Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Daybook (with a surprise ending!)

In the garden...
...it's a gray day in central Ohio. It's been gray for days and days. It was warm and rainy for a couple of days, but today it's colder and dry. I hear it is supposed to get pretty cold again this weekend, so we might get snow.

If I could tolerate the temps for long, I would benefit from the sound of my "water feature." I should record the sound of my babbling creek in the backyard. 

On my way indoors, the kitty followed me. She wanted in and the dog wanted out.But once the dog went out she changed her mind and went with. They are an odd couple.

I'm thinking about...
...how long it's been since I did a Daybook -- almost a year. I have really embraced my departure from FB, but I do miss my friends and family. I'm afraid I've received no requests for my phone number so I could get precious kid photos on my phone instead of my feed. It feels lonely, but it also feels more peaceful. Social media has become a peace-thief, and I need peace like nobody's business, so I'm keeping the deal I made with myself.

I am wearing...
...black v-neck, black leggings and socks, and a khaki skirt. And, of course, my apron and head scarf because it's Tuesday and I'm cooking!

I'm so grateful for the apron that Jessica sent me years ago because I wear it every time I cook and it has not worn out!

I am reading....
...nothing; I was reading You Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg from the library, but a few pages a night was not enough to finish it before it was due back. I need to try again so I can finish it. 

I am creating...
...A baby blanket for a baby shower this weekend. My brother commissioned it last week as a gift from his wife and daughter (they are in Maryland so can not attend), and the yarn arrived on Thursday. I'm about 2/3 finished, so I think I'll make it. It's a pretty stripe of white, flamingo pink, and blackberry in KnitPicks Comfy Worsted.

In the kitchen...
...today I cooked three dozen Porcupine Meatballs with sauce, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, made teriyaki marinade and marinated 26 chicken drumsticks, and made two steamers of white rice all for my customers.

Around the house...
...the laundry is almost finished until Saturday, but the bathrooms could use a scrub. It's not too hard to keep things picked up these days with Noah and Faith gone most of the day. The kitchen gets the most use and I have the dishpan hands to prove it!

Plans for the rest of the week...
...meal delivery tomorrow and laundry customers all day Thursday and Friday.

A few of my favorite things...
...news that I haven't shared here in this little corner of the world -- one of my very favorite things and something I've been waiting for:

I'm going to be a grandma! My Joshua and his wife, Taylor, are expecting! 
I'm over the moon excited, and even though baby is not due until end of July, we're planning and thinking about it all the time!

Prayers sent heavenward...
...for my husband and children, to do God's will every day
...for contracts for my husband's business and clients for mine
...for that sweet little grandbaby
...for all priests and religious
...all babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion, for a change of heart
...for friends who have asked for prayers


  1. Well, I think that last photo is just the BEST! I'm so happy for you and your family. I'd request your phone number, but I have no kid photos to share except my 14-year-old, who certainly THINKS he's cute and adorable...

  2. I am over the moon excited for you...being a Grandma is the best!!!!

  3. I'm sending you pics. You'll wish you hadn't asked for them lol. Love to see you posting! The cyber world needs inspiration so desperately. Thank you for taking time to share some!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, Kim. It's good to be back in my little corner of the world wide web!

  4. I haven't done a daybook in forever either, but I am so glad you did! Maybe you will inspire me to get blogging again.

    That you have a grandchild on the way is such wonderful news!

    1. You've been pretty good about blogging, Jenny. A lot better than I! I always love your photos from afar!

  5. What a serene post. I enjoyed reading it and broke into an excited smile for you at the end! God bless this wonderful news and the babe.

    1. Thank you, Allison. My daughter-in-law has felt mostly well, and we're grateful for that!

  6. We have an "in" at the library now... Nothing will ever be overdue again!

    1. When I was homeschooling I had an educators card and no late fees! But it expired each year and I had to renew with my letter from the school district, which I no longer have. :-(

  7. Congratulations, Grandma! How exciting! I am sorry that I didn't realize you were off of FB. I am so rarely on there myself, so I miss all sorts of things. It's for the best, because all the negativity is so toxic; I can't stand it.

  8. Woo hoo!!!!! Yay Grandma!! Love that name for you!!

    Congratulations!! Love you!!

    1. Thanks, Jamie. I think I'll actually be Mimi, which is what my mom was, but the jury is still out! My aunt and uncle let their little granddaughter choose what she was going to call them and mostly they are both MaPa! Haha! Maybe I should be grandmama!

  9. Barbara, congratulations on becoming a grandma. It is the best thing ever! You are so right about all the negativity on F.B. There is a lot of good, but also a lot of bad. I like staying as positive as I can. I hardly watch the news on television either. I usually get the local weather then turn it off. God bless you!

  10. LOVE that sweet little baby swimming and growing! Congratulations on such wonderful news!

  11. Congratulations! What joyous news!

    I'm impressed by how quickly you knit, especially a pattern that includes seed stitch.

    I've followed your blog since you shared a recipe when I inquired on the Frugal Upstate site about ways to prepare kohlrabi. I'm glad that you are back to blogging more frequently.

    1. Thanks, anonymous. I knit Continental, which I really think is much faster than right-handed, aka throwing.

  12. Hi Barbara,

    "peace thief". Yes! I agree. You all had such a rough 2016. 2017 is going to be FANTASTIC!

  13. A grandbaby, hurrah! How exciting!! My mom is Meme and my dad is Papa. :)


I appreciate your comments -- sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself!