Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, November 08, 2012

{p,h,f,r} Master Bedroom Edition

I'm joining the lovely women at Like Mother, Like Daughter for {p,h,f,r}, the Master Bedroom Edition.

round button chicken

To be entirely honest, I was lower than whale dirt yesterday about this election, and I'm really going to have to work hard at not staying in a total funk. But I agree with Leila, that we must turn inward toward our faith, and our families and our hearth. When my husband starts into another rant (which he has been doing for the past six months, several times a day) I keep telling him, "Circle the wagons." And inside that sweet protected circle of those we love and cherish we will stay, for as long as we can.

Yesterday I enjoyed giving the bedroom a good dusting. To be honest, I try very hard not to let the master bedroom become a collecting place. It is often my sanctuary. In the evenings, I often come here to sew or knit and have some quiet, sometimes for prayer. But dust gathers, nevertheless, and there is often a collection of folded pillowcases or hand towels perched on the edge of the dresser, never making it down the hall to the linen closet.

My photos are a little dark and grainy. I apologize. I took them yesterday in the late afternoon, but the sun was already setting, and our house has a southern exposure so the sun was well past our front facing bedroom window.


This past spring I found this darling branch of artificial dogwood flowers, with the sweet robin's nest. I found it at Pottery Barn.

I love the dogwood branch (because of this legend), and the nest is appropriate because my husband affectionately calls our bed "our nest."

It's hard to find just the right thing to hang above our bed because of the curved headboard. I think the branch is perfect.


A few months ago I won these beautiful pillowcases at Elizabeth Foss' blog. They are made by Catholic Embroidery, and they are really very beautiful. I have not had such special pillowcases since I was a girl and embroidered my own.

My husband's dresser with pictures of our children when they were little. I love the memories they bring back, when they were small and so sweet.

My favorite chair when I escape to the bedroom. It's the perfect size for knitting or sewing. Funny story...when I was pregnant with Faith I had a dream about a chair (you know those pregnancy dreams!). I was sitting in it holding my baby and rocking, but it was a stuffed chair like this. After the dream I shopped like mad...had to have that chair. I finally found it and had it covered in this fabric and it was in the "nursery" until I redid Faith's room a few years ago. I still love this chair better than any other in the house.


This is my husband's nightstand drawer (poor man, good thing he never had anything to put in it). It holds all the socks-without-a-mate. Sometimes it's temporary, until the mate comes through the wash, and sometimes they stay there for quite a while until I eventually give up and toss them. Right now it's rather hard to close the drawer so I need to dump it out and see if there are any pairs in there.


This is the basket on the floor next to my bed. It's where I toss books I am in the middle of, knitting I'm in the middle of (but have temporarily stopped working on), needles, ear buds...well anything I don't want in or on the nightstand. It's a mess and needs to be sorted...another day.

Join the lovely women at Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {p,h,f,r}


  1. I think your dogwood branch is perfect! I know what you mean about the funk. Pulling myself out of it one tiny bit at a time.

  2. 1) I love the new blue on the blog! so pretty.
    2) Also love the dogwood branch and the nest. Wonder if I could still track this down?
    3) I need to get me some of those pillowcases.

    Funk--meee too. But now I'm trying to pull myself out of it and focus on what I can do to change things around me: make a more Catholic, more holy world. In my world, anyway.

  3. pretty room! I especially like the pillowcases and the branch and nest- hmmm, wonder if I could craft a similar one for my home?

  4. Beautiful! I love all those special little things and the meaning behind them :)

  5. Oh how pretty and clean your bedroom is! Mine is embarrassingly dusty and cluttered with piles of outgrown children's clothing and shoes as well as stacks of art projects that the kids tell me I have to save because they made them just for me. One day my room will be clean.

    I'm right there with you in the post-election funk. I'm doing my best to not lose hope for our nation's future but I think it's looking pretty bleak at present.

  6. I just love that dogwood- dogwoods don't grow well where we live now and I miss it so much...I might try to 'steal' your idea

  7. My kiddos are growing up so fast also...seems like yesterday I was chasing around 4 little kids..now they are all big.

    my hubby is going bonkers also about the election....well we all are.
    my kids too.

