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Phil 4:6-7

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Downton goodies

Remember I told you I was creating a Downton Abbey basket for a gala Doug and I are attending?Tonight's the night and Doug took the basket in to work yesterday. He runs the hospital foundation and the gala is the foundation's annual black tie event (which means I have to get dolled up and wear pinchy shoes tonight!).

I had a great time creating this basket, and if you have an event like this in your future, I highly recommend putting one together, if for no other reason than the fun. The foundation event is not an auction, so guests don't have to bid on baskets. There are a dozen or so nice prizes and guests have tickets they can place "in the hat" for the prize of their choice. There are some nice pieces of jewelry and a trip among a few others.

When Doug asked me to create a Downton basket, I thought I would just purchase some period "fakes" to have fun with. But once I got into it, I decided to assign several of the main characters an item to represent each.

Here is what I ended up with:

Lady Mary Crawley’s necklace 
(costume piece similar to a necklace Lady Mary wore)

Earl of Grantham's cigar

Countess of Grantham's black satin gloves

DowagerCountess of Grantham’s tea set
(I found this darling tea pot and a set of matching cups and saucers 
at a little antique shop in our little city)

Lady Edith Crawley's stationery 
(that wicked letter Edith wrote to the Turkish ambassador!)

Lady Sybil's biscuit decanter
(remember when Carson caught Daisy with it?)

Matthew Crawley’s egg cups
(there was a scene this season with 
Matthew enjoying a soft boiled egg in an egg cup)

Lavina Swire’s fascinator
(because Lavinia was from London, 
I thought she should be most fashionable!)

Isobel Crawley’s Earl Grey Tea and tea strainer

O’Brien’s bar of lavender soap
(that wicked O'Brien!)

Mrs Patmore’s cookbook
(this book looks like a lot of fun -- and a lot of good recipes)

You may have also noticed Downton Abbey 
paper dolls in a few of the pictures -- 
you can download and print them here
but they are not for little girls!

Now I'm off to have my hair and nails done -- it's a girlie, girl day!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Can I come, pleeeeeeeeaaase!!! Everything you packed into the basket is absolutely perfect! I hope your day is truly lovely and your night as much fun as your basket of goodies!

    Oh! I love your new header too. Not sure if it's new or not, but my tired eyes just noticed it. Beautiful!

    1. Eyes tired from reading garish children's books... :)

      Barbara, lovely basket!

  2. This is so crazy awesome! You are so creative! I bet this basket will be a huge hit. Way too much fun! Have a great time tonight!

  3. Very fun! I hope you have a wonderful time tonight!

  4. Love it love it LOVE it. I have a pair of pinchy shoes; can I come to the gala?

    (I'd even put a tie on Nick.)

  5. Oh, my gosh, those paper dolls--hilarious!!!

    Your basket is wonderful! You did a wonderful job on that necklace and the whole thing!! I can tell you had fun making it!

    Thanks for sharing! HOpe it brings big bucks!

    Have fun! (aren't you getting hit by the big storm?)

  6. What a great basket!! I love it!

  7. I would put ALL my tickets in that basket! I don't know if I would ever have anywhere to wear my fascinator or necklace.

  8. What a fabulous, fun basket! You are so clever. Hope your evening is so lovely you don't even notice your pinched toes (at least not until tomorrow).

  9. Like everyone else, I LOVE this basket idea, Barbara! It is SO fabulous!! We are going to a benefit dinner tonight, too, for the girls' school ... I will have to remember this idea for next year. (Ours is an auction, though ...)

    I do wish I was getting my hair and nails done, but oh well! I am looking forward to a night out!!

    Have fun!

  10. P.S. I LOVE your new header, too! It is so beautiful!

  11. Great basket! Worth putting on pinchy shoes for a chance to win a prize like that!

  12. okay, that is the most fantastic gift basket ever!! I would love to win something like that!

  13. Oh, the lucky, lucky person who wins this basket! Perfect! --- Rosemary

  14. This basket is just brilliant! I'm eager to hear how it was received at the gala. Was it a silent auction? Just like everyone at Downton, I'd love to know all the details of the sale! :)

  15. So very clever - this made my day!


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