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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12 months...through a camera's eye

I think one of the reasons I so enjoy blogging, both reading and writing, is because like most people, I have a side that it rather nosy. I can rarely pass up a glance from a darkened road at a window glowing with lamp light. Not that I am looking for anything "entertaining." Rather I am looking for the comfort that comes from knowing others are living their lives like me, doing nothing terribly exciting, just enjoying the love of family and friends, and the comfort of knowing what happens after what they am doing now.

Rather boring, right?

Well, not really. I realize that my life may look boring to me, but your life, which could be almost a carbon copy of mine, might look more inviting, through the view of your front window, with lamplight glowing.

Sometimes all I have to do to get a different perspective, is pick up my camera. The funny thing is, I often pick up my camera, just to see. I am terribly nearsighted, and if I want to see the birds at the feeder out my window, I have to hunt my glasses down and put them on. Sounds easy enough, but I always put my camera back where it belongs (well, almost always) and I often grab it rather than hunt for my glasses.

Life always looks so different through the camera lens. It's more colorful, more vivid, and usually very focused. I like a close-up photo, blocking out all the other distractions, to find just one subject, one interaction, one mood.

A few other bloggers have inquired as to whether I would be doing my 52 weeks project again. Frankly, 52 weeks was too much. At several points in the year I was afraid of what I might post...pictures of dog piles in the backyard...piles of dirty laundry in the basement...frowns of grouchy children. No, lets not go there again. But, 12 months I could do. Less tiresome than weekly, yet more current that one post at the end of the year. Same theme:

12 months of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,
the extraordinary and mundane --
whatever is unique to the moment -- 
one photo or fifty.

I am working on a button, and if you want to join me, you can just link up in the comments.

I'll be starting on January 30th -- the 30th day of every month (except, of course, February). See ya then.


  1. Oooh, I want to join in...I'd have a hard time picking just one photo...You've seen my Thankfuls, way too many pictures! :) I'll try.

  2. Oh, Jamie Baby...I added a line -- no need to limit it to one photo! You can post as many as you want!

  3. A great idea Barbara! I'm a softie for captured moments and do enjoy nosing around other bloggers to catch a glimpse.
    I just may have to jump in. Will you remind us? It seems that I have lots of photo posts these days, since it's something that doesn't take too much brain power :-) Hopefully my readers don't mind.

  4. Oh, Barb...what a lovely idea! I hope I can join you, if I can get my camera operational. I miss my blogging friends and my occasional glimpse into your "window..." Trying to be a more faithful online friend...

  5. Hi Barbara,

    I'm in.

    I need something to perk up my blog and this seems like just the thing.



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