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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, May 13, 2011


52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations, 
the extraordinary and mundane -- 
whatever is unique to the week. 
Join me if you like.

 Last Friday night was Mom Prom. It's a lovely tradition at our all-boy school. This was senior night for this son, so it was especially sweet. No comments on the hair style  -- I need a cut and I'm seriously thinking I need some dark "highlights." 

It's. Just. So. Gray.

And I look so old. And fat. I really don't think my face is that fat. Oh, maybe it is. Good thing you can't see my butt. Sigh.

Sweet, sweet cousins. They are two weeks apart in age and play really well together.

 Serious business, chalking.

 Mother's Day roses. Never sweeter. Well, except maybe when they were ordered and sent by my son. Alone.

But these were pretty sweet.

And the most lovely Kitchen Madonna (just in case you didn't see her earlier in the week).

A luau for a wonderful feast day. I served Kahlua pork, which I was told is a traditional Hawaiian feast. Recipe to come on my food blog.

 The first peony. It is so gorgeous. I took a picture with the teacup so you could see how huge it is. 

The weather went from freeze warnings last week to hot and humid this week -- cold beverage weather. Sweet tea or lemon water?

Below you'll find a linky list because so many lovely women decided to join me in my 52 Weeks project. There are no rules (except the two below) -- if you want to start your 52 Weeks this week, go for it! I will keep the links up until next Wednesday, so you have almost a week to do it.

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  1. We are so critical of ourselves aren't we? I hate when I think I look good in something and wear it and then see the pictures and see how fat I actually am and how awful it actually looks. and never wear it again. I'm not saying you look awful, because I think you look beautiful! It seems that is what happened here with you though?

    You look beautiful! There. I said it again. I love your gray hair, it's a pretty gray, more white really. I hope to look like you someday. I'm not coloring.

  2. Not only do all the navy and ecru tones match perfectly in your outfits - but so does your joy and smiles! Memories - you know how to create and capture them, Barbara - and son!

  3. I think you're beautiful, Barbara. :)

    (and that IS a huge peony. I might have to get a bush for our yard - I love them!)

  4. Barbara, for goodness sake! You are a very BEAUTIFUL woman. You must handle the grays as stoically as possible - I need a mentor (as my locks are changing so fast now, I am startled!). ;)

    That event sounds fun; the roses are lovely; the KM is beautiful (I think I'd said before I'd like one myself); and, honestly, Kalua pork is "da kine or ono, wahine, 'a'ole pilikia!" Aloha!

    (the best, woman, no problem/you're welcome)


  5. Lemon water, please. I like your hair longer like that. It frames your face nicely. LOVE the peony.

  6. You are beautiful and look great! Don't put any dye in your lovely hair - it looks very natural and healthy as is! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Ditto on all the beautiful comments...not old and fat at all. Tho I know I feel the same way sometimes when I really just want to wear elastic for the rest of my life! Love your white hair...It's so evenly colored and such a sophisticated look. God Bless your sweet son for being so thoughtful on Mother's Day!

  8. Pshaw, I think you're lovely, too. A Mom Prom sounds like a fun thing to do. There are so many Father/Daughter dances, but I've never heard of a Mom Prom!

  9. You do look wonderful! I also like the MOM PROM..hope I can enjoy something like that in the future.

  10. Gosh, I love all your photos.

    To add, I'm, not coloring either. I think you look very pretty. I've always thought you have a soft glow about you in your photos.

    the peony and the lemon water speak to me too. I feel wisked away to a genteel place when I visit your blog, Barb.

  11. Love the Prom Mom idea!

    Peonies are definite favorites, and right now, it's too cold, but I'd love some lemon water when it finally warms up (and stays warm).

    Happy Weekend, pretty lady!

  12. I think you look lovely! It's such a cute shot of the two of you. The roses are beautiful and the peony is spectacular, and I love your new kitchen Madonna. And your drinks look so refreshing - you are always such a stellar hostess!

  13. Oh Barbara, you're lovely! The picture you took with your son is beautiful! All of your pictures are very pretty and I think a Mom Prom is a very orginal idea! I'm interested in your 52 Weeks project... what kind of posts are you accepting? Is my blog posts suitable?

  14. Now girlfriend when we start in ourselves around here one of us generally says, "shush" ; ) You're beautiful and so are your pictures. And your hair is a really stunning tone. I am not commenting on my own dye escapades however other than to say those little buggers are heck to keep colored. Heck I tell you.


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