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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hildegard von Bingen

Doug and I watched this film the other day, and though I knew I would enjoy it, I was pleasantly surprised that he also enjoyed it. It was about St. Hildegard (she was beatified though she was not officially canonized, yet, she is called a saint -- not certain how that works) and her life, from childhood. She was a remarkable woman. Apparently she was the tenth child in her family (though the film does not reveal this) and as such was considered a "tithe" child -- one whom the family could not guarantee they could feed, thus they gave her to the Church. She was raised in a cloistered community of Benedictines and later became mother superior. The film is in German, subtitled of course, but I found the language to be so beautiful. I think the German language has the distinction of sounding guttural, but it was beautiful, as was the actress who played Hildegard, and the scenery, as well.

I highly recommend it, though not for children, as there are some instances that would be inappropriate. If in doubt of the right age, watch it first.

ps I was delighted to hear my own name among the sisters who lived with Hildegard. I had no idea my name was authentically German (though I'm not certain there was actually a sister named Barbara, the German actress who played Hildegard was also named Barbara). Also, in researching St. Hildegard's life, I learned that she is of the "illustrious" (not my word) family that also bears our last name. Very interesting.



  1. Barb, it's been in our queue for quite a long time. Maybe it's time to watch it. Mahalo for the recommendation.

  2. I know you will enjoy it, Esther! Let me know what you think.


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