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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, April 04, 2013

12 / year...belated March 2013 edition

If you want to play along, please do. No quality or quantity limits...no time limits (except it would probably be a good idea to do one a month ...that's kind of the idea). Other than one a month, do whatever you like. I will too. Some months may be busy and fun, some may be boring. You can be artistic or not, just show life, or be symbolic. You choose it all!

You are welcome to snatch my image. I never did get a button made...you can snag it and link back if you want. Just leave a comment here so I can come and see what you did in March 2013.

March was a long month, was it not? It seems like we had so much going on but it just kept on staying March on the calendar.

To be honest, I enjoyed the cold days and nights (I know, I'm one of the few), with fires in the fireplace every night, and projects to keep me busy. I was not happy to see the time change and the daylight stay longer, but then, I did say I am one of the few. I am getting used to it now and when it finally gets a little warmer, I'll enjoy being outdoors.

When I went back to look at photos it seemed the ones taken at the first of the month were taken eons ago. Was it really just a few short weeks ago that our new pope was elected and became our beloved Pope Francis (how quickly he became beloved!)? It seems like St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day were months ago, as well. I guess keeping busy does that. But you know what they say about time flying when you're having fun? Well...admittedly much of my month was not fun.

Did you know that Barbie does math? She helps Faith with the answers.

A quilt for a sweet baby boy. Number two quilt out of three for new babies. 
The next up is pink, but that's the only clue you get. Hoping to get it to her before her six month birthday! 
Sort of. 

I just wanted to show you the edge of my baby quilt. 
I have gone back and forth using bindings, not using bindings, and I finally decided that I don't have to follow rules about quilts if I don't want to.
Turning 50 is very freeing in that way.
My baby quilts will no longer have bindings because I like a nice lightweight edge for baby to sleep with.

No words needed, except I so enjoy being able to see his sweet face whenever I want to.

My first stole. It doesn't look like much but it was a lot of work and worry. It was just for practice and to see if it hangs correctly on the young man for whom I am supposed to make a confessional stole. I mailed it off to Rome at the beginning of March and, to my knowledge, it has not yet arrived. Am I nervous? You betcha. Not real happy with Italian postal service and silently thanking God for my mail carriers daily.

I started making many of my own dairy products this month. So far I have mozzarella, yogurt, sour cream (pictured) and buttermilk under my belt. All super yummy and I know just what is in them.

 Enjoying lit candles in dark evenings.

A new Papa...such a great day to be Catholic.

The Cardinals were all hanging out in the backyard that day (ok, they hang out there every day). Did you know that a group of Northern Cardinals can be called a Conclave, a College or a Vatican? I never get tired of watching the Cardinals in the yard.


St. Patrick's Day -- he looks rather disgusted with the entire American style of celebration, don't you think? That may, or may not, be a magic wand he is carrying. Maybe he uses it to zap Americans drunk on green beer.

Peach in the kitchen on St. Joseph's Day. She's making the pate choux for the cream puffs.

Cream puffs --  yum -- the quintessential St. Joseph's Day treat. Peach did a fabulous job.

Early spring snow. I admit, I loved it! Our Lady of the Snow was out there!

I also never tire of watching the antics of the Gray Squirrel hanging on the bird feeder. They make my husband furious, but I say as long as there is no "No Squirrels" sign on the feeders, they are free to go at it. They are hungry critters, too.

Where much of my month was spent. If you are a regular reader here you know I volunteered to sew 47 pairs of hip hop pants for Faith's dance studio. Twenty-two white and 25 black pairs, and a variety of sizes, were cut and sewn right here in the dining room. I delivered the last of them this afternoon, and sadly (weep, weep), a large stack came home with me after the children tried them on. I asked for any outliers in length and width be noted prior to sewing, but they were not, and so waists must be adjusted and hems shortened on quite a few. I really could cry, but I'll offer it up. I must be in need of penance.

The Easter flowers. Oh my...this azalea is gorgeous. How can anyone be atheist when looking at this beauty?

Cousins post-egg hunt. Happy kids with buckets of eggs filled with candy and dollars. Even cash did not entice any of the "big kids" to participate. They need lessons in humility.

The Paschal lamb on the Easter table...made from butter. My flag added. 
It does look rather like he has a butter knife sticking out of his, um...but he doesn't. Promise. Not that any one of the young (and old) men in my house would not have fun doing that.

The Paschal candle (purchased here...h/t to Jessica). We brought a flame home from Mass (permission granted from our pastor) in the canning jar in the foreground of the photo. Then we asked Doug's father to light the Easter candle, and he was very touched to do so. It was so worth the effort. And we will keep the flame lit with seven day candles throughout the Easter season, relighting the Paschal candle when we are having our meals together.

