Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday daybook

Outside my window... 

...rainy, and getting colder. A storm blew through at 7 a.m. just as Josh was driving to campus and Doug was driving Noah to school and then work. Not timely, but very accurately predicted -- at 10 p.m. yesterday, the weather man said it would come through at 7 a.m....could not have been more exact. Fortunately it was short-lived and not terribly fierce.

 I am thinking... 

...I wish I could have back all those years I ignored the phrase, "If you have your health you have everything." 

From the lesson plans...  

...a full day today. We have been doing minimal school with so many doctor's appointments. Faith may need a few Saturday school days, which she will be soooo overjoyed about. My mom was over on Monday doing some of my ironing and she commented that Faith would gladly flit from one non-school activity to another all day. Granted they are not non-learning activities (not all of them) but she would be happy to never sit down and work in a book. She is so unlike me, which makes it difficult for me to really accomodate her different ways of learning.

From the kitchen..

...homemade raisin toast for breakfast. It's a good bread recipe I made on Monday. I think chicken enchiladas for dinner with cooked chicken from the freezer. I told my college boy I'd bring groceries down to him and that will be close to dinner. I can get the enchiladas ready before I leave and bake them when I get home.

 I am wearing...

 ...a black skirt, black leggings, French blue turtleneck, and black patent loafers. The temps will be down to 26 today, from 60 early this morning.

I am creating...

...a sweater for Faith, rosaries, scapulars, quilts, doll bedding for Faith's belated Christmas gift, a skirt for me, pajamas and pillowcases for Faith's birthday. The only thing I am not creating is more time to work on projects. I also have more than half a dozen rosaries to repair.

 I am planning...

...to start exercising as soon as my INR is therapeutic. My blood is still too thick this week, but hopefully by the weekend it will be ok. Because the nerve pain in my right leg prevents me from walking very far, I finally ordered a recumbent stationary bike. I have to start exercising. I think it will not only make my body feel better, but my mind. With my history of heart disease, and circulation issues, I have almost constant guilt over not exercising.

I am hoping... 

...hmmm, dare I vocalize it? DO I even know want to hope for? I see a gynecological oncologist tomorrow. I guess I hope he will know just what to do and will do it. Heavenly Father, please give him wisdom.

 Around the house...

 ...Just laundry and picking up for now. My mother came and did all my ironing...what a blessing.

We are considering a shower remake for the master shower -- which everyone uses. It involves buying and installing a somewhat expensive shell of walls and floor with perfect sloping for drainage over which you place your own tile. Doug thinks he can do it. He saw it on a DIY show. Yeah, I know.

I am going...

...to take groceries to my son today, and to the gynecology oncologist's office tomorrow. Faith is getting tired of doctor's offices, but I am counting on her to charm the doc tomorrow. He looks charm-able and she can definitely be charming.

I am also going to take lunch to the dance studio director and staff again tomorrow. Feed, feed, feed the hungry.

 I am praying for...

...my children, and my husband

...my dear friend Gina. She has her first radiation treatment today, and every day for six weeks (after she teaches school all day). Please pray for her. She worries me.

...for our Kelly. I emailed Kelly yesterday and she is need of new and powerful prayers. I can't say more than that, just please pray.

...our priests and all religious, especially those who have strayed from the teachings of the Church

 ...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, and for a change of heart for their mothers. We have another abortion mill going in less than a mile from a Catholic Church in a suburb of Columbus (tell me satan didn't find a weak link somewhere). I am praying PDHC decides to go in across the street and that they can fund a location there.

Thought for the day...

St. Hyacintha (feast day January 30) accepted God’s standards somewhat late in life. Born of a noble family near Viterbo, she entered a local convent of sisters who followed the Third Order Rule. However, she supplied herself with enough food, clothing and other goods to live a very comfortable life amid these sisters pledged to mortification.
A serious illness required that Hyacintha’s confessor bring Holy Communion to her room. Scandalized on seeing how soft a life she had provided for herself, the confessor advised her to live more humbly. Hyacintha disposed of her fine clothes and special foods. She eventually became very penitential in food and clothing; she was ready to do the most humble work in the convent. She developed a special devotion to the sufferings of Christ and by her penances became an inspiration to the sisters in her convent. She was canonized in 1807.

How differently might Hyacintha’s life have ended if her confessor had been afraid to question her pursuit of a soft life! Or what if she had refused to accept any challenge to her comfortable pattern of life? Francis of Assisi expected give and take in fraternal correction among his followers. Humility is required both of the one giving it and of the one receiving the correction; their roles could easily be reversed in the future. Such correction is really an act of charity and should be viewed that way by all concerned.
from americancatholic.org

From the camera...

Mr. And Mrs. Duck weather


  1. So nice to hear from you! I hope you enjoy your new bike---put it where you spend the most time. ;-) Having one of those sounds so fun.

    So many people to pray for! An acquaintance of ours just got devastating news of cervical cancer from the docs---and she's pregnant! They have a lot of kids--maybe 7?---one who is severely disabled---and she's just the most beautiful, loving person.

    I know what you mean about not knowing what to hope for. I guess, God's will be done and the desire to do it wholeheartedly.

    How does school on the road work for you and Faith? When we have to be out, I"ll make them take a book (or 2, but keep it minimal) and work while we sit. So, if we take Voyages in English, we'll just do lots and lots of exercises orally to either catch up or get ahead. I figure, if they're working, it doesn't much matter whether we cover 1 subject or 6!

    You're always in my prayers!

  2. Barbara, wishing I was closer so I could give you a big HUG for tomorrow. I'll be sending love, hugs and prayers your way.

  3. Love the duck! I hope your new exercise equipment helps. I should probably get one of those bikes, too! Praying for you and your doctor's visit tomorrow. --- Rosemary

  4. I am with you in prayer! I know the stress of seeing a GYN/ONC...been down that road twice. I am grateful for how it finally turned out. I hope you get your answers. Tomorrow morning I will be praying at Mass for the intention of your return to good health!


I appreciate your comments -- sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself!