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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fairest of them All


I don't usually pay to much attention to the names attached to paint colors when I am planning to decorate a room. However, when we picked the color for Peach's room, the color that best matched the bedding, I thought it appropriate that it was called "Fairest of the All." For she is, in our house. The only blond among much darker heads, the only girl among big boys (or as her doctor says -- the rose among the thorns), the youngest child.

She is the fairest in many ways -- also in her heart, which is made of gold. And so, it was pleasure to create this little princess-esque retreat for her. Her room is not big, but she is very happy that it has everything she needs.

Here was her room before.

My mother painted it and helped with the border when I was pregnant with her. The walls were a buttery yellow, and the carpet, leftover from when her brother had this room, was a French blue.

The border was sweet -- with kitties and bunnies, but Peach had decided she was just tired of it. I guess it served its time. The quilt was one I made when she moved to a big girl bed. It, too, was kind of tired. Over the years, a variety of toys and such (junk!) had crept into the room, and so redecorating, we looked at every single item to decide if it should stay. I am embarrassed to say that bags and bags left (many on the curb on trash day). Whew!

And here is the room after.

The paint is Disney color (Fairest of the All) in Behr paint from Home Depot. The carpet, a soft beige, was a large remnant from a local Catholic company.

The headboard, night stand and dresser I bought from the Pottery Barn outlet when Peach went from a crib to a big girl bed. The headboard is from the Thomas collection, the dresser is a style they no longer carry, and the nightstand is from the Kendall collection. We are very lucky we have an outlet store about an hour away, because I got it all for a steal. The shelves, recently repainted white, were made by my girlfriend's father.

When they are finished, these darling maids in a row will be framed and hung below the flowers on the curtain wall and above the bookcase.

The bookcase we purchase recently from Pottery Barn -- the Cameron collection.

The quilt and pillow sham are also from Pottery Barn -- the Amy romantic floral quilt in pink. I think it will grow with her well.

The gingham curtains and pink polka dot sheers, as well as the tie backs (no longer available) also came from Pottery Barn (do ya think I like their stuff?). I bought then about six months ago when I started thinking about redoing her room. The lamp is from Target and the shade from the Land of Nod (Doug had to trim down a lamp harp for them to work together).

And here is Peach asleep in her bed, with her little Grace bear sitting on her chest. The Princess sleeps.



  1. What a perfect little girl's room! I just love it - can I move in? ;)

  2. Oh so cute! What a wonderful makeover for a princess. No doubt your little gal had sweet dreams after the big reveal. Good job! clap,clap,clap.

  3. Peach's room turned out just beautifully! How perfect for your little princess!

  4. Just perfect. I really like it!

  5. The room turned out so perfectly! A dream room for a dreaming princess!

  6. Oh sweet girl in her sweet room. Cant wait to see har and her new room! G. xo

  7. So beautiful. Classic and sweet princess room, I love it! Come do my girls room? :D

  8. Job well done. What a lucky little girl!

  9. 1) Can I move in?
    and if not...
    2) Can you come redo MY bedroom? !

  10. It looks beautiful! You did an amazing job!

  11. Beautiful room and girly :)

  12. Aimee,
    We'll have slumber parties every night!

    Thank you, Renee. It does seem to make going to bed very pleasant.

    Thanks, Sarah. It's going to be that much harder when this girl realizes she's not a princess!

    Thank you, Jenny.

    Thanks, Lana. You're very kind.

    Come see it soon, G/G.

    Deborah -- I'd love to!

    Thanks, Christine. I know it's a room I would have loved.

    Thanks, Sarah.

    Emily, I'm very good with pink. Everything else? Eh!

    Thank you, Jessica. It really was a pleasure.

    Yes, Cheryl -- girly is the word!

  13. Beautiful! PBK is one mainstream kid's fad I can get into - classic, wholesome, colorful & clean.

  14. The room turned out beautifully! Peach is a princess. Her Father is the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace so that definitely makes her a Princess. :)


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