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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogger hates me

Ok, well blogger doesn't even know me, but it certainly feels like I have been blackballed.

A few months ago, I occasionally noticed that when I left a comment elsewhere, it would disappear. Oddly enough the blog owner would receive it via email, but it would never show up with the other comments. Poof...just disappeared.

This didn't really bother me much because I knew the intended party received the comment. My intent was achieved...say a kind word. I try my darndest to leave a tidbit when I visit. I wouldn't stop by your house and not speak to you. (of course, reading at Google reader is not stopping at your house and I have been known to be lazy that way...)

Anyway...I started noticing it was happening all the time. I could pretty much count on my comments disappearing. I even joked a few times that maybe God was trying to tell me to "shut up."  I make an effort to be kind, however, so I didn't really think that. But it did start to affect the quantity of my comments. "Why bother?" I thought. I started to doubt whether they even reached the intended friend.

Well, duh, I finally realized (a friend informed me) that my comments were going to spam. Once they were released from purgatory spam, they appeared with the other comments.

And now I am just offended. Why me? Why my comments? Am I spam?

I searched the blogger forum for an answer but never found one. I just don't know why my comments go to spam. But if you get a comment from me, and it doesn't show up on your blog, check your spam folder on your dashboard's comments page. I'll be waiting.


  1. I have this happen when I comment on Wordpress blogs, but the owner doesn't even get emails. It's just POOF and all gone. I finally figured out (trial and error with a patient friend) that I had to use a non-google email address to comment at Wordpress. Apparently google and Wordpress don't get along.

    I have no idea why your comments go to spam; it's not happening at my blog so I guess it's just at some places. Strange! Hope Blogger works out the kinks in the system soon!

  2. Never even knew there was a Spam folder on my blog--checked it out, found a ton of bad ones I've been getting to my emails, but not on the blog, but none from you!!

    I'll have to check that more often!

    Hope you figure it out, that's so frustrating...is it something simple like way back when we had to take off Catholic Mother's Online?

  3. Barbara,
    I went and checked my "spam" comment spot and there you were!

    You wrote something about the Rite and the movie.

    This is horrible sense I quit because of the "whole comment" thing. Hope you and anyone else out in bloggy land can figure this out.

  4. I was wondering what was going on! I got your comment to my email, but it never showed up on the blog. This is the first time it's happened to a comment of yours on my blog -- you've always shown up before! What gives, Blogger? (Although, this is just the latest in a string of things that are annoying me about Blogger.) I'll go check my spam folder now . . .

  5. Blogger may hate you...but we love you much! :)

  6. YES! I just SAW your old comment in my spam folder! (I only check it once every blue moon.) I will check it regularly now. How completely strange, I love your comments.

  7. I just today realized this was happening to my comments on blogger blogs. I found you through a google search about comments getting sent to spam. I also searched the forums with no help. And I cannot find anywhere to contact blogger/google about it.

  8. Kathryn, Your comment did go to my spam box. And *duh* it took me a minute to figure that out! :-)

    I don't know why, but sometimes mine go to spam and sometimes they don't. I recently switched to Google Chrome from Firefox and it seems to happen less often. I was having so much trouble with blogger in general, I finally decided to switch and I think the issues may have been mostly related to issues between google and firefox. What browser do you use?

    I am seriously thinking of switching blog hosts. Now I am getting ad links on my posts and other's comments. I am tired of blogger. I'd rather pay a little a get decent service. I know that doesn't help with your issue but obviously you are a blogger user as well.


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