Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today is going to be a busy day, but I wanted to stop in and say "Hi!" Or "Boo!" All in fun, of course. We don't really "do" scary at my house. No scarier than those silly pumpkins. Left to right is Noah's, Joshua's, and Faith's. I'm not sure what Noah's is, other than a head (with skewers sticking out -- you can't see them in the photo -- which he claimed were something like daggers, and I say are hairs), a cat, and a werewolf. I don't like scary jack-o-lanterns because we get a lot of little trick-or-treaters. Trick-or-treat is tonight, 6 p.m., after a 3:30 dermatologist appt. for Joshua and then a quick pick-up of Noah. Thank goodness my mother is coming and bringing a pot of Chili

If I could just fast-forward to the relaxing part. 

Faith is dressing as St. Joan of Arc, which is a switcheroo from one of the (Barbie and the) Three Musketeers in ballet dress and boots with sword. The temperatures dropped and that gossamer ballet dress wasn't looking so good anymore. She went to the costume box the other day, pulled out a faux chainmail armor, I stitched up a silver cape, and head band and wristwear (all not historically correct, I know) and added a silver fabric cross to the front of the chainmail. Have sword, will trick-or-treat.

I was hoping to write a Yarn Along post today, but I honestly don't think that's going to happen, since the sun isn't coming out and I still have a few rows to finish on the white hat. It's very pretty, even though my arm is aching. After I finished the pink hat, and blocked it, I found a dropped stitch. Big bummer. I don't know how hopeful I should be about ripping it out and starting over, since the yarn was so soft and fluffy and I have a feeling that the blocking really sealed it. I may be starting over, maybe not. I have to tell you a quick story about the kindness of man (or women as the case may be). I had really just started the white hat and I did not understand something about the pattern, so I sent a Ravelry message to the creator. She got right back with me and after a few back and forth we figured out the question and when she learned I was making the hat for a friend undergoing chemo she offered to send a box of hats. Isn't that sweet? The box arrived Monday and I will be delivering it with my own white hat and a basket of treats. There are nice people in the world, God just saves them for special occasions. Speaking of hats, please keep Gina in your prayers. She is having some very uncomfortable reactions to the treatment, and even though the doctor's say they are "minor," I'm sure they are not minor when they are yours!

I'm off to fill up the Halloween basket of treats and set my day as straight as can be. 

PS I shared with my physical therapist yesterday (who, btw, commented that St. Joan of Arc is the best character dress-up for Halloween she has heard so far -- she does not know any real Catholic trick-or-treaters!) that I am resigned to my leg pain and I'm done with most of the life-numbing meds. If it goes away, great. If it doesn't, then it will just be part of me. I'm done thinking about it (except my doctor really wants me to get a second opinion, but no drugs -- just an opinion). So today is a new day, right? 

Well they all are new days, but today is really a new day!

Happy All Hallows' Eve!


  1. That's so nice your mom is bringing chili! With the chill in the air, it is the perfect meal for this busy night!

    I am sorry about all your fruitless visits to the doctors. I know what you mean about the drugs. Last year I was on too many things for my feet, and they really had so many side effects. I would always have to think about my day, would being less pain and fuzzy brained be better than pain and thinking straight--I had to make the decision on whether or not to take the meds that time.

    Love your Jack O Lanterns! They are so sweet -- and that's what I like, too.

    Super nice about that hats!!! I have had similar experience of kindness and help from the pattern creator, but not the extra mile like she did! Praying for Gina!

  2. Happy All Hallows' Eve to you too! Prayers for your friend Gina, and I love your line, 'There are nice people in the world, God just saves them for special occasions.' I'll remember that one.

  3. I always love reading stories of the kindness of people. It warms my heart and restores my faith that there are angels that God sends us.

    Continued prayers for your friend and for your health as well.

  4. What a wonderful gift and how thoughtful! Continued prayers for Gina and you. I'm sorry to hear that you've both been in pain.

    God bless your holy day!


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