Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Month of the Holy Rosary Giveaway

"The rosary is the 
weapon for these times."
St. Padre Pio

During this month of the Holy Rosary I usually have a rosary giveaway. This year, I wanted to give away a couple of my most-used rosaries.

Mine is a different color of twine, but this is the style of rosary I sleep with. It has been so helpful during my times of anxiety. Every night I fall asleep praying it, and every morning it's on the sheets in between my husband and me (except for the nights I can't sleep and then I carry it around until I can settle and that's where it is in the morning).

The twine rosaries are perfect to sleep with, because they can't break. They even go through the wash just fine if you happen to forget to grab it off the bed when you pull the sheets off to wash. They also make great pocket rosaries (or purse rosaries) for the same reason -- unbreakable.

 This twine is a mix of blues. I'll giveaway two rosaries made with this twine and two made in a green/blue mix.

Each will have a Sorrowful Mother medal attached at the center knot.

To enter the giveaway, leave your name in the comment box, or send me an email -- marydevotions@gmail.com. Make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win.

I'll pick a name next Saturday -- the last day of October, at noon. 


  1. Sign me up! This will be great for my purse. We use the car rosary you made for me every time we are on a trip longer than 15 min. Even little George told me once, a few minutes down the road, that I forgot to say the rosary. But I would like something for my purse for when I am sitting somewhere waiting.

    I would love for you to come up with a design for running/walking, especially if it is one-handed, so I can carry the dog leash in one and count HMs on the other. Nothing that dangles, because that is annoying while bouncing up and down. Maybe 10 beads on an elastic that can go around the fingers? I'd be happy to test prototypes!

  2. I love the twine rosaries. I love simple and soft they are too

  3. That's a lovely idea, to have an unbreakable twine rosary for sleeping with.

  4. I love twine rosaries! I keep two in my purse for our road trips to pass to the boys, but they are the ones that make it to pockets and bags when I getting ready for an occasion (like a Penn State game). Mine were made by a dear priest friend with no metal. Yours are quite lovely!

  5. Lovely Rosaries! Please count me in : )

  6. That type of rosary would make a great gift for my teenage son! Please count me in,

  7. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you for hosting this. Lovely rosaries.
    Please count me in, as well.

  8. This would be nice when I'm sitting in a waiting room while my husband undergoes surgery/treatment for cancer. Would be so nice to have in my pocket and not worry about breakage. They are beautiful!!
    Kathy. Dktauke@gmail.com

  9. Just beautiful! Enter me in the give-a-way!

  10. I often say the rosary in bed, so one of these would be perfect! Am hoping you'll also put some in your shop so we can buy one if we don't win the giveaway!


  11. What a beautiful twine rosary. I would love to win one.


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