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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

12 / year...January

I said I'd post the January edition of my new monthly photo diary on January 30, and here I am, just under the gun.

You may notice I changed my image, and my title from "12 months through a camera's eye" to "12 / year" because...well...I just wanted to.

My idea is that I will create 12 photo diary entries this year, and maybe next year...we just never know do we?

If you want to play along, please do. No quality or quantity limits...no time limits (except it would probably be a good idea to do one a month ...that's kind of the idea). Other than one a month, do whatever you like. I will too. Some months may be busy and fun, some may be boring. You can be artistic or not, just show life, or be symbolic. You choose it all!

I think...I think...I created a button which will show on your blog and open up to mine. I think. I'm not so patient with these things, so I'll fix it at some point, but no promises this time. You can always just grab the image and link to it on your blog with the link button. I'll post the code down below, if it works. If you want to play along, though, just leave a comment and link in the comment box.

January 2013

A king cake for the Kings on the Epiphany

the Epiphany cast assembled under glass

the tree and all the trimmings come down

A homemade bird feeder from a pop bottle and wooden spoons. 
Mr. Woodpecker was checking it out here.

I don't know what kind of bird this little doll is, 
but she was just as sweet as can be, pecking around at the seed on the ground. 
Any ideas?

Not a great image, but Mr. Blue Heron came fishing in the creek one morning.
We love to watch his old-man walk.

The sick box has been restocked for the winter.

I am making lots of supplies myself, including shampoo, 
laundry soap, hand soap, dish soap.
Some successes, some not.

Three gallons of laundry soap.

I have also been cooking for the freezer.
One meal cooked, pictured here, yielded enough shredded beef, corn, and salsa for several more meals. I have a lot of meals in the freezer so far, just doubling or tripling what I am already cooking.

I'm baking all of my bread, too. 
I just ordered some bread bags from King Arthur so it will stay softer,
 and a sourdough starter because my sweetheart loves sourdough bread.

I didn't show this darling little hat on a Yarn Along post, 
but I'm pretty sure her mommy is busy with other things right now and not reading blogs. It's packed and on it's way to Kelly right now. I hope it's small enough. It looks so tiny in person, but I know Anna's little head is probably tinier than tiny. Pattern here. The yarn is pink cashmere. Sigh.

So, that's all for January. If you want to play along and post your photos this month, just leave a comment and a link to your blog post (not your home page).

Ok, the html code did not work. It kept making the image, even when posted in "compose" and not "code" version of blogger. And my time at the computer with my leg down is way over...so I promise to work on it. In the meantime if you want to use the camera button, "steal" the image and paste it on your post. Then click on the image and then click on "link" up above, then paste the code. If you are on wordpress or another blog system, I'm sorry. I can't help today! But that's ok -- I am loosey goosey on rules!


  1. We get those same little gray birds here. They are slate-colored juncos. Females are a lighter shade of gray than males. Aren't they cute! They are also called "snowbirds."

    1. Thank you, Barb. I couldn't even figure out who she was on National Geo's bird finder!

  2. Great pictures! As Barb said, that's a junco, and Lydia pointed out it's Mrs. Red-bellied Woodpecker. That wee hat is the sweetest!

  3. As promised, here's mine:

    1. Some of my favorite kids, Ana Maria. Thanks for joining me.

  4. Love your pics...I'm joining you too...here's mine

    1. Thanks for joining me, Cheryl. I think it will be fun.

  5. Hi Barbara!

    Here's mine:


  6. Count me in!

    Although I just realized that I forgot to "steal" the picture and put it on my post . . . and now the baby's crying, so I'll have to do it later, if I can remember! :)

    1. Thanks for joining me, Aimee. And no worries...no rules!

  7. I love all the things you're doing. It's been forever since I dropped in. My computer is having issues so I'm using my new smartphone. It's a whole new experience, but I can read blogs while baby is napping in my arms. I've been wanting too make my own sourdough starter, but I think I just need to accept the fact that it's not going to happen anytime soon, and just buy some.=)

    1. I missed you, Elisa. Really!!

      My starter arrived yesterday. I wish you lived next food -- we could share!

  8. The pictures are so pretty! But good grief! With all your illnesses, you are still a very busy lady! I feel like a sloth after looking at all the homemade goodies.

    1. You forget, my dear, I don't have a baby. And you make a lot of homemade milk every day! ;-)

  9. These are lovely photos, Barbara--just lovely. I'm glad you're doing this series and might join you next month...IF I remember, which is a tall order these days.

    1. I hope you will join me, doll. We need to see more pictures of those Minnesota kids!

    2. PS and you have all month to do it!

  10. I'm pretty sure that little bird is a junco. :)


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