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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Good Book, or two, or three


Faith has become an eager reader, most of the time. Yesterday she did her reading mostly through tears, but yesterday was quite a Monday, which explains what was going on there. Most of the time lately she enjoys books. She didn't always -- she has been a later reader for sure, but I didn't panic because she's the fourth and I knew it would come. She'd just much rather be outdoors. She's not like her mother that way. I can remember reading all the time when I was a girl -- lying on the sofa, upside down on a chair, across my bed, on the floor, everywhere reading.

I hope she will learn to love books, though I can't really say my boys have. I read to them, I read in front of them, sometimes I even ignored them with my nose in a book, but yet the bug (or worm as the case may be) never bit them. They are like their father, I suppose. He doesn't read books either. He reads newspapers and magazines, but not books. I don't get it.

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you about a few of the books Faith and I have enjoyed recently. I always enjoy book recommendations, so I'm passing on a few of my own. Most of these are library books, and, as you know, you don't always get great reads when you randomly choose books from the library, but we have been pretty lucky lately.

One Fine Day -- a good lesson-learned book. Faith narrated the entire story to me the next day as we walked the aisles of Joann's. I think that was a first on many counts!

Sky Tree -- Beautiful language and art. I don't know that we truly appreciated the science, but definitely the art.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf -- includes the life cycle of a tree, a little young for Faith but that's o.k.

Noah's Trees -- where do you think he got all that lumber for the ark?

Every Autumn Comes the Bear -- all of my kids enjoyed this one

Country Crossing -- My favorite boy book ever, but girls like trains, too. Our copy of this book is almost worn out.

In the Woods: Who's Been There? -- This is a series that they all loved


  1. ah! my favorite subject(besides complainging!)
    you've given me some great titles here...we've never read any of these! and we are just wrapping up noah so i might order that one on amazon. (i almost spelled amazon mamazon. but considering how much i-the mama-frequent that site it's no wonder!)
    funny that out of all of my kids my girl is the ONLY bookworm the rest of 'em it's like pulling teeth. and the 4th child, well, he's late to reading too. and i partly feel bad, partly don't worry, 'cause i know he'll "get" it. and i regret forcing the others as much as i did.
    oh, i wish i had more time to read for myself-light reading-i guess it's a good thing i enjoy children's literature so much!
    happy tuesday (and reading) to you, barb!

  2. i just realize i spelled complaining wrong...i had some strong coffee this morning and it's surging thru my fingers right. into. the keyboard!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for a list of books my kids haven't read. I'm so glad people put lists like this on their blogs because it gives me great ideas or books to look up at the library.
    Peace to you Barbara!!!


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