  8. What a nice sanctuary you have, Barbara! One of my goals is to work on making my bedroom someplace that I retreat to ... Right now, it is very boring, and I don't really hang out there ... I'd like to change that!

    I also was really down yesterday, after being SO hopeful! :-( I couldn't quite figure out how it felt, but it felt (still feels) horrible. Maybe this is extreme, but it almost feels like someone (something) important in my life has died. There is a void, an emptiness ... I don't know. Still processing. But I also agree that it is essential that we continue to be strong in our faith, now more than ever! And that we hold tight to our beliefs and keep our family close ...

  9. Beautiful bedroom! Love the dogwood branch :)
    (linked from LMLD)

  10. Sorry...Trying again to see if I can send my comment.

  11. Adore your "Funny"! Not many would admit the same.
    As for the election - I just read today that "There is a noble quality of the soul, which the saints called 'the duty of delight.' St. Paul put it this way: 'Be joyful in all circumstances, pray constantly and for all things give thanks to the Lord, because this is what God expects of you in Christ Jesus," (1 Thes 5:16-18). I guess I have a long way to sainthood!

  12. I don't know if i'm allowed to do this; hope I'm not breaking any of your blog rules. I've been trying to shake that "funk", too. This was a blog post from Cincinnati, and I really felt calmed and refreshed after reading it. Hope it helps someone else. http://otritt.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/thanking-god-for-troubles/ --- Rosemary

  13. Hi again! I'm trying to email you about the bracelet, but I keep getting a reply that says my message is violating policy! Whatever that means! Weird! I do want the MM and cross! Thanks, Barbara! Hopefully, we can figure out the email ...

  14. That cozy chair is so sweet! I would love one of those in my room---along with a good space heater. We don't spend any unnecessary time in there because it's so hard to heat. Sweet dogwoods, too.

  15. Such a lovely room! I, too, love the dogwood branch decor. That is something I would hang up on my wall. Can I just say that I border on coveting your headboard, night stands, small lamps and well, orderliness. I have never had a bedroom set. Well, not a matching one anyway. Never had a bed frame (since I was a little girl). Our bed is a hand-me-down from my sister in-law. It is truly awful. We accepted the bed from her because it was a king size and up until our last baby was born (almost 3 years ago) we had a queen. Did you know that we've co-slept with all of our babies during their first 6 to 12 months for the past 15 years. Anyhow, our bed has two huge sinkholes on either side. The only thing that isn't sunken in is the very middle hump. UGH. The mattress is mega sized and we've never had the money or the time to get sheets that fit it. Seriously. There is always so many other things that we *need* to spend money on. So we just have a top sheet and blanket that barely covers the top. It's so sad that it's funny. Right? :-/

    Anywho…I was also inspired by Auntie Leila's post and goodness knows I needed something to pull me out of my post election depression. It's been a good project for me and very much needed. Unfortunately, our master bedroom is probably the most neglected room in the house. There are piles of laundry; mine, Mark's and the toddlers. There are piles of books. There are piles of misc. junk on the dressers. *sigh* Piles and piles and piles. Another motivating factor for me that has been haunting me lately is if I do have to go on bedrest then I better get this room under control soon, while I still can. I cannot imagine having to stay in bed looking at that mess for weeks and weeks. I'm definitely making progress, but I don't think I'll get to any "beautify-ing" until next week. ;)

  16. Thanks for sharing, Barbara! It's good to read what you say about your sanctuary, and I was so touched by your husband calling your bed "our nest"!
    I think your photos are all lovely.

  17. Love that chair...I've been wanting one like that for a decade! My headboard is very very similar to yours. I have a trio of small icons I usually hang above it.

  18. This master bedroom is so beautiful!!! We have only been homeowners a year and a half or so, so our room is not nearly as established!

  19. Beautiful! I love your bedroom, especially your headboard. I love seeing how people make their homes beautiful.


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