Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, April 09, 2012

stained glass

Happy Easter Monday! Besides being the celebration of His resurrection and our salvation, I love Easter for all the beauty it brings. Everything Easter is beautiful, vibrant, stained-glass colors -- from the candy to the flowers to the pretty Easter dresses.

The last time you'll see my resurrection garden, I promise.

 A bunny pitcher filled with fragrant beauties.

 Sparkling crystal, colorful candles, and perfumed petals.

 My college boy...which has more hair -- the dog or the boy?

 An Easter dress clad girl with candy in her mouth.

 The bunny fruit bowl.

Gorgeous strawberries on whipped cream frosted cake.

The bunnies are everywhere

by the way...did you know that we have the Germans to blame thank for incorporating bunnies into Easter traditions. They do not, at all, have anything to do with the true meaning of Easter. I have a great weakness for sweet bunny figures, however, and they look pretty sitting all around my house. Faith asked why bunnies come out at Easter and I told her bunnies are a symbol of fertility and new life. Sounds good, dontcha think?

Happy Easter Week!


  1. Well, they certainly are a symbol of fertility! We have so many bunnies in our yard and woods it's like Watership Down around here! But boy are they cute. Bun (ha!) saw one in the yard on Easter morning and said he thought it was THE bunny who came bearing candy.

    Love your pictures, as always. Happy Easter! :)

  2. Very pretty home with all the bunnies! Peach looks perfect in that color!

    Happy Easter!

  3. everything is so beautiful. I love that resurrection garden !! truly creative, and the bunny fruit cowl -- another awesome idea. beautiful children, even the college boy with all the hair !! :) Happy Eastertide.

  4. Pretty girl in pretty Easter dress!

    I think bunnies, Spring, New Life, they all fit.

    Beautiful table with the flowers and bunnies!

  5. I know about the bunnies, because I listened to Father's homily yesterday!! He said that bunnies reminded people of the Resurrection because they live in holes, and in the spring (around Eastertime) they come out of their holes for the first time. Kind of like the empty tomb.
    Similar: chickens hatching, tulips and other bulb flowers blooming. All images of the tomb.

  6. Love the pics and all the bunnies...and Miss Faith is precious! My oldest is letting his hair grow...it's quite lovely and has lots of body. :)

  7. Me? I love the post-it note!

  8. Blessed Easter, Barbara! I hadn't seen your Easter tomb garden...I have admired those around the internet and yours is beautiful. Love that Easter bunny fruit bowl too! I'll have a college boy next year...He'll be far away so not sure if he'll come home:( We shall see. Enjoy your family time!

  9. Yum!! Your food looks soo good. I like the bunnies. I like real ones even better. Saw one the other day. They are so cute.

  10. Love that bunny fruit bowl! Happy Easter, Barbara!

  11. Happy, hoppy Easter, Barbara! I'm realizing now that I haven't brought my porcelain bunny out yet. How can this be? He is still in our basement, sad and lonely, bereft of the jelly beans (and/or chocolate confections) that my children love.

    I love them too. Is that why he's still downstairs?

    It looks like you had a beautiful day, and the good news is...it's just begun. Goodness, I love Easter.

  12. Happy Easter! Your girl looks lovely in her Easter dress and I think both the dog and the college boy need summer shavings! I love the watermelon bunny!!!


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