Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Yesterday was a long day of doctor's appointments. Actually it was only two, but one involved a long wait and the other involved picking up college boy, driving to the appointment, driving him back and driving home. I was gone for about three hours. All so that he could get a new prescription and the doc could collect his fee. I don't begrudge the doc his fee at all -- I know that's what he does -- but it's a tad bit of a nuisance. At least I got to see my boy.

The first appointment was with Faith's new ENT and she does, indeed, need her tonsils to be removed. He said they are "huge." In just a few short weeks they, along with the adenoids, will be gone. Because she had ibuprofen over the weekend for strep throat, we have to wait a mandatory two weeks for her blood to thicken back up (if we gave her enough to thin it), otherwise I would have scheduled it sooner. As it is, it will delay her school year just a skosh, but that's o.k. Noah will start school on the 24th and Faith can have the rest of the week to recover.

She was rather dramatic about the prospect of surgery, but she tends to be a dramatic child like that. She will fret over it until the day comes, and I will have to tell her to stop talking about it (really, she won't stop and she'll work herself into a tizzy), and then on the actual day she will probably panic outright, but once it's over with, she'll be calm again (I hope). She does not take after her mother that way. Honest.


I made Faith a little sundress the other day (quick glimpse). Dontcha just love, love seersucker?

I have enjoyed thoroughly sewing lately and am a little disappointed I had to put it all away to paint the basement. I'm in the mood to sew and I think one of these patchwork skirts will be created with the patches I have leftover from the baby quilts, just as soon as I get my machine back out. It will be cute, cute in tones of pink and brown. Sew, Mama, Sew has several tutorials today for back-to-school if you are "in the mood," so (sew) to speak.


The other day I mentioned a lovely film that Doug and I watched, but I forgot to mention two movies that I watched by myself that I also thoroughly enjoyed. Faith and I turned on Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow, but she soon became bored with it and left me all to myself (what a treat!). I thought it was very good, although the focus was mostly on romantic love. It was (to my recollection) completely clean, however, and if you have a young girl who loves that period and doesn't mind romantic love it would be a good mother/daughter flick.

The other film was this version of Jane Eyre. I admit I have never seen Jane Eyre, nor have I read the book, so I probably am not the best to give her opinion. I will tell you, however, I enjoyed it, even though I generally do not like William Hurt. He seemed to fit the part well. I have decided to watch all the versions of Jane Eyre available on Netflix and then I can truly say which I liked best. About the version I just viewed -- I would say not appropriate for young children as the scenes with the crazy wife of Edward were quite disturbing.


I am at the point in the summer when I get to the end of the day and think "What did I do all day?" I am busy all day but I don't feel like I have accomplished a thing when the day is done. It's time to start scheduling the day. I feel like if I don't schedule every single thing, it won't get done -- something else just sweeps in and I end up involved in something not even previously on the radar. What I need to do when something comes up is, if possible, right it down on the next day's schedule and not let it completely disrupt my day. So, iCal will be telling me what to do all day -- right down to each half hour -- and hopefully I will feel more fulfilled at the end of the day.

Have a great day, friend! Today is the feast of St. John Vianney. I think some French Onion Soup for dinner is in order!



  1. Praying all goes well for Faith and the upcoming surgery. I would LOVE some of that soup!

  2. I'll pray that Faith can relax a little before her surgery. Francie sounds just like her -- fretting and working herself into a lather. But I bet she'll be so glad that those "huge" tonsils are gone!

    I love Jane Eyre! The book is excellent, very moody and gothic and romantic, and the movie version I like the best is the 2006 Masterpiece Theater/BBC production with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. Some of the crazy Mrs. Rochester scenes are disturbing for younger viewers, but I enjoyed it.

  3. I agree the 2006 version is the best version. As for Jane Eyre the book, it's about 75% good. There is one part I continually find ridiculous. Add that to her hatred of Jane Austen and I will read her, but I like Wuthering Heights better.
    Is Faith's surgery outpatient?

  4. Bummer about the tonsils, and Faith's drama. Maybe she'll stay calm. :-)

    I'm not looking at the sewing tutorials! I don't need another thing to do!!

    And I have never cared for Jane Eyre at all. I did somewhat enjoy the newest movie, but that's about all I can say for it. I've never found it compelling. He's just not an attractive man, no matter who plays him! Now, that version of Emma is my favorite simply because Jeremy(?) is my favorite Mr. Knightly. Ever. Sigh.

  5. Make sure you find the '80s BBC miniseries of Jane Eyre. Timothy Dalton may not have been the best James Bond, but he *is* Mr. Rochester! The 2006 one Aimee mentioned is also pretty good.


  6. I hope Faith can take it all in stride by the time the surgery rolls around. Maybe she can help you plan what kind of ice cream you will stock for her, etc.--and then she can focus on those things rather than the surgery itself.

    What a cute little sundress. I am a sucker for seersucker. Every time I see a little girl in a seersucker dress I remind Middle Sister that I used to dress her like that when she was little :) She hates when I do that! Haha!

  7. i do love seersucker. very cute little sundress. very cute little girl!

    prayers for a successful, safe surgery.


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