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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, March 30, 2012

Young writer's club ...{4/8}

Linking up with the Young Writer's Club...week 8

My Brother Josh

I have three brothers and Joshua is the middle brother. He is 20 years old. His favorite color is red, because his favorite team wears red. His favorite team is Ohio State, because that is where he goes to college. Joshua's favorite ice cream is raspberry chocolate chip. His favorite flower is a red carnation because it is the state of Ohio flower. Joshua's favorite dog breed is an Australian Shepherd and our dog Maggie is an Australian Shepherd. His favorite food is pizza and he eats a lot of it! Joshua's favorite music is rock and his favorite movie is Batman. He likes the season spring (and so do I) and he likes the holiday Christmas. My brother Josh is a big teddy bear and we always call him "Bear."


  1. Hi Faith,
    Sounds to me that you have a pretty cool brother there! (Raspberry chocolate chip sounds terrific. I will have to look for that.) Keep on writing. You're doing a really good job.
    Mrs. S

  2. That is really sweet, Faith! Sounds like you have a great big brother!

    Keep up the good writing! ;-)

  3. Ha! Nice Job! My favorite food is pizza, and I eat a lot of it, too. :)

    Joe D


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