Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, November 26, 2012

cold and clear daybook

Outside my window... 

...it's a bright-blue-sky day. It is cold and clear. We haven't had a rainy day in quite a while, and you know I love those grey, rainy days.

 I am thinking... 

...about serving God. I heard a great homily yesterday, delivered by a brand new, still-wet-behind-the ears deacon (he's actually an older man but just ordained on Friday). It was about hearing our calling, and then serving. Actually the larger message was hearing the truth on one side, and hearing the world on the other, like Pontious Pilate did. How easy it is to let the louder voice of the world block out the truth. Which is why we must listen for our calling. I think I know my calling, but I need to block out the rest of the world. I am looking at all that I do a little more closely to see if it does, in fact, serve God.

From the lesson plans...  

...back to work after a week off, never an easy thing to do. We are having a weepy, whiny day and Faith isn't doing all the weeping and whining. {wink}

It's time to put away Thanksgiving books and seek out the Advent books. Last year we used picture books through all of Advent and I'm not certain we won't again. Because Faith does not love reading it's often easier to get her to read a picture book, even if it has wordy pages.

I need to look at the Liturgical calendar to see how feast days can fit into our lesson plans.

From the kitchen..

...leftover turkey noodle soup for lunch (mmm...homemade noodles), but something simple like breakfast casserole for dinner, with fresh fruit. I have been eating pomegranates almost every day. I can't seem to get enough. Pom seeds, blueberries, and strawberries for dinner...yum.

 I am wearing...

 ...khaki pants, a brown turtleneck and brown shoes. And sporting a flat hairdo. My blow drier didn't start this morning. I think it was about ten years old, so I guess it was time. I moussed and fluffed and that was it.

I am creating...

...I sewed fifteen scapulars yesterday for my priests and worked on a baby quilt I have been working on for far too long. One of my husband's employees had a baby in October and I am trying to sew at least one row every day, but not succeeding. Yesterday I sewed three and maybe today I'll get two more done.

I also have several handmade scapulars to make, am working on a Seven Sorrows chaplet, but the hand wrapping hurts my elbow after a while. I finished and mailed the pearl rosary and tenners and hope to get pictures up soon. I have several St. Andrew chaplets in my Etsy shop if you need one.

I need to make some Advent candles, too. I have some purple and rose beeswax, but need to create an arrangement that can't catch fire.

 I am planning...

...um...me? I am not planning much and I think it's because I am way behind in Advent and Christmas planning. I didn't even attempt to get shopping done before Advent started. I keep wishing my kids would say, "Mom, we have decided we don't want gifts for Christmas anymore. We just want to spend time together."


I am hoping... 

...that I don't have to mop the floor again today, and the mud comes out of the carpet with shampooing. How is that for shooting low?

 Around the house...

 ...I started the laundry before I sat down to blog, but honestly, that was a couple hours ago. I need to change loads, but fortunately I am fairly caught up on laundry. Ironing is another story. Before I was out of my nightgown this morning, I had swept and mopped the floor because Maggie came in with mud all over her paws (hence the comment about the carpet), so the floors are clean, except the carpet.

Over the weekend we ordered a new fireplace screen/front because the brass we have is so dated. It is supposed to arrive today. And because my husband can't just do one simple thing, he tore off the mantle/woodwork from above the fireplace and intends to replace it with a simple mantle. We have not really had fires since he built it in 2005, and was afraid it would get too hot, as he intends to build more fires this winter.

I am going...

...to deliver groceries to my oldest son this afternoon. Oh joy. I really wish we could just get him an old beater car to get groceries, but the insurance would probably be more expensive than the car.

 I am praying for...
...my children, and my husband

...my dear friend Gina. Thank you to all who are praying for her. She is an incredible woman, and I value her friendship very much. I can't believe how she is handling her illness. I told her I would just go to bed, whereas she won't even sit down.

...our priests and all religious, especially the young priests who sometimes have such an uphill battle to fight

 ...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week

 For the rest of the week...

...an appt. with an orthopedist about my back. No treatment, just consultation. Physical therapy, a house appraisal because we are refinancing, and possibly taking my mother-in-law for eye surgery.

Picture thought...

Some of my favorite guys after the weekend's rivalry football game. Heads from left to right: my brother Jeff and his son Sean, my Noah, my niece's beau Jonathon, my father-in-law Paul, my husband Doug, and son Joshua.

They were one happy bunch! Aren't they cute?


  1. They sure are a nice looking bunch of fellas! It was gray here today, too, but we're hoping for a little "slushy accumulation under 1 inch" tonight. The winter is shaping up to be another mild one, so we'll take whatever snow-like substance we can get!

  2. Great picture, but do those dudes know you called them 'cute'? ;-)

  3. Love the pic of your guys. : ) I miss my houseful!

  4. Some good lookin' men in your house!!

    Just wanted you to know that I have not yet recovered from this election! Thankfully, I'm clinging to a certain Divine Mercy rosary that a very special friend made! It's the only thing getting me through these days. I'm still waiting to wake up from this nightmare!

    Anyway, just wanted you to know that each time I hold that rosary, I think of you and say a prayer of thanksgiving for you!

  5. They ARE cute! Love the photo!


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