Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Just another quickie post while the cottage fries are cooking.

Today Noah started back to school, thus today is schultüte today. I wasn't planning to make them this year. I really thought the kids were a) too old, except for Faith, and b) they didn't really care that much anymore. But, Noah asked me yesterday if he was going to get a schultüte, and when I asked Doug if he thought he seriously wanted one, he said "yes." 

Gratuitous schultüte photo. Because we already bought all our school supplies, mostly it was just junk food. I should have added a new toothbrush. The college boys got some pens and Faith got some new markers.

Faith washed dishes for the first time in her life today. I report that news only to humble myself. I am ashamed that I have not required my daughter to wash dishes by the age of eleven. She empties the dishwasher often, but she has never actually put her hands in soapy water (except when she was little and it was fun) and scrubbed dishes. Now I have to get her on the toilets, well, you know what I mean. Scrubbing them.

I thought that once Noah went to school I would have relaxing, quiet days at home, but today was spent at the physical therapist and running around for schultüte stuff. Tomorrow I am going to see my mother-in-law and on Friday I have to provide the shuttle from Ohio State to the doctor's for Joshua, and deliver schultütes. I can hope that next week will be quiet.

Gratuitous angry cat picture. The noise of making schultütes woke her from her nap.

I was requested by my physical therapist to purchase an exercise ball. I realize I am probably one of the one percent of people in the first world who don't already own one, but now I do. Do people really sit in front of their computers on these things (my therapist has not told me to do that but I have read of such things)? I'm pretty sure that's not happening here, ever. It's supposed to strengthen my "core" which is why I am supposedly having back issues. Maybe I can learn to knit on one. Ha!

Gratuitous craft pictures. Two of these little boy quilts went to a lovely online friend. Betcha can't guess who.

And this little bird will be one of many on a baby mobile I am making. I think she is so cute.

And the cole slaw is tossed, the cottage fries crisp, and Noah is manning the hotdogs on the grill pan and stirring the chili sauce, so my time here is up.


  1. I don't have an exercise ball, so you got me beat at least!

    And I will humble myself along with you since my older kids don't know how to actually wash dishes either. Dishwasher they've got down, but hand scrubbing no. Francie does scrub the bathroom, but Rob taught her how, not I. I just didn't have the patience, and that should tell you all you need to know about my teaching disposition. ;-)

    Sweet quilts . . . Septimus sleeps with his all the time. I catch him playing with the corners when he wakes up in the morning. I love it. :)

  2. Oh, I love seeing your quilts, you put together such beautiful colors, and they are treasures!

    Tom had an exercise ball, the kids ruined it in about 2 days. No more ball.

    Of course your kiddos want a Shulette thing, look at all those treats!! I want one! (haha) Love the toothbrush idea!

    My 3 oldest kids wash dishes, but my oldest daughter is the best at it. My son, he may be fast, but he is not thorough. I'm picky, so it's hard to come to the kitchen and see the counters and table and sink not wiped and cleaned out...My middle oldest kiddo, the almost 9 year old...she takes FOREVER and is getting better.

    I should do a jobs post...this is getting way too long!

    Toilets? She can do it. It won't be as good as you do, but she can do it. Kids, they are so capable.

  3. Cute quilts for cutie patootie babies! Fun! I think your cat has pretty eyes. I do not have an exercise ball either...but I have been strengthening my core muscles and it is a wonderful thing to do! I am stronger right now than I was 10 years ago. Good luck, Barbara :)

  4. My kids start scrubbing toilets when they're about 6. Dishes follow a little later, when they're taller. Only because I'm lazy and I want helpers; if I were awesome, I would "inspect what I expect" and they'd be doing a better job. ;-)

    I used to sit on my exercise ball all the time at the computer. I just got tired of the look. Considering how my back feels now, I should go get it out of the basement. It is so much fun! Did you get a workout or exercises to go with it?

    I just went down and got it---back feels better already! But I wanted to check the brand. Mine is Valeo, which I got from the chiro because he says it doesn't lose air. The kids' sized that I got at Target (probably reebok) doesn't last. If it doesn't break, it loses lots of air.

  5. Aimee,
    Thank you for making me feel less inadequate as a mother/roll model. ;-)

  6. Jamie,
    Sending her up to learn from you!

  7. Jamie,
    Sending her up to learn from you!

  8. Cheryl,
    I wish we could have exercise "class" together. Actually, I really wish having tea and biscotti strengthened my core!

  9. Sara,
    I bought a Thera-band ball. My PT said just don't buy a cheap one, but I don't think Doug blew it up quite enough. He was using the air compressor and he was afraid to pop it.

  10. You are never too old for candy!

    I have an exercise ball. It is deflated under my husband's dresser.... shhhh... ;)

  11. I guess I thought they were too old for silly schultutes, and my oldest college boy made a slightly snarky comment when I dropped his off, but then his texted me "thanks mum." My oldest college boy was thrilled -- he LOVES junk food. Sigh.

  12. Did your ball come with a "tape measure"? I think mine has lost air, and then I wrap the tape around it and find it hasn't. TheraBand ought to last, too.

  13. Barbara, I see your name so often at Jamie Jo's blog I decided to visit. I find you're a fellow Buckeye. I just moved north after living in the Columbus area for nearly ten years. ;) Anyway, my mom was recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis of her lower spine and hips (not good, she's only 51!). In figuring out what to do, she keeps seeing tai chi as a gentle exercise that's supposedly great for bad backs and for those who can't do major exercise (she also has fibromyalgia). She hasn't done anything with that info yet but I thought I would throw it out there.

  14. Stopping by to say hello! Please know my comments are few but you are in my prayers. A health issue (now resolved - praise be!) put me sharing your feelings. I am not sure which girl grew the most this summer - your Faith or my Caroline! XO - Jody


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