Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

12 / year...April

If you want to play along, please do. No quality or quantity limits...no time limits (except it would probably be a good idea to do one a month ...that's kind of the idea). Other than one a month, do whatever you like. I will too. Some months may be busy and fun, some may be boring. You can be artistic or not, just show life, or be symbolic. You choose it all!

You are welcome to snatch my image. I never did get a button made...you can snag it and link back if you want. Just leave a comment here so I can come and see what you did in April 2013.

April was filled with many projects. At the beginning of the month I made two pairs of wedding rosaries.

This one was for my husband's Aunt Karen, who remarried to a widower at the beginning of the month. They are lovely people, devoted to God and the sanctity of marriage. During the wedding, the groom carried his rosary in his breast pocket, and hers was wrapped around her bouquet.

Another pair were commissioned, these with bronze parts. 

And besides the many First Holy Communion rosaries I enjoyed making, I made several veils, including this one for my husband's Goddaughter. I love puddles of organza and lace.

Early in the month Doug's brother asked a friend to get some family portraits at his mom and dad's house. It was a bittersweet event, as you can imagine. The photos, however, turned out absolutely beautiful, and will be wonderful to remember in years to come.

After the photographer got the entire extended family portraits, he took a few photos of our family and one of Faith.

photo credit: Eric Albrecht

We acquired a new house pet this month. Maggie, the current resident house pet, was not sure about this situation. In fact, I think she wanted to eat it. She was on a leash, attached to me usually (or a strong table leg) for the first 48 hours.

It started pretty much like this.

And this. Stare-down at the OK corral.

Kid's-eye view. 

A 6"2" boy scrunched under the dining room table to play with the new kitty.

She is getting used to us. It never occurred to me (duh) that a kitty who spent most of her life in a crate would take so much time adjusting to us. But we are busy and kind of noisy and I can see now that might have had a hard time (ie what was I thinking?).

But now she is pretty chill, except she darts for the door every time someone, or the dog, goes out.
 Is she giving us a message you think?

It's crunch-time in dance class as the recital is in May. I spent one day photographing classes, including Faith's. Here she is -- just a blur, and feet, as usual, an inch or so above the ground.

April showers brought May flowers a little bit early. Of course the tulips always bloom early. 

My favorite colors -- salmon pink and lilac.

One of my favorite ground covers -- always blooms early, Bugleweed.

Miss Pansy graces the porch in pots -- so gorgeous.

A pretty April rainbow gracing the stormy sky.

The project of the month -- this darling baby girl quilt. I love, love these random patches and polka dot backing. Too, too cute.

I'll see you at the end of May with another edition. Leave a comment if you play along so I can come and see what you did with your April.


  1. What beautiful family portraits! I especially love how you and Faith look. Her single portrait is precious.

  2. Such lovely pics, Barbara! I love the family portraits! You've been busy this month. :) Mine is up and it's all garden. I hope May around these parts warms up and dries up...it's been too chilly and rainy of late.

  3. What a lovely family portrait!

  4. I love your family portrait! I love how the "boys" are all around you and your lovely daughter is holding your hand. I love the bright colors too!

    Love seeing your spring flowers...can't wait here for that to happen here! (snow predicted tonite though)

    The rosaries and veil are beautiful as is that baby quilt!

  5. Cats are very independent. Makes for easy pets!

    Your family is beautiful! I am hoping to do a professional photo this year at Brians parents 50th wedding anniversary party.

    Rosaries are so pretty.

  6. Here's my linkup: http://sfomom.blogspot.com/2013/05/12year-april-in-review.html

    I actually took more pictures than I thought I had!

    Now I know what those cute little purple flowers in my backyard are called! They're so sweet--and I like pansies too.

    Great family portraits. I wonder how the dog-and-kitty pictures will change at the end of this month?

  7. I finally got around to it, better late than never lol :


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