Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


You liked my bunnies so much yesterday, I thought I'd share a few more. My mother-in-law has been giving me bunnies for Easter for many, many years, so I have quite a few around my house. We even have some napkins and placemats with bunnies, as well as a tablecloth. There are bunnies on the walls and bunnies on shelves. You'd never know that I am not normally one for knick knacks.

We are on spring break from school this week, because it's Noah's spring break at school. The college kids already had spring break, so it's just the two younger kids, and my husband is home. I'm not sure exactly why, but I always get very little done when everyone is home -- I can barely remember to switch the laundry loads. Why is that? You would think with all this free time I would be zipping through projects, but...no. I think I am rather distracted by the question, "What should I do now?"

Speaking of projects, I have a few.

Last Fall, you might remember, our associate pastor asked for volunteers to help sew vestments and scapulars, and I volunteered. He hasn't asked me to sew anything yet, but I wanted to see if I could scratch together some scapulars, since he uses them frequently when he makes hospital visits (God bless the priest who enrolls the dying Catholic in the scapular).

I poked around on the internet last Fall, but couldn't find a source for large quantities of kits and/or pieces to make them. A couple weeks ago I mentioned it to Fr. Ryan after Mass -- the fact that I couldn't find kits. He told me that technically they don't have to have anything written on them, and, in fact, can be two plain, tiny pieces of wool sewn to the ribbons, "as small as your tooth." I had no idea. I managed to find some 100% wool pieces on the internet and starting embroidering scapulars, with A/M on one side and Chi Rho on the other.

 But still that voice nagged at me in my head to keep searching, and finally one day, I must have entered just the right search terms into the search engine and I landed on this website which sells scapular kits in quantities of 100.

These I can make assembly line fashion and Fr. Ryan can have all the scapulars he needs.

I really like the embroidered ones, however, and decided to make myself one to replace the tattered one I have been wearing. I sewed while I watched The Gospel of John last week -- it was time well spent.

I am considering making them for my Etsy shop, but I have no idea if anyone else would want an embroidered scapular. And if they do, if I can keep up -- they take about four hours to make just one. But they are very special.

If you or your family needs scapulars, contact me. We'll chat.


Besides keeping busy with rosary-making and scapular-sewing, I have quite a few sewing projects for the machine. I have two scooters skirt to make from this little girl pattern below, to match shirts I bought for summer (I am a "garanimals" mom and I have to know that there is a shirt that "goes with" each bottom. Yes, it's odd, I know).

I also need to make four outfits from the pattern, two for Faith and two for Doug's niece's birthday. They are too cute. I love these kinds of clothes, and I bought seersucker and gingham -- truly little girl clothes. I also bought the other pattern for myself, but I don't have any fabric yet.

I have enough to keep me busy 24 hours a day for the next five days.

 Unfortunately my family will still want meals and clean clothes.

I think we could just live off of hardboiled eggs, Easter candy, and leftover dessert. Don't you?

I best go make myself busy.


  1. I love how you intertwined the bunnies through the whole post, very pretty!! My 5 year old would have them all together for a party--she's the party planner!

    I love your scapulars!! I always get the extra long cord and buy about twice a year...I have two, so I can wash one and wear the other....How much will you sell these for and do you know if they wash up good? And do you make them with long cords --or short?

    I saw on MN Mom's blog today, her friend had a shorter cord (the child's brown scapular on) and I thought to myself, "hmmmm....might have to try that, wear it on the outside, get the shorter one..."

    What is it with Seersucker? My mom loves it and every time the girls get a dress from her, it's seer sucker...it's not bad, it just reminds me of her. Those short outfit patterns are really cute!

    And YES my daughter, the 9 year old, heel wanting one, she loves pretty things and I guess, to her, heels are pretty...probably because I don't wear them!! haha!!

  2. OH, yeah, what a wonderful priest to do that for those dying patients!!

  3. Such lovely bunnies, I adore bunnies too:-) I think I am partial to your blue and white one and the mister rabbit reading. I was looking in your etsy shop--such lovely rosaries! My parents are Catholic and I may contact you to make a rosary for my Mum for Mother's Day. She would love that as she says hers each morn:-)

  4. God bless the seamstress who makes all the scapulars for the priest to use when enrolling the dying. You are amazing, Barbara!

    I can't wait to see the outfits you make for Faith. I would like to start making some for my little girl. I've done some skirts for her. Do you ever make matching dresses for you and Faith?

  5. I would love to buy an embroidered one. I was enrolled in the brown scapular years ago but for whatever reason stopped wearing it. Oh, I remember...it kept showing when it was really hot out. I want to wear it again.

  6. I love your bunnies, Barbara! I only have a handful, but they come out every Easter ... Yay!

    I also really like the embroidered scapular, and would love one to replace my tattered one! (I can e-mail you about it.)

    Those outfits are so adorable! I love gingham and seersucker, too! Very girly! Wish I could sew ~ sigh! Although I would be sewing nonstop for my 4 girls!! (LOL)

    Anyway, you are quite amazing with your projects! And God bless you for your generosity in blessing HIS children with Rosaries and Scapulars! XO

  7. The embroidered scapulars are beautiful. I'm 'starring' this post in case I ever start sewing them myself.

    About a month ago, I finally found a few more appropriate sewing patterns for my daughter. We started a mock up of one pattern yesterday. Hopefully this batch will last a few years. Now to just get them sewn!

  8. I absolutely love the bunny reading the book!

  9. Oh, Barbara! I love your beautiful, hand embroidered scapulars!! We are a scapular wearing family and have made our own for a few years. Though nothing as lovely as yours. We have just used traditional images found online and printed on iron-on sheets, sewed them on 100% brown wool felt with brown shoe string cut and sewn in place. I would definitely be interested in purchasing one of yours if you were to offer them in your etsy store. Please say you will! :)

    p.s. my favorite bunny pic is of the blue one next to the yarn. I wonder why? ;)

  10. Your embroidered scapulars are so pretty. I would definitely want one if you put them in your etsy shop. What a beautiful ministry your priest has and how beautiful that you are a part of it!

  11. How beautiful! I would definitely be interested in an embroidered one if you add them to your shop. And you are blessed to have such a priest in your parish.

    Love the bunnies - especially partial to the blue and white one! Enjoy your break this week!

  12. I love your bunny collection! I have small collection myself.

  13. Love. Love. Love. those sweet embroidered scapuLars. and being a handsewer, i bet they do take 4 hours! that's aLot of work! but they are so precious! it just tickLes me to see how crafty and LoveLy you are, barb. i do so miss the bLogosphere....xo. happy easter!


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