Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, April 08, 2013

Back-to-school Monday journal

Outside my window... 

...mostly cloudy with peeks of blue sky, rather warmish (61 degrees), and likely to rain, maybe storm. I planted pansies yesterday in pots on the porch, and the daffodils have bloomed, but there are few buds yet coming out. I think the trees and shrubs might have finally figured out that as soon as they bud, it gets cold again.

 I am thinking... 

...about how blogging fits into my life. Lately I have such a hard time finding the time. I don't feel called to give it up completely, but I feel Our Blessed Mother pulling me to other things right now. I felt good when I was "on break" not constantly thinking this would be good to blog about, or that. I also had some things I wanted to blog about, but no time. It's quite a first world quandary isn't it?

From the lesson plans...  

...back to school -- I'm giving us a light day today to get back in the swing. I am also thinking about how I want to spend the next two months.

I bought seeds and starter pots to start some flowers, so I'd like to incorporate some botany into our science. I started out loving the science book we're using but, frankly, it's not much fun, and I'm not one who thinks school should necessarily be fun (so it must be really bad!).

I'm also thinking about how we I have dropped Latin from everyday lessons. I did not feel confident teaching it, even though I taught the boys Latina Christiana. It seems starting Faith earlier in Prima Latina was not easier as I thought it would be. She's a natural, though. Maybe I should just let her go at it. I think it's the pronunciation that I get stuck on, even though my church Latin is pretty good. I can't handle the CDs that go with the Memoria Press books -- Latin with a southern accent just makes me cringe. I saw a pin for Visual Latin on Pinterest and wondered if anyone reading here has used it. It seems like it might be too good to be true, but, frankly, I would love to have a little help in this subject.

I need to boost the next two months with some more history as well...it dropped off the curriculum for a while because neither Faith nor I like history, though she does love to learn about Benjamin Franklin. Checking library website now for books on Benjamin Franklin...I'll be back. I knew blogging this morning would be good.

I think Faith might be the kind of kid who does better in unit studies, which I know nothing about because I thought the traditional way of working through a book was better. What do I know?

From the kitchen..

...Colorado White Chili, bread, and salad for dinner. I served two smoked turkeys for Easter, boiled down the carcasses and made some awesome White Chili on Saturday. The boys were gone so we have lots to enjoy tonight. I am trying some new recipes this week after a few weeks of hanging on by my fingernails due to sewing for the dance studio.

 I am wearing...

 ...a yellow floral skirt (hopeful about spring), and coral-colored blouse, with a sweater close by.

I am reading...

...I have Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth in my bedside basket and I read a chapter each night, but they are short chapters so it's slow going. I can barely keep my eyes open by the time I get in bed so there's no pushing through it. I am listening to Maeve Binchy's A Week in Winter (one of my favorite authors) on my iPhone. Thank goodness for playaways from the library and overdrive on my phone while I was sewing dance pants. I don't think I could have done it without going crazy.

Speaking of Call The Midwife, I watched the second episode of Season 2 last night while it was airing. I used to be able to go all week without watching my DVRd episode of Downton, but I can not wait a minute for Jenny at al at Nonnatus house. I love the characters and the writing, and that happy bicycling music just makes my evening. I definitely enjoy it more than Downton, and every single birth makes me cry with joy. Last night was a little more crying than I was prepared for.

I am creating...

...many, many embroidered scapulars. My current list will take at least three weeks to work through. I have a half dozen or more rosaries on that list, as well, including a set of wedding rosaries and a First Holy Communion rosary for Doug's Goddaughter Bridget. I am still knitting on the same sweater I started for Faith eons ago. Fortunately the yarn is cotton and will work for spring, if I ever get it done. The only time it gets time is in doctor's office waiting rooms.

I still owe my daughter mattresses, quilts, and pillows for her AG bunk beds, and another set for a friend. The alterations on the dance pants did my machine in. Doug said there was smoke coming off of it (he was kidding) but it seriously seized up and would not sew. The motor was trying but the needle would not move. He gave me permission to buy a new machine the next morning and even did some research on good, basic machines for me. I ended up with a Singer, which was not really what I wanted, but apparently Kenmore does not make sewing machines any more (or sell another manufacturer's machine under the Kenmore name). The machine I had was a Kenmore work horse and I was sad to see so many plastic parts on new machines. I am going to have the old one fixed for Faith's first machine. She WILL learn how to sew. I can't believe how many people do not know how to sew today, hence the reason why so few mothers can help with costumes at the dance studio.

 I am planning...

...nothing. No more plans, please.

I am hoping... 

...for a peaceful week. It seems that's all I ever hope for.

...that my DVT is gone. I have been awakened three nights in a row with terrible leg cramps, which is not a good sign. I called the nurse first thing this morning. Waiting for a call back.

...for peace for my father- and mother-in-law. I am sad to say he chose not to seek a drug trial and they called hospice. (For clarity, I am not sad that he chose not to seek a drug trial -- I think that might have been brutal -- I am just sad that it was a choice that had to be made at all).

 Around the house...

 ...laundry and dusting. We're still in pretty good shape from Easter, though Faith could undo all that in one afternoon. {wink}

I am going...

