Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, October 17, 2014

Catching up, week 2

It seems I am just not very good at time management as I can't seem to get to the computer between Monday and Friday.

Or maybe I just choose other activities in my spare time (knitting...reading). I guess those other activities are better for my frayed nerves than blogging. sorry.

I thought I'd give a quick update, health-wise, even though it's all rather boring, even to me.

Remember the spinal injection I was going to have? Postponed twice, finally done the third time scheduled...weirdest feeling ever, and I mean weird (that is after the pain of the injection). You know that feeling you get in your lip when you've been to the dentist and had Novocain -- where you can't make it move? My whole leg, from toe to hip felt that way. I tried to stand up after the procedure and almost fell right over. Luckily there was a wall to grab onto. I could bear absolutely no weight...very, very weird. And, unfortunately the injection did not work. Very disappointing. Can't wait to get the bill.

The spine doctor referred me to a neurosurgeon (I've already seen two other neurosurgeons) who he thinks can cut the nerve. He really had to talk me into the referral -- "just see what he has to say." But, I'm inclined to make this the end of the road and just live with the pain. How do you decide when you are just supposed to suffer? You know, suffer for spiritual reasons? There are risks that the nerve damage could get worse with surgery and that other nerves could be damaged, so even though this doctor says he is the only surgeon he would let operate on him, I think I'm just going to listen and then decline.

In the meantime, my anxiety is a little calmer (although my daughter might not agree). Maybe the progesterone is working, maybe not. I went to my gyn to get a second opinion on the whole hormone/menopause thing and she did more blood work. From those results it appears I am in menopause, and should be having fewer symptoms. Unfortunately, the results also showed my adrenal hormones are low. The nurse would only go so far in revealing what the results mean and I have an appointment with the gyn next week. I have thought for a while (years) that I have some form of adrenal exhaustion, but when I went to a doctor about it he poo-poo'd me. I have a lot of the symptoms, so I am adjusting my diet (no sugar and very little white flour, lots of veggies and protein, and adding some vitamins and minerals) to help (hopefully). I'm on my fourth UTI in about three months, and recurring infections is a classic symptom. Thyroid issues are also a symptom, as is anxiety, hypoglycemia, and low blood pressure. I'm praying I don't have adrenal insufficiency or fatigue, but at least it would be an answer.


Ok, onto happier topics -- knitting. I finished the first garter stitch shawl I was working on and I love it. With my gray hair I have to be careful how I wear a shawl so I don't look like a little old lady.

The other day I wore it tied in the front like if I had thrown a sweater over my shoulders. It looked ok. I can't deal with heavy, bunchy stuff around my neck, so I am limited in my fashion statements. I cast on another this week in solid gray, to wear with more colorful clothes. It's nice to just throw on to run to dance or even in the house if it's chilly.


Another happy topic -- food. I baked this on Sunday before I had blood test results, so I enjoyed a piece. This week (after test results and subsequent research), I made a pan of Snickerdoodle bars for the kids and my mom brought over my very favorite iced butter cookies. I resisted. And I have been eating protein and vegetables for breakfast (aren't you proud of me, Sara?) which is really hard for me. I really want cream of wheat with sugar and milk, but I'm trying.

Apple Galette

Recipe found here, but I used the classic Crisco crust instead of Zoe's. The filling was delish, however, and easy. Way easier than pie.

By the way, the pie at that pie crust link is a winner too. Can't go wrong. And it's sweet potatoes -- healthy, right?

Well, I'm off to put on a nightgown, get a movie set up and knit all evening long. Until my eyes just close. That's the plan anyway. 

PS Thanks for all the kind words and prayers about Noah's accident. The car is totaled (I think I told you) and Nationwide is being really slow in settling, but I think we all learned a lesson that needs learned every once in a while -- life is short and it can change drastically at any moment. 

PPS Keep your eyes open for a rosary giveaway. I have some new twine colors and I think there might be a few of you who need a new knotted bedtime rosary (my Mary security blanket).

And I'm leaving you with a photo of our pretty Maggie pup. Her summer cut is growing out and she looks cute. Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with thyroid issues and has to be on medication, so I guess it's true what they say about dogs and their owners.

photo by Noah


  1. So sorry the spinal injection did not work. :( Also sorry about all the icky medical conditions. Menopause is not fun at all. :( I do like your shawl and your hair color is lovely! The apple dessert looks delicious and the pup is precious. Did you ever watch the movie, "The Help" cause I love the Crisco scene. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

    1. Love "The Help," and should probably watch that again. Thanks.

  2. Was that the first shot? My BIL gives them in a series of three. I'm sorry you are going through this. Very sorry.

    I, too, had some blood work done checking in my estrogen levels in particular. Next up is to see an endocrinologist for my thyroid. I haven't seen one in 8 years since my family practitioner or OBGYN would do the blood tests and keep my ex going. But I feel like I need a thorough check up from a specialist now. Trying to keep my body fine tuned.

    The shawl us GORGEOUS! Love the color!! But the dog's color? I was stunned at how gorgeous it is!!

    Have a peace filled weekend!

    1. It was the first shot, but it was diagnostic as well as therapeutic. If it didn't work, it will not ever work. It means the nerve pain is not caused by inflammation in the spine. It's probably being pinched by scar tissue or was trapped during my hysterectomy and reconstruction of the pelvic floor.

      Maggie is an Australian shepherd and the color is blue merle. She is the second we've had.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are still struggling and not finding any medical relief for you. I'm sure it's very frustrating and can understand how it could be hard not to be anxious.

    I have to agree with Patty, the shawl is gorgeous and I think the color is just beautiful. Well done.

    Sending a prayer your way for a relaxing weekend.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. It's just hard to know when to stop looking for answers and just accept it.

  4. Hi Barbara!!
    I haven't read blogs in so long! It was nice to catch up with you.
    I am so sorry about Noah's accident. I can totally understand how you would be angry about the girl getting off. Hopefully she learned her lesson and won't do it again and possibly kill someone.
    I drink the same cinnamon tea! It is my favorite!
    I am also sorry to hear that you are still in pain and dealing with all of the medical issues. If it is Adrenal fatigue you can fix that!! I hope you feel better soon and get some relief and answers.
    Beautiful shawl!! Love the colors. I am totally doing a shawl or something like it for my next project.

    1. Thanks, Kristen. It is probably adrenal exhaustion, and I wonder if what has been assumed to be hypothyroidism isn't just wearing out the thyroid because the adrenals wore out. I hope I get some answers too.

  5. Crap! The longest comment ever. Vanished. Because I wasn't logged in. Maybe we don't blog because we hate Blogger. Ya think?

    1. That's entirely possible! I do often try to copy the comment before I publish, but I only remember half the time if that and I usually give up -- "God didn't mean for me to open my mouth!"

    2. Gone again. And I'm definitely logged in this time. Sigh. Email.

  6. I'm so far behind on blog reading. I try to read once a week or so...or pick one or two to read every couple days and catch up that way. I'm so sorry. I need to read a couple back posts to see what's been happening.

    So sorry about your health. Do you have a Mayo Clinic near you? (I just learned they have Mayo Clinics all over, not just in MN) They might have answers for you. My husband has lots of health issues and a couple months ago, he went and got some answers...


    The shawl is beautiful. You do not look like an ol' lady!
    The apple thingy looks amazing...and trying to hold off til November to make your snickerdoodle bars...to make November a little fun.


I appreciate your comments -- sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself!