on the 26th of October. :)

    1. Thanks. as I said to Kimberlee, I just had it printed to frame. Noah has a good eye.

      I wish you could pop over for tea -- right around 4 pm every day, when I'm up to my ears in Faith's school. Come stomp in the leaves with me, and we'll take our tea out to the fire pit!


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