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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, December 13, 2012

With needle and thREAD

This week's edition of needle and thREAD should be known as "The less-than-two-weeks-until-Christmas-panic edition."

needle and thREAD 

 My list of projects which need to be finished has gotten shorter only by one since I posted it. I am awaiting delivery of fabric and machine needles for three others. Hurry Fed Ex man, hurry! I must admit that having cellulitis is my leg has relieved any guilt over online shopping (why do I feel guilty? no idea), but it adds an element of anxiety over delivery dates. Every day I spend 15 minutes checking due dates and tracking shipments.

I worked on a dolly for my husband's niece while I watched movies this week. Faith and I enjoyed a couple of Christmas movies -- The Christmas Angel and Tom and Thomas (set at Christmas, but not really about Christmas) -- and I sewed the entire dolly by hand. (Just a little factual tidbit, the actor little boy who plays Tom/Thomas is not a very big boy playing a role in the current Anna Karenina, and Tom and Thomas was just made in 2002 -- makes me not feel so badly about my own children growing up so fast).

Anyway...on to my sewing project. I made the dolly featured in Craft Hope. She was easy to make, I'd say a beginner to intermediate level. She could be made on a machine except for the trim and face.

I was a little unhappy with how long her neck is -- it's kind of odd looking, but that's the way the pattern was drawn. I love her little face, and Faith thinks she's darling, so I think Olivia will enjoy her, too.

To go with the dolly I am giving her these play silks, which I hope she will love. Faith was rather jealous of those, too.

I used all scraps and wool felt which I already owned to make my Jesse Tree ornaments, so the doll was costless for me to make. Can't beat that with a stick.

While I wait for my fabric and needles to arrive (Hurry Fed Ex man, hurry! ), I'll work on my jewelry projects. And if you can't make jewelry but would like to give it, try here (I admit to buying five bracelets there after Elizabeth posted on it -- must stop reading blogs -- very expensive! {wink} What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good cause.).

No reading this week, other than instructions in Craft Hope.


  1. Oh, that dolly is beautiful!! I think her long neck makes her look like a ballerina!

  2. That doll is just darling, Barbara! Your niece will be so blessed by her gift!

    I just read about your leg! I hope you are feeling better with the antibiotics! REST!

    Love and prayers ...

  3. I've been making bunches of a similar style doll called a Black Apple Doll. (Google it. Instructions at the Martha Stewart site. :-) ) They go together easily enough, I figure I can make tons of 'em for all of my favorite little girls, and I've even seen slight alterations for boys! Truth be told, my big girls are hoping to get some, too. ;-)


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