Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day

aka A Distracted, Distraught, Disquieted, Disturbed Deposit-your-ballot Day

I vacillate between giving this Election Day to God, and then taking it back. What I intend to do with it, I have no idea. I pray, I fast, I give it to God, and then I am praying and fasting again.

I will be so glad when this day is over, for better or for worse. If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan win, we will breathe a sigh of relief. If B.O. wins, we will circle the wagons, put all our pennies in a jar (figuratively, I suppose we'll have to dig a hole in the backyard for anything bigger than a penny), and hunker down for four years, or eight years or twelve years, depending on how many it takes to recover for whatever destruction he causes in four years. But we will know that God allows all, and we will be fine, in the end, no matter what. Because the very wise mother of a very dear friend always says, "We know what happens on the last page."

God wins!

We lit vigil candles last evening and they stayed lit all night. 
Unfortunately there is no rain and not a cloud in the sky. Historically a rainy day will keep Democrats from coming to the polls, and with Ohio being such a huge swing state, I had hoped big, dark rain clouds would cover the state.

Faith and I created Electoral College maps yesterday a la Leila.  We placed colored dots on the states which are still too close to call, based on our predictions. We used this website to make a best guess based on that state's historical vote. They are almost identical, the only difference in our maps is how we predicted Iowa, and Ohio, our state. Miss Faith (optimist?) placed a red dots on both, and I (pessimist?) placed blue. Only time will tell.

Our sewing is nearby for quiet distraction today.


  1. One of her other great quotes was, "Just keep looking up and trust 'til you bust!"

    I miss that momma, Barbara. She doesn't say much these days. :(

    And yet. And yet! We do know how this story will end, don't we? He will wipe every tear from every eye and all things will be made new in Him...

    ...come what may at the end of today.

  2. Awwww, what Margaret said made me cry.

    Love those maps, just printed them up, half of my kiddos are sick, they can color maps!!

  3. That made me cry, too, but how wonderful to have such a wise, faith-filled mother!

  4. I am hopeful, but I, too, vacillate between trusting completely in the Almighty God ... and taking it back with more pleas, as if He didn't already hear me. Ugh! Where's my trust? I wish I didn't worry as much as I do. His WILL will be done!!!

    I like your sign :-) With your flag and Mary statue! Beautiful!

    And your maps! Those are cool ... But I was at the Paul Ryan rally in MN on Sun, and it was electrifying! THOUSANDS showed up! It was awesome! It may take a miracle, but our blue state just may turn red for this election! Yeah!

  5. We're doing the same here with the maps and though I don't have any sewing projects, I am keeping my knitting close.

  6. The Romney rally here in Ohio near us had 30,000-plus in attendance, but our battle is really in the unseen world, and our prayers are more valuable than any earthly strategy. "Thy will be done." really is the best prayer. --- Rosemary

  7. The girls and I have been looking at your coloring pages and are wondering why some states are light pink, and some light blue. "Cate" surmised that these are the states that are not certain, only probable. Her momma is too lazy to go look up the answer somewhere else. :)


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