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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, August 12, 2011



52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,  
the extraordinary and mundane -- 
whatever is unique to the week. 
Join me if you like.

The week started with a dinner delivery to our neighbors. They are a young couple with new twin girls. I delivered a big meal of Paula's Baked Spaghetti, salad, bread, topped off with jar cakes a la "I am Baker." I made a few extras for my kids and they declared them very yummy.

 Miss Maggie crying to get back in the house after her morning constitutional. She wants breakfast!

The basement, painted, but still in disarray.  Stinky pics taken with my iPhone. Doug is very disappointed in the quality of my iPhone camera -- I guess he had higher expectations. 

 I made a clothespin bag this week. In past years I have used a plastic ice cream bucket, but the clothespins always end up mildewy from the dampness trapped in the plastic. I remembered my mother's clothespin bag from when I was a child (my mother hasn't hung clothes in probably 35 years) and made my own using a men's dress shirt I had in my fabric stash. It was a 15 minute project. Tutorial to come if you're interested.

 Math books arrived. Yea! Faith is excited. Yea! Stinky iPhone pic. Boo!

I started this market bag this week and kept having such fits with my marker on the end. What do you do when your round starts on an end (besides move the stitches to the other needle -- I like them to be symmetric!)? Snag some of your kid's orthodontic rubber bands. You know you have them all over your house -- snag some and put them in your knitting bag.

Below you'll find a linky list for the lovely women who have decided to join me in my 52 Weeks project. There are no rules (except the two below) -- if you want to start your 52 Weeks this week, go for it! I will keep the links up until next Friday, so you have a week to do it.

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  1. Barbara, I'd love to see your tutorial on the clothespin holder. Maybe it could be a fun first sewing project for me? :)....please and thank you!

  2. Hi Barbara, your such a sweet neighbor to bring a meal to a new mother. Your Miss Maggie is so cute! God Bless!

  3. I love the clothespin bag!

    How surprised I was to click on the market bag link and see my bag! Yours already looks better. Such nice, even stitches!

  4. Oh, that iPhone camera is awful, isn't it? I think they could have done a better job on that, too. But, it's usually there when you want it, anyway. Been playing with the instagram app. It's kinda fun for making bad photos look... intentional. :-)

  5. I will look forward to the pin bag tutorial. My friend showed me how to work my sewing machine and I really need a good place to put my pins. Right now they're in a plastic dollar-store basket, which is fine for storage but doesn't hang on the line, so I need to make a good bag instead.

  6. Yeah, that clothes pin holder looks great. I have GOT to figure out those cake jars. I really need to get over my fear of cakes and just do it.

  7. Yes, I find orthodontic rubber bands all over this house! GRRR :)

  8. Barbara...Have you always used Teaching Textbooks with Faith for math? We used Saxon for Nathan last year. Before I knew we were sending the kids back to school this year, I had already decided to use Teaching Textbooks. If you've used them before...tell me what you think about that versus Saxon. Although I don't see homeschooling again in our future...I'm still curious what you think....you know...just in case.

  9. I will, Kelly, I promise.

    Thanks, Noreen.

    I'm enjoying this bag, Jenny, but I wish I had started with larger needles. I'm not sure it's going to be very large when it's done.

    Doug was really surprised at the quality. I think he saw a lot of iPhone photos and assumed they were great right off the phone. I think they need a lot of doctoring.

    That is one thing I really love about this bag. The other is it was free!

    I will repost the recipe for the cakes on my food blog. They were easy but I had to use my imagination quite a bit from the original recipe at I am Baker.

    And the yucky thing is they are usually used!

    This is our first year for TT. If I remember correctly we usually switch from MCP to Saxon in fourth grade and I just couldn't see Faith doing Saxon. Too repetitive and boring for her. The boys didn't mind the straightforwardness, but Faith is a different kid.

  10. What a thoughtful present for your (very busy) neighbors! Thank you for adding the jar cake source - I've never heard of these and love the idea!

  11. I tagged you for an easy meme on 8/14.


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