Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Sunny Wednesday Daybook

In the garden...

...This answer is the same as the last time I did this -- weeds. And now there are no pretty orange day lilies, or at least not many. I keep telling myself I'm going to weed one section of the garden every couple days, but it's so hot and dry during the day, and after dinner, I'm so tired. I have a feeling this might not get done this year. My new back pain doesn't make it any better. I have a tendency to hurt my SI joints in the garden and right now I have upper back pain the doctor is treating, so I really don't need lower back pain. 

We've been having Sunday family dinner every week though and Geoffrey took a couple pictures of the bees on the coneflowers (I guess there is a little more than weeds in the garden). And I took a picture of the moon on the night before the Blue Moon (the first full moon of July).

photo by Geoffrey

photo by Geoffrey

I'm thinking about...
...starting back to school...eventually. I still haven't made any hard decisions, but I'm seriously leaning toward doing all Seton this year. Faith won't be happy, but she never is happy about school, so that shouldn't be a deciding factor.

I am wearing...

...a blue and green skirt and blue v-neck. I'm barefoot right now (with a neuroma pad on the bottom of my right foot), but I'll wear white sandals when I go out later. I don't know if I mentioned that I have a neuroma (a nerve growth) in my right foot -- called a Morton's neuroma. I had an injection and I wear a pad every day, but I'm considering surgery because any time I am standing for any period of time -- shopping, cooking, ironing -- my foot burns like it's on fire. I think it's odd that I have all my nerve issues in my right leg and clotting issues in the left leg.

I am reading....
...Crash: A Mother, A Son, and the Journey from Grief to Gratitude. I'm still reading it and it's a good read -- about the long-term effects of brain injury.
Also reading The Flame of Love, the diary of Elizabeth Kindelman -- no decisions yet

I am creating...
...I have several projects, as always. 

The rosary I was making for the auction at Ohio Dominican University has turned into a gift for Coach Gerry Faust, the keynote speaker for the event. According to my husband, he has a great devotion to Our Blessed Mother, so I am really humbled that this will be a gift for him. Ohio Dominican's colors are black and gold, hence the black onyx beads and topaz Swarovski crystals.

I'm sewing a scapular, and cutting squares for a baby boy quilt.

I also have a baby cap on the needles, but it's kind of complicated and I'm not sure it's the best nighttime knitting.

In the kitchen...
...tonight: hmmm, maybe take-out. I was really good when I went to the store yesterday about planning meals for this week, but for some reason I forgot about today. I'm trying some new recipes from a Six Sisters cookbook I got from the library. They are quick and simple and pretty tasty. I have this book.

At the school table...
...still doing math and English every week day...very reluctantly, but almost finished. We'll at least get a couple weeks for a break.

Around the house...

...not much unless you count loads of dirty laundry as much. Not much has changed since I typed that last time. We moved Josh and Taylor into their apartment on Friday, traveled to Cincinnati for a family reunion on Saturday, and had family dinner on Sunday -- that shot three entire days. Still catching up on laundry.

Plans for the rest of the week...

...the Black and Gold event Thursday, a doctor's appt. on Friday, and....drumroll...Josh and Taylor's commencement from the Ohio State University on Sunday. They'll be right next to each other -- Stein and Stein -- so their names will be called one right after the other. Can't wait! I didn't walk at my commencement -- sour grapes/long story -- and Geoffrey didn't either, so this is the first since Doug, and I wasn't dating him then.

A few of my favorite things...

...family reunions -- I just love my family. I think they are the best people ever. I know most people probably think that way about their families, but not all. I even got back on FB just so I could keep up with all my family's news. And of course my favorite bloggers -- Jamie :-)
...a Knightstick -- which you probably only know about if you're from Westerville. I had an appt. a short while ago, so I took Faith and her girlfriend to get a Knightstick. I have to get one per summer. Mine was peanut butter cup. I think it was my dinner (see above note about dinner).

Prayers sent heavenward...

...for my husband and children, to do God's will every day
...for all priests and religious, especially our priests Fr. Sill and Fr. Schmit, and for Fr. Howe
...all babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion, for a change of heart
...for friends who have asked for prayers
...prayers of thanksgiving for my sister-in-law
...prayers for the daughter of an online friend

Photos for the day..

This is Joshua at the family reunion at my Uncle Bob's farm -- this is so Josh because he has a way with animals and apparently so Dancer the horse.

and if that doesn't make you smile...


  1. First, Geoffrey's photography is lovely. Second, all Seton? That curriculum can suck the life out of the most cheerful and irrepressible among us. :-) It's thorough, I'll grant, but that's a lot of workbooks! What grade is she starting?

  2. I know, Jennie. It was fine for the boys. They didn't mind it one bit. But the "suck the life" was the reason Instrayed with Faith in the first place. But, Ohio is not a homeschool-friendly state, so, thinking toward possibly homeschooling high school, I though I'd better look at a curriculum I could use for high school. She's going into eighth grade. Suggestions? She doesn't like to read so any reading-heavy curriculum is going to be drudgery.

    1. Well, I think it's nearly impossible to get a decent education out of workbooks vs. actual books. Addressing this reading issue is going to be very important, especially if she wants to homeschool high school. Do you know why she doesn't like to read?

    2. She's just rather do anything active or creative instead. She will do the work, but never with gusto. She is so different from me. I always had my head buried In a book.

