Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, January 06, 2014

A reprieve daybook

In nature... 
 ...central Ohio, like a good chunk of the Midwest, waved the white flag to Mother Nature and gave the kids an inclement weather day today, their first day back. I wouldn't be surprised if they called off tomorrow, too (don't tell the kids). Though Ohio is a northern state, in central Ohio we're not used to temps hovering around zero and wind chills of 20-something below. Just call us wimps.

In my thoughts... 
 ...In past posts, I may have mentioned a recurring dream in which I forget to take care of my (supposed) baby. I imagine this dream reveals some deep-seeded worry that I am neglecting something important. Last night, I dreamt that I forgot about twin infant babies, two new puppies, and that we were moving into a brand new house. I think that's called a Grand Slam. Now I have to figure out what I'm neglecting. Of course, having been down with a wicked cold since New Year's Day, that might be everything. I can't even stay awake to knit for very long. It goes without saying this dream in in my thoughts today.

 In the school room...
...Nada today. Faith and I will be taking the tree down.

 On the table...
...BBQ beef on rolls, fried potatoes and cole slaw for dinner. I think I'll make a pot of Knoephla for lunch.

Today I am wearing...

 I am reading... 
 ...Stella Bain by Anita Shreve on my Kindle, and listening to Maya's Notebook on my new wireless ear buds (aren't I techie?) when I'm busy. I'm only about a quarter into Stella, but it's historical and I almost always enjoy Anita Shreve. Maya's Notebook is quite tragic, and I might be inclined to stop listening if I wasn't through most of the tragedy and anxious for some relief.

In a similar ilk, when I was really down with this cold, I enjoyed a couple of old movies that I had never heard of before. First, The Mighty, a 1998 story based on The Freak and the Mighty called The Mighty, a story about a quiet giant of a boy and a tiny, weak boy who become friends and each others heroes. The film has some frightening personal violence scenes, so preview first for youngins. The second film was Wide Awake, also 1998, and is the story of a young boy grieving for his grandpa, and seeks out God for proof that his grandpa is alright. The ending is very touching. Wide Awake is rated PG and I don't remember any inappropriate parts, other than the concept (but not images) of death. Pardon the presence of Rosie O'Donnell. Ugh. I was surprised to see in the credits that this one was directed by M. Knight Shyamalan. Must have been one of his first.

A few of my favorite things...
Projects...knitting some fingerless gloves with stash yarn, sewing scapulars, making bracelets and earrings (belated Christmas gifts for dance teachers because the shipment of beads and parts was our one delayed package).

I am thankful... 
...for a roof over my head, good heating, and adequate food. God bless those poor souls who have none.

Prayers sent heavenward for...
...my husband and children
...the homeless and those without good shelter and meals
...those who help the needy by delivering food and meals when it's icy and cold out
...all those who are sick and alone
...my son, to learn his chemistry this semester
...our priests and religious, especially our parish priests, and Fr. Howe
...all the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, for a change of heart

Photo for the day...


  1. I love Anita! Might have to try that new book.
    I agree we can be not prepared for winter, but it's going to be below zero for ACTUAL temp in about an hour, so I agree on keeping the kids home. It's just so, so cold out there.

  2. Super cold here today, too! Our big challenge is keeping the animals in free-flowing water. :-)

    I've been having dreams lately about killing or abandoning the children. Hopefully, these are just new-baby-stress dreams, because they are really, really disturbing me!

  3. Emily, I just can't imagine that we never toughed cold days when we were little, and I walked quite a distance to school (but not uphill both ways!). I just don't ever remember getting days off for weather.

  4. Jennie, I remember having very weird dreams during the last trimesters, too. It's hard to say why. And I don't know why I am feeling so overwhelmed unless it's just worrying about health issues. We'll know all the answers in heaven, and we'll have REST!

  5. Hi Barbara! I am just about to post a Daybook, and it's been so long that I formatted mine after yours. Hope you don't mind!

  6. Hi Barbara, Oh no, you are still not well! When we had the ick over Thanksgiving it just held on for a while. We also had school of yesterday and today. Ballet was cancelled our Classical Conversations campus was shut down. Everything has just stopped. We had a fire in the fireplace all day. Thankfully today will be a little warmer. And I also couldn't help but think of those without a home or even heat. We are blessed.
    What is Knoephla?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Kristen, this was a wicked cold. One day I wake up and feel fine and the next day it's back. I think we're just about over it now.

    We have school cancelled today again (and I don't homeschool when my high schooler is home), but we do have dance. :-)

    Knoephla is a German potato soup with dumplings...great on really cold days. I'll be posting my recipe at catholicmom.com for Meatless Friday. I think it's scheduled next Friday.

    Stay warm!


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