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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tote Talk


Nutmeg tagged me for the tote bag meme. I have to say that neither my tote bag nor I are as cute as Nutmeg. I'm a much more, say, practical girl than Nutmeg. Older, too.

I think I look tired in the picture, but it could be because my mother keeps telling me I look tired. Frankly, I think "tired" equates "old." I think maybe my mom is having a hard time with my mature (aged) appearance. It's one think to see your sweet little child turn into a young adult. It's another thing entirely to see your child turn silver (i.e. old). If my child looks old, then I must be really old. You know what I mean. I could, however, just look tired from recent all-nighters -- either worrying about college boy, or catching Peach's barf.

Here I am sportin' my standard school-day apparel, khakis, a turtleneck and my ugly, but warm, purple cotton cardigan.

And here is my tote. No, not a gorgeous Vera Bradley, or Coach or Kate Spade. Nope. Mine is a trusty Lands End (and a clearance Lands End at that). And it's not even a purse. It's a real live tote that I use as a purse. I got tired of using purses that had all sorts of pockets and I could never find what I was looking for because it was always in a different pocket. I can find everything in this "purse," if I just keep digging.

I tag Jennie ('cause I really want to see her one more time before babytime), Regina, Nancy and Jamie, mostly because I almost never see their cute little faces on their blogs.



  1. Well, I think it's a lovely picture and a cute bag, too! I love tote bags and have enjoyed seeing everyone's cute totes and faces!

    I want to see Jennie, too!!

  2. Oooooh. I think your short, sassy, silver do makes you look peppy! You are probably right on your Mom's "tired" evaluation.

  3. OH, you look soooo beautiful Barbara!! I love the silver hair and I love the purple sweater!

    My Grandma (my dad's mom) told my mom that she's too young to go gray (she was quitting the box for a while) and that there's plenty of years to be gray and old. (my mom is 60) I have to be honest, I liked my mom looking older. I don't like her jet black hair. BUT if she feels better about herself, it's ok. I like the silver, I truly think it's beautiful and earned. We women need to accept ourselves and age gracefully.

    Love the purse!

    I cringed when I saw my name and just the thought of putting me on my blog, I am not as beautiful as you Barbara or as cute as Nutmeg.

    Purses? I get whatever is the cheapest and big enough to hold my stuff. I'm not stylish at all.

    Guess I'll have to get the kiddos to take my picture!!

  4. Ha! Y'all are really pushing for that picture. :-)

    I don't think you look tired at all, but I can see how it wouldn't do a mama's heart much good to see her darling baby girl actually aging. I won't even let my eldest mention how old she's going to be on her next birthday, in just a few more weeks. (Shh. It's thirteen. Yikes! And she's already taller than me, but I stand up extra tall when she's next to me so she doesn't know it yet.)

  5. I don't think you look tired at all....really lovely. ss

  6. Barb...I think you're gorgeous, a real "silver fox!" What a lovely photo! Both my mom and grandmother are totally silver and have been since their late 30's. At 45, I'm starting to catch up...everything at the temple and around my face is "silver-ing." I just wish it would all go at once...

  7. Anne and Charlotte,
    Thank you for your "honest" opinions!

    Jamie, I'm looking forward to seeing you!

    Jennie, You know it! Come on...

    SS, Thank you! ;o)

    Kimberly, It was hard -- it took a whole year, but I'm glad.

  8. Barbara,
    Thanks for playing along! I beg to differ on the "practical" aspect of my tote... it's both black and brown! Matches everything! yeeha.
    You are SO very lovely, I hope I look half that classy when I catch up to you in a few (very short!) years.

  9. I have that "ugly" sweater in red, so it's not "ugly", yeah? And, you look great - maybe a bit grumpy or resigned in the picture. Like, you do not like having your picture taken. Right?

    You look great. You buy practical. I like it! I'll post mine tomorrow or the Thursday - I was tagged by Jamie.


  10. Very nice pic, Barbara :) I've been wearing the same coral colored sweater for days now...it's warm. :)

  11. ARE YOU CRAZY??? i will gladly post a picture of my purse but not of myself...sorry.

  12. i forgot to tell you that you look great. i love the color of your hair, you look like such a classy, well put together mama.


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