    3. Kolbe is reading heavy (and using your hand to write heavy as my kids like to complain about) but they really encourage the parents to adapt the program to the needs of the child. They also keep track of things and offer a diploma at the end and (if memory serves) meets all the needs that the State of Ohio requires. Have you checked them out?

  3. Wow! A lot going on up there in OH!

    I'm sorry to hear about that neuroma in your right foot. How awful!

    That book caught my attention. An ex-BIL fell and hit his head a few weeks ago. He has been an alcoholic most of his (short) life as well as an estranged father to his daughters, my nieces. Long story short, and terribly tragic, the oldest three girls had to make the decision of life support or not. a lot to ask of two young twenty something's and an 18 year old. On top of that, the oldest niece is due to be married in five weeks. The entire situation is so sad especially since his head/ brain trauma was so severe. Many emotions as I'm sure are portrayed in that book.

    On to happier things...the graduation sounds so exciting!!

  4. I enjoyed reading your news.... but I'm sorry about the neuroma. I had one in my foot also, quite a few years ago. Thanks be to God, it went away on its own.

    The flower photos are breathtaking!!!!

    1. I had no idea they could go away. Did you pray it away?

    2. Well, I did pray about it!! My doctor diagnosed it as a neuroma, but my pain was more in the top and middle of my foot. He prescribed a pain killer that I think turned out to be something like Advil; I don't know that it helped. I just remember it hurting a LOT for awhile, and I did pray, and then it gradually seemed to lessen. That was over 20 years ago! I will pray for you.

  5. Well, for middle school history, we're transitioning over to the Dorothy Mills books. For eighth grade, we use The Book of the Middle Ages. Memoria Press publishes workbooks that go along with them, and I selected lots of literature to supplement - saint stories, fiction, nonfiction. It's pretty well rounded, I think, and there are activities at the end of each workbook lesson. I have the student select one to complete. This particular year also coordinates nice with The Story of the Church. :-)

    Rosie will be using The Book of the Ancient World this fall, and then The Book of the Ancient Greeks in the spring. I will probably actually use them over two years in the future, but I'm not sure. After that will be the ancient romans, and that will for sure be a whole year. :-)

    I'll send you my book list, if you want.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your foot! Currently I'm in a boot recovering from a bunionectomy. My feet always give me problems, but this was putting me over the edge. I'm not on the other side to see if it's all worth it, but I have high hopes. If you can't stand on your feet, it really limits you!

    1. I'm sorry about your foot, Jennifer. My feet have caused me problems for years -- mostly plantar fasciitis. That finally went away and I was pain-free for a few year, but this really started after I had a spinal injection in my right leg, I think it was about nine months ago. The podiatrist didn't really give much credence to my theory that the injection caused it but I felt the injection all the way down to my toes and that's where it is, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Unfortunately that doesn't fix the problem. I'm probably going to end up with surgery, too.

  7. I love your daybook posts! (and I don't usually like those) (being honest here)

    I'm sorry about your foot (or both leg/feet issues). I have a little neuropathy going on, having diabetes for this long (35 plus years, it's just bound to happen) I have noticed though, that when I drink Diet Coke, regularly, it really bothers me, when I sit down. SO I've quit it and it goes away. Funny thing, is that I replaced it with Diet Pepsi, and it did not bother my feet. Weird, huh? I have given both up now, with the occasional pleasure (hey, I"m not perfect!)

    Just wondering if maybe something you eat or drink might make it worse or less painful?

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I imagine your life saving lots of souls.

    SCHOOL! All our school is packed, in the hot, humid garage, in boxes just labeled "schoolroom" because I really thought and had confidence in God, that we'd be moved by JULY!! I need to go through all my boxes to find what we really need to order and have been looking for Nicholas today on the computer....printing up catalogs

    We do Seton for High school...enroll...but last year we used Homeschool Connections (Catholic online courses) for Spanish (Seton's Spanish was terrible!) and are thinking of doing Biology online too this year. They also have a thing where you can enroll for $30 a month and have unlimited access to all pre-recorded classes!! I really want to do this and they also let you use that for all family members. They have a ton of classes to choose from and also have (for an additional fee) grading and tutoring if you'd need that. Maybe this would work for Faith?

    1. Diet pop is terrible for your bladder, Jamie, so I'm glad you're trying to quit. Make yourself some nice fruity herbal tea and just use a tiny bit of honey to sweeten it. And then wean yourself off the sweetener entirely.

      I hate to say this but Seton high school scares the bejeebers out of me. I don't think Faith can cut it. She is just not a diligent student, and she is not my brightest kid (I hate to say that, but it's true). I will check out Homeschool Connections. Do you know anyone who has done Our Lady of the Rosary? They use a lot of what we were already using, so it's a better fit.

  8. Gosh, that was long! :) Forgot to say, I"m so happy to see you on Facebook. I don't really need to blog anymore, as I only blogged because were NOT on facebook! Ha! (Well, neither is Billie Jo, I'd still need to blog for her! )

  9. Jamie Jo, don't give up blogging for Facebook! Blogs are better! More personal. Less shallow. Keep blogging!

    1. Oh, Jennie, you are so sweet. The thing I love about blogging, is we do get to know each other so much better. It's deeper. I'll probably never give it up...gotta tell someone about the movies I watch! Ha!

  10. I love your updates Barbara! I have to admit that even I am tired reading all you have done this summer:) Thanks for the book recommendations!

    1. Maybe that's why I'm so tired, Janelle. I should nap more! ;-)

      I finished Crash and it was a good book.


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