The annual Hot Milk Cake, adorned with pink Peep bunnies.

At bedtime, all dark but the Paschal flame.

Opening Day was technically April 1st, but the Holy Week tree was still up (in the foreground), the candles were lit against the darkness, and a fire was roaring in the fireplace, so it all seemed more like March.

And if you are still with me, God bless you!

I'll see you at the end of April with another edition. Leave a comment if you play along so I can come and see what mischief you've been up to.


  1. Loved that you got your Paschal candle light from church! I thought about doing it too but you know how "close" I am to my parish. I still might ask Fr. L if I could steal a light LOL. My photos are up now too - http://bottledponderings.blogspot.com/2013/04/12year-march.html

    1. I know Fr. L would be happy to oblige! Fr. Ryan saw me leaving church with the flame and asked if I was taking the Easter flame home. He said that was awesome. :-)

  2. hmmm...I seem to be having trouble leaving a comment here tonight. Love all the pics! Our cakes look very similar! My post is up. :)

    1. My blog must have forgotten how to post comments because I was gone so long! ;-)

  3. Peach looks like such a little girl in some pictures, and such a big girl in others. Aren't girls that age funny that way? :-)

    1. You're right, Mel. Sometimes I look at her and see a child's face, and sometimes I see a woman she will be. Both can make me happy or sad.

  4. So happy to have you back! I've missed you!

    You had such a beautiful month based on these pictures. I know it was a hard one with the pants and all, but just look! Let me list all the things I love:

    Cream puffs made by Faith
    That cute top she's wearing! where can I get one?
    Quilts and cheese! I need to start making mozzarella.
    I love cardinals, too, but they look best against snow, and we don't have that. :-(
    Popes. 'Nuff said.
    If you've ever had dead squirrels hauled out of your attic, you wouldn't think they were so cute. We don't even feed the birds anymore because of that. :-(
    That Easter cake is adorable, and I truly am jealous of your Easter fire. What a lovely idea.


    1. I'm so happy to be missed!

      Yes, cream puffs made by Faith was good. She even used a pastry bag!

      The top is from Lands End but it was an overstocks so I kinda doubt they still have it. I wanted to respond to your post about girls' clothes, but that was a bad time for Doug's dad. More on that later. I buy almost all of Faith's clothes from Lands End (almost always Overstocks --rarely full price), and Hannah Andersson. You can't beat them for modesty and cute (and durability). Occasionally I find something from Gymboree that is not babyish -- just recently found some cute cotton flowered skirts. -- cheap cheap. I should say inexpensive, but really cute. Everything else is sewn at home. We never go shopping. That would always end up a fight. I don't understand parents who whine that everything his/her daughter wears (my brother does this) looks immodest but they still pay for it. Uh uh. I pay, I pick.

      The flame was really fun to get -- up on a stool on the step up to the ambo! The Easter flame was way up there!

  5. I can't get over the pants...so sorry about having to mend so many...I feel your frustration, to be done and yet not done.

    Loved seeing your month, I've missed you so much. Beautiful stole, cute Barbie helper picture, cute seeing Faith cooking (baking)--beautiful baby quilt--thanks so much for sharing--love you!

  6. I love the idea of recapping your whole month in pictures! Great time for reflection :) I'm a new reader, LOVING your blog so far! Thank you!

  7. There is just so much here to look at!

    No more snow pics...so sick of snow here in MN.

    Love that Easter cake! Looks easy enough for me to bake.

    glad to have you back! you have been busy!

    1. Yes, we are free of snow. But I've not spied any forsithia yet! Three snows after the forsithia!

  8. Happy Easter, Barbara!

    I love all of your photos. We made the same Pascal Candle this year! And I love your Holy Week ornaments. Are they from Jesse Tree Treasures? Angie is one of my good IRL friends, Luke's godmother!

    I know I owe you a reply for the Rosary ... And did I tell you how much my mom and I LOVE our earrings? And the key fob is fabulous! My niece is going to really like it!!

    Blessings and hugs!

    1. Yes, they are from Jesse Tree Treasures.

      I'm glad you are enjoying the earrings.

  9. I'm so glad you are back!! I missed seeing your posts before Easter.

    You know how much we love that baby quilt. I use it all the time - in his crib, in the car, out visiting - and I've gotten many compliments. Thank you again!

    I put my March pics up today. :)

  10. Well, I haven't done any so far, but I got March in there. Now that it's April 7 and all ;)



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