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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny, a little late in the day, but that's how my life runs lately...late.


 I finally finished the shawl that never ended. It really wasn't difficult (not too difficult, though I had to rip back part twice because I was sure I was doing it wrong), it's just big, and drapey, which a nice shawl should be, so it took a long time to knit.

The yarn, Cascade Ultra Pima Yarn, was nice to knit with, but the color is not true in these pictures. It's a pretty blue gray.

I did make a mistake in the shawl, and I didn't think it would end up being a big deal, when it actually did. I suppose I am really an optimist at heart, because I do that same thing often. Or is that just ignorant? I am not going to worry about it, as I knitted it to wear around the house and not for special events. I don't think anyone else would ever notice it, at least no one who is not a real knitter {wink}.

My notes and the pattern can be found on my Ravelry page.

Sorry, you don't get to see my face in these. It was a bad-cold day, and I am just vain enough to not show my red nose on my blog. The color is not good either because the shawl is backlit and the sunlight makes the paint in that room glow in bright light.

My work-in-progress is a pair of fingerless gloves. I do so much hand-sewing and jewelry/rosary work that my hands really get cold during the cold weather. I am hopeful that these gloves will get a lot of wear as this winter looks like it might be a long one.

This glove looks like a creature from outer space right now, as I started it on two circular needles, the way I knit a sock, and I am knitting the thumb on the double pointed needles.

The yarn is Knit Picks Comfy Fingering in Honeydew. It's a nice soft yarn. The pattern can be found on my Ravelry page.

My read is Stella Bain by Anita Shreve. I am reading it on my Kindle at night and in very brief spurts throughout the day (lunchtime!). It's the story of a woman (fiction) who serves as a nurse in WWI, develops amnesia, and a London doctor and his wife come to her aide and help her find her way back to her memories. So far, so good, though not exactly a page-turner.

Join Ginny at Small Things to get some great ideas for reading and kitting.

PS I have a religious retreat to go to this weekend, on Friday evening and all day Saturday. I am really there for support, not to take notes or even ask questions, and I wonder if it's really uncool to knit while I sit and listen. I honestly want your feedback. I don't go to retreats, and at this one I will not be amongst those in my own age group (college kids mostly), so I'm not sure if it would be considered very rude to pull out my knitting. (I just have an incredibly difficult time just sitting.) 


  1. First, I'm sorry you've been sick. Second, that shawl came out beautifully and you should not be ashamed to wear it anywhere! Even if there are "real knitters" present. :-)

  2. I hope you are feeling better. Both my boys are down and I'm praying it won't be me,

    I just love the shawl. I think it looks fabulous. Bring on retreat! Maybe I'm an old lady but I've out my shawls to huge use since my surgery-- and there is no going back on having something to put over my shoulders at a moment's notice.

    Love both the yarns. As you know I just love cotton!

  3. The fingerless mitts will help you a lot. I have multiple pairs that I wear at work and at home and I love them. Of course, I'm always cold too.

  4. I love that Cascade ultra pima yarn! It is so nice to knit with. Ha! I was just going to say: "We don't get to see your face?!" =)

  5. Your shawl is beautiful, Barbara! And I like the fingerless mitts, too. I have one pair, but I think they could be a tad longer. Maybe I'll have to make another. But I insist on finishing my 2 WIP first!!

    Sorry you are sick :-( I hope you feel better soon!

  6. I think your shawl is lovely and surely don't see any mistakes! I keep wondering how long it would take me to knit such a project?!? Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Knit and retreat!!

    Love it, beautiful!!

  8. I think it's okay to bring knitting to conferences. Ideally bring something that you don't have to watch closely, so that you can still make eye contact with those around you. I like socks, simple hats and cowls, etc. I don't like having to juggle a chart or detailed pattern (especially if there's a reasonable chance it will just be chairs in a circle, rather than people at tables).

  9. Your shawl is beautiful! You shouldn't be ashamed to wear it in public at all. I really wish I knew how to knit, I love the idea of making fingerless mittens. :)


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