Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Not to belabor my "corner" post (and yet I will) I wanted to mention that the little arrangement I created above the bookcase was not at all what I planned for that wall.

A month or so ago I saw this on Pinterest. Because we use multi-colored Fiestaware to eat from, I thought that plate rack would look darling on that wall, with a variety of my Fiestaware tucked in between the slats. Doug looked at it and figured out how to make one, but, ultimately, I realized that I have about 14 dinner plates, two platters and about ten small plates, and some days they all get used. It would not be very practical to be taking them down and putting them back a couple times a week. I would have to buy more plates to do it and between that and the cost of the wood, it just wasn't necessary. I bought the little print block that I used ($8 plus shipping), and I bought a frame at 50% ($7), plus a plate hanger for $1.69 at the neighborhood hardware store), but everything I used to create my little corner was already in my house. Those are the best kinds of redos, if you ask me. Putting things out or moving things that don't normally get visibility.


I saw two, actually three, good movies lately. The Help and The King's Speech both came a couple weekends ago from Netflix (I know -- I'm a little slow on these things).

My boys actually watched The Help with me (ages 20 and 15), and if you've seen the film you just know what part they liked best. Ugh. It was a good film and fairly true to the book, except the awful women were actually more awful than I can ever imagine a human being.

(Except I guess I know people are worse. Sigh.)

The Help made me hungry for fried chicken, and I have indulged twice now since seeing the film. And of course I used Crisco. Stay tuned at my food blog for recipes. Yum.

The King's Speech was wonderful in every way (except the bad words, which I deny were necessary). Colin Firth (sigh) was just about perfect, and such an interesting story, and one about fortitude and honesty. Refreshing.

Ironically I am in the midst of a related film (which I did not know was related when I watched The King's Speech) called The Lost Prince. The lost prince, Prince John, would have been King George the VI's (Colin Firth's character) uncle. He had epilepsy as a child and was cloistered away with a caretaker who fought for him to be reunited with the family. If you saw The Forsyte Saga, you'd recognize John's caretaker, Lalla, as Irene Forsyte. Also a very good story, and fits right in with all the anglo films I have seen lately.


This past weekend my mother and I took two young men (the same 20 and 15-year-olds) to see October Baby. I didn't make them go, merely offered, and by fortune they had nothing better to do (and with the offer of popcorn, candy and Mountain Dew...). I almost didn't offer to take them after reading the St. Paul, MN, review that Margaret linked to. The reviewer said the movie is one big lecture. There is almost nothing worse than a lecture -- from the perspective of teenagers especially. I didn't want them to be turned off, you know.

All I can say is Chris Hewitt at the Twin Cities paper is dead wrong. There was nothing about the movie that lectured. Not one bit. It was authentic and real. The plot is very plausible and the emotions the characters experience true (and if you have or ever was a teenage daughter, you might flinch a bit at the authenticity of the emotions, but yet they are still true). If when faced with the truth one feels lectured, well...maybe you have been denying the truth. If you see a young women who survived an abortion and you feel something, then you are real. You should feel something. You should know that what her mother chose was wrong. Too many people in this country have accepted the lies about unborn babies being "blobs of tissue." Face the truth, folks. The truth is not a lecture.

After the movie the boys said it was "good." I don't think they were placating me (they didn't say "awesome" nor "awful'). Josh said the actors probably wouldn't win Emmies, and I agree. They weren't Colin Firth or Geoffrey Rush. But that's part of the real and authentic presentation of the story. I highly recommend it. And if you are thinking of taking young people, know that there are a few verbal references to "being with someone" (sexually), and the obvious abortion/unwed mother connections. Be sure to stay past the beginning of the credits -- the actor who plays the birth mother has her own real connection.


  1. I love your "Streaming" posts.

    I think I already told you this, but it makes me feel like we are sitting visiting.

    I loved The Kings Speech too, I also don't think it needed the cuss words...but I don't think they are ever necessary.

    The Help...let's see, the poop pie?

    It's too bad that that movie reviewer ruined the movie for probably a few people....makes one wonder if he has some kind of something he's feeling guilty about. I'll have to wait for video though.

    I'm impressed with your boys, so glad they watched both movies!

    That shelf is beautiful, the Pinterest linked one, but I like your corner, it looks great. (and so neat and clean....I need a corner that no one touches!!)

  2. Thanks for the review on October Baby. I haven't seen it yet but am hoping to do so. Love the Streaming Posts! Such a good idea.

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to see October Baby and that your sons thought it was "good." That was the reaction of my boys, too, though I saw how riveted they were throughout! (Yes, I snuck an occasional peek back at them. That is, until one of them caught me.)

    God will be glorified and our battle won't be over until it's over...eternally. I think this battle--the battle for life--will best be won heart-by-heart, and this is a movie that speaks to the heart.

    Provided, of course, the heart is open.

    Love to you!

  4. Hi Barbara,

    I am just checking in to see if you got my e-mail reply (replies!) about the First Communion Rosary for {O}. I sent a couple of e-mails after your initial response, but I haven't heard from you, so I am wondering if you got them?! Anyway, I am not trying to bug you; I just want to make sure you're getting my e-mails!


    Love, Sarah

  5. I hope to sneak away one of these Saturday mornings to see October Baby. My parents already saw it said it was MUCH better than they expected. They were expecting a preachy, cheesy movie, but said it was very well done. So hopefully I'll get to see it soon.


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