Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Daybook...it's July!

Outside my window... 
...hot, sunny and hot. Yes, it's hot.

 I am thinking... 
...about an awful lot. I often wish I could turn my brain off. I know my anxiety would be better if I could just stop thinking.

 Mostly today I am thinking about what a wild weekend we had. It started on Friday with an awful storm that swept across the state and left an incredible amount of destruction. We had no tree damage (which is incredible considering how they were whipping back and forth), just power outage. That only lasted for 18 hours (though it was a long night). Now I am ever so thankful for air conditioning. I think I could live for quite a while without lights, TV, computers, but not air conditioning. It's not just the cooling, but the low humidity. I hate feeling sticky. Of course with no power we had no fans either, and they might have helped.

 I am thankful for... 
...did I mention air conditioning?
 ...and Mass yesterday which I just needed after a crazy Friday night and Saturday. The church was without air conditioning but it wasn't hot, just a little stuffy with no windows open. By the end of Mass the air had come on and it was cool. But just one great thing about Catholic Mass ... no electricity necessary!

 From the lesson plans... 
...math, phonics and reading. Today was the first day of school in two weeks and my student wasn't very happy, but I won and she finished.

 From the kitchen... 
...I had coconut cream pie for breakfast, and wheat-free fried pickles for lunch. I'm still thinking about dinner. Sounds like a great day, eh?

 I have been thinking about wheat and gluten and eliminating something from my diet. In doing some research I found that all grains all not equal, but they all have gluten, just different glutens. Thus, in order to truly be gluten free I would have to go grain-free and I just don't think I want to do that. So I'm thinking I'll start with wheat and go from there. I am just going to see if I feel any different without because I have never been diagnosed with an allergy or intolerance. But I am not sure I have ever been tested either.

 I am wearing... 
 ...a purple scoop neck tee, khaki crops, and sandals. No make-up, no jewelry. It's a low maintenance kinda day.

 I am creating...
 ...I cut out the fabric for a nightgown when the power came back on Saturday and then discovered that since I had cut some sleeves out of the piece (I didn't plan ahead for sleeves) I didn't have enough for the hem to be as low as I wanted. Since the local Joann's did not have this fabric (which I learned after sitting in traffic for an hour with no traffic lights due to widespread power outages) I ordered some more and paid shipping.
...in the meantime I am going to make Faith another nightgown and maybe, maybe another dress. I know I said next year, but it will fit next year too, right?
...I also have two bracelets and a St. Michael chaplet to work on.

 I am planning... 
...not too far ahead. It's a holiday week so I am trying to just live in the day.

 I am reading...
...I finished The Seamstress over the weekend (thanks to the power outage!) and it was a really remarkable book. I highly recommend it. It was tragic, of course, it was about the Holocaust, but she was a really remarkable woman. True story. And you'll love the part near the end about the Catholic nuns.

 I am hoping... 
...for a peaceful week. That's really all I need is some peace.

 I am hearing... 
...the washer running and that's all. It's rather quiet at the moment.  

Around the house... 
...laundry today. There's always laundry. I already ironed today, and when the sheets are dry they need to go back on the beds. That's all for the day.

I am going... 
...to a Rosary Guild meeting tonight.

I am praying for...
 ...my children, and my husband.
 ...two soldiers in Afghanistan
 ...our priests and all religious 
...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week

 For the rest of the week... 
...tomorrow evening is the city's fireworks and we have a hospital event to attend. It's going to be so hot.
...We'll celebrate the Fourth with family on Wednesday.
...Noah has a dental appointment on Thursday. It's the second of the two appointments I set to fill those 10 fillings. I'm afraid I wasn't able to complete my experiment on healing his teeth. Because the two very deep "endo possible" cavities were on opposite sides of the mouth, and needed immediate attention lest they need to be root canaled, I had to make a decision. Do I just have the deep ones filled and go back at another time, requiring two more appointments and the cost of Novocain again, or do I just have them, filled now? I guess I didn't have much confidence in the plan because I had them all filled at once. I do think, however, that if given enough time, and no consequences in waiting, the plan could have worked. But dang, dental work is so expensive, I just couldn't see waiting and having the cost of the Novocain and the appointment time doubled.

A couple of picture thoughts...

Maggie the happy dog. Eyes closed, tongue out, new haircut, waiting for something yummy to drop.

Friday night after the storm, Peach in her nightgown, and every thing outdoors cool and wet.


  1. For me, it has to be all grains that go because I can see very clearly what happens when I have something, no matter what it is. However, I don't have any real health issues besides weight/sluggish thyroid. If you read Wheat Belly, or just the blog, you will see that many people have huge health improvements from just giving up the wheat. I think it's a good place to start and if you see some issues that are stubborn, you'll be one step closer to cutting out another grain or all gluten. I'd be happy to be your buddy and pray for each other because I'm having a really hard time myself.

    There's a dentist who writes about healing cavities. I can find him, if you want. I think it's all about grain free, too. The remineralizing toothpaste can be great, but giving up the carbs probably helps a lot. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to forgo the double novocaine bill! He probably appreciated it, too.

    Glad you made it through those storms! it was crazy up there.

  2. I have been wondering about gluten too, but I will stick to just dairy-free for now. I am getting the hang of it slowly.

    I think I would have done just what you did at the dentist.

    Glad the storms did not cause too much damage for you. We had to go out and brave the storm to cover the hole in the side of our house from an ongoing repair. I thought at the time that was bad, but in the morning, I was humbled to see the neighbors house with a tree through it. So thankful we were spared major damage.

  3. I'm glad you didn't have too much storm damage. Those storms this week have been really scary!


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