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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carpet Query

I may have mentioned ( a few dozen times) that we are renovating the basement for our son who will be commuting to college this year. We will be tearing out the carpet we currently have (it's been destroyed by carpet runs which I never even knew could happen -- live and learn) and we are planning to replace it with carpet tiles, the idea being if one or two tiles get damaged, we can just replace one or two tiles. I have never seen them used, except on the DIY channel, and I wondered if any of my online friends here have any experience with them. I would appreciate your input.

PS Because it is the basement they will be applied directly to the concrete floor.



  1. Two friends have used them in basements and they are GREAT!!

    One friend recently had some seepage and really loved that they could pull up just the tiles that got wet.

    I installed them in a 3 season room (that we use 4 seasons) and they have held up really well. Mine were Legato brand and I got them on Amazon. I highly recommend them.

  2. I noticed them on the floor of the traveling exhibit room at the science center the other day and they really do look pretty good. They seem to hold up pretty well, too.

  3. Our son used them to finish an irregularly-shaped attic room. He loved them: he said installing them was a cinch, and they really looked wonderful! - Rosemary

  4. Well like you wrote since it is the basement, carpet tiles are a good idea. I have them as well and they're awesome.


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