...to run errands this afternoon, drop off all the dance pants that needed alterations, and then stay home until Thursday.

 I am praying for...

...my children, and my husband

...my father-in-law, for many, many more months of peaceful and pain-free (with meds) living.

...my dear friend Gina.

...our priests and all religious, especially those who have strayed from the teachings of the Church

 ...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, and for a change of heart for their mothers. 

Thought for the day...

“By union with God we shall gain hearts…. 
Without this union we will but make a little noise.”  
~ Saint Julie Billiart


  1. Hi! Your feelings on the Latina Christiana were mine too. We eventually switched The Professor over to this book (it has downloadable audio files) before he started taking an official high school online class. Maybe Faith would like it better. It's definitely a student driven kind of thing.

  2. The sewing machines that Sears offered were mostly made by Janome in the past 40 years and before that by New Home and possibly Singer.
    Anymore, you can't depend on the name, it seems everyone is making everyone elses machines!
    Enjoy your new one!

  3. Prayers for your father and mother-in-law.

  4. Charlotte,
    Thank you. I'll check that out. Do your girls take Latin?

  5. Anne,
    That would explain why my Kenmore was such a great machine. Thanks for the info!

  6. Blog when you can, like now. We'll be here. I am so sorry about your inlaws...such a hard thing.

    Hope you and your leg are feeling better soon!

    I gotta figure out how to watch that Call to Midwife thingy...sounds good. (last I checked it was not on Netflix)

  7. So much to comment on, and I'd like to on every bit of it, but that would become a post :)!. So I'll zero in on the fact that I, too, am a (HUGE) Call the Midwife tv fan and have wondered if I'd like reading the actual Memoirs. People in my family are getting pretty tired of me constantly chirping "I think this is so much better than Downton Abbey!!!" I'm also a Downton fan, but "Midwife" has so much ... well... TO it...

  8. Jamie, my darlin',
    I'm so glad you mentioned watching the show -- you can watch the shows that have aired thus-far at the pbs page for the show:
    You can also watch last season's shows so make sure you start from the beginning!
    You're gonna love it!

  9. Nancy,
    I think that having a huge appreciation for life and loving babies really is the key to enjoying the show. I just get so emotional watching those last few pushes from every character, knowing that baby is almost there!

    The memoirs are good, though some of the situations are changed in the show. It's good though, and the screenplay (is that what you call the script for television?) is written in just the same language and mood.

  10. Thanks for the info about the Midwife show...I was also wondering the same thing.

    Praying for you about your leg issue. Sounds painful and awful.

    Blog when you can! I love hearing about your life! Especially older sons in college...because I will have that soon.

  11. OK, 6 episodes are on Netflix now, I'll start with those and then go on to PBS for the rest! Thanks!!

    *Can't wait to rock the baby to sleep--that's when I watch now...

  12. Teach me, teach me!! I have always wanted to know how to sew. I have a machine and I bought a book about basic sewing, but I do so much better with a real teacher. I've tried to find some classes, but there are none to be had for me. :(

    I have got to get caught up on CTM. Perfect for my daily purgatorial stint on the treadmill.

    And I know what you mean about blogging, but never, ever leave me, 'kay?! thanks. :)

  13. Is the Midwife show appropriate for girls? I saw it, but was afraid there would be inappropriate situations (unintended pregnancies...women seeking to end them).

    I stopped worrying about my own pronunciation of Latin after listening to that southern accent. I use LC but don't use the Dvd or cd.

    Have you read D'Aulaire's Ben Franklin. Below her grade level, but still great. And the poem about BF by Stephen Vincent Benet ties in nicely with the stories in that book.

  14. I'm one of those moms who can't sew. Boy-Scout merit badges are about my limit. I have a machine but need to learn to use it.

    Praying that your DVT has not returned!

  15. Praying for your dad. My husband is a hospice nurse.its close to our hearts.

  16. Michelle,
    There was a character who was a runaway Irish girl who got lured into prostitution. One episode was her story and then she came back during another episode. Her story was true as it was in Jennifer's memoirs. That said, I would not want to explain that situation to my daughter. I watch after Faith is in bed. I watched the entire first season on my kindle. There are other characters who allude to not being married and one character who is worried because her baby "might be black " -- dad is not. It's East London and life was not easy, thus you see the consequences. There is also a lot of sadness mixed in with the beauty of new life. Overall, though, I love their appreciation and excitement over every single new baby.

  17. Barb, truly it's not hard (sewing) --there's a youtube video for everything!

    Prayers worked. No DVT!

  18. Thanks, Mel. I lost my own dad when I was 19 very suddenly. I think this is a lot harder! God bless your husband.

  19. Aimee, me darlin' (puttin' on my brogue), I wish I could come and hold the baby while you sit down at your machine and learn. One of us needs to move!

  20. I love your blog! I created a link in my Evernote and come in to catch up on your life - I think I will spend a few minutes but get to reading and realize it's been 20!

    I have one blog about my books for teens (and their moms, aunts, grandmas and friends) and another about my personal life.


    is my book blog

    Thanks for sharing with us.


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