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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, November 08, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

This was going to be a good/bad post yesterday and then I decided to make it into a {phfr} post, and then the day got away from me entirely and it wasn't anything.  I took some photographs, however, and now I'll do something with them, lame as they may be.

I'm hooking up late with the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for a quicky {PHFR}.


The red maple tree that shelters the front of our house. It's usually dark crimson in the fall -- I love its colors this year.

I saw Sara's pretty fingernail picture and since I happened to be doing my own yesterday, I took a picture of mine. Sara's hands must be much more suntanned than my pathetic pale ones (because she's a Georgia Peach), as her nude is much darker than mine. OPI Bubble Bath is my nude. And my nails may not look long to you, but they are long for me -- I credit OPI Nail Envy with helping my poor menopausal brittle fingernails.
My hands are not pretty, however. I got my father's short, fat fingers.

Btw, in case you are wondering why I don't wear a wedding ring, I have to take it off sometimes because it causes eczema. You can see the pink ring around my ring finger. That's after the eczema is gone, but my fingers were swollen that day and I took my ring off to prevent the eczema. If anyone has a remedy, I'd love to know it.


This is a crazy sort of happy, but I was without my kitchen fridge for two weeks, so I am dancing the happy dance with a working fridge again. 

Remember that discussion on how bad appliances are these days, and that presidents of appliance companies should be shot in city squares (ok, we didn't really go that far, but...really)? Whirlpool sent out not one, no not just one bad compressor. I got two! Oh, lucky me. Twice the repairman replaced the compressor (a week for receiving each between those repairs) only to find it was a bad compressor. Apparently Whirlpool sent out a whole "batch" of compressors with no oil in them, which is like an engine without oil -- it just seizes up. So three compressors I got, and, par usual, the third time was the charm. I have a working fridge back this week, thank goodness (and my repairman).

And now we have real food again. (Happy!) I do have a fridge in the basement, but it's small and I must admit there were several dishes I made during that two week period simply because I did not have to run downstairs to get the ingredients (canned goods -- yey!). My knees are still recovering from all the up and down stairs. 

I'll try to post this recipe on my food blog because the menfolk loved it. It is oven BBQ chicken made with canned tomato soup. I stopped buying refrigerator groceries so we ran out of ketchup, hence the need to sub tomato soup in the sauce.


Lame I know, but more real than my real (which I don't have). When I was taking my fingernail shot, Faith came over to see if her hands are finally as large as mine. I'd say she's about there. Her fingers are as long as mine anyway. Her nice, thin, fingers -- she got her dad's hands, which is a good thing in this case.


Real is -- I ran out of day because of our "night life." My husband's job requires our attendance at a lot of evening events. Lately we are averaging about one a week. Yesterday I had to race to get Faith from dance class and drive myself to our event, which I was late to. My real photo was going to be my evening wear laid out on the bed, but I was running too late. I think I'll start sending Faith to these events in my place -- she's much more appreciative of a "night life" (though the boring programs may be more than she can handle with grace).


  1. Your nails look pretty! Your nude is translucent; mine is opaque, so there's a big difference. But my olive Italian skin is probably a little darker than your German skin. ;-)

    So happy your fridge is finally fixed! Happy cooking!

  2. I never do my nails. AND thats why they look the way they do! My fingers are huge and long. I would love petite hands. and petite feet! and petite butt..asking a lot, I am.

    YAH. to a fixed fridge. The simple things in life.

  3. Your nails are pretty! Why is everyone so negative about hands? I know I've always said, "I have my dad's fat farmer hands" (cuz I do) but you know, I think you hands are exactly as I pictured them to be. Beautiful. Just like you. And Faith will remember her mama's hands. Such a special thing, they do so much for so many.

    Yay for working fridges!! And good food!!


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