Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday morning, or, uh afternoon daybook

Outside my window...
...Drizzly, warm and humid

I am thinking...
...about the summer ahead, but trying not to think too far. If I think too far ahead I start to get a bit down about the long summer. I hate to admit this, but teenagers are not my favorite people and a long summer with teenagers (a teenager and a young adult) is not my idea of a good time. Maybe your teenagers are fun and upbeat, but mine are rather surly. They make me angsty (is that a word?). I don't think anyone should have to raise teens without valium to take the edge off, but that's just me. And for the record, I don't have any valium. I did stop at the health food store to see if they had any herbal supplements for relaxation, but so far the passionflower isn't kickin' it. Any suggestions?

I am thankful for...
...sewing time over the weekend. I finally made myself two skirts. Unfortunately that pretty embroidered turquoise didn't make it into one of them.

...a week with few obligations

From the lesson plans...
...finishing up spelling and English from grade 4, starting fifth grade math, studying states, and practicing cursive. Maybe Latin. Maybe not.

From the kitchen...
...some yummy, just-made, coconut granola with Greek yogurt for lunch. Yum. We had a big dinner last night so I think tonight might be breakfast grilled cheese sammies and hash browns for dinner tonight.

I am wearing... ...khaki crops, a white v-neck tee, and brown sandals. No jewelry and I forgot to put my scapular back on after my shower. I did put on some mascara, however.

I am creating... ...embroidered scapulars, two rosaries for my husband's aunt, and two blouses for myself. I also have a bridesmaid's dress I am altering for my girlfriend's daughter.

I am planning...
...school for the fall. So far I know we will be using Saxon math again, and I purchased True Devotion for Children and the Teacher's Guide to supplement our religion. I think we'll use the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism, but I can't decide if I'll use a workbook. Because we used the Faith and Life books for the past two years, we didn't use the Baltimore Catechism and even though the Faith and Life books cover some of the Catechism, I feel like I need to go through the books the way I did with the boys. Just thinking out loud here.

I also know I'll uses Voyages in English. I do love those old books. I don't know whether I'll pair it with CHC's English workbook, which so far I have really liked, or Seton's. Or maybe something else entirely. Do you use Voyage's? If so, what do you pair with it ?

That's as far as I have gotten in planning. Baby steps. It's going to be our tenth year homeschooling, but I have done very little of the planning on my own. Mostly I purchased packaged curricula.

I am reading listening to...
...Cold Sassy Tree on my iPhone. It's fairly entertaining, but not too deep (understatement). I like being able to access audiobooks through my library, but there's not a lot available.

I am hoping...
...that my husband's back is better soon. We have taken turns with a bad back this spring, but his is worse than mine was. He's on muscle relaxers and ibuprofen.

I am hearing...
...Faith in the kitchen making something from her Princess cookbook for lunch.

Around the house...
...mostly laundry today, and ironing. I already dusted and swept the downstairs. I need to clean toilets upstairs.

I am going...
...no place at all today. Tomorrow I have to take Noah to the dentist.

 I am praying for...
...my children, and my husband.

...two soldiers in Afghanistan

...our priests and all religious

...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week

For the rest of the week...
...school and home...my vocation.

...stitching and beading

...a blog post on homemade hygiene products. Besides the lip balm and body butter, I am making our own toothpaste, deodorant and body powder. I'll share my "recipes."


  1. Shoot! I was hopin' the homemade coconut granola would include a link to the recipe.

    Hint hint BLATANT hint.

    No advice about the surly teens, as I have my own 5'5" roller coaster to keep my summer interesting. Ya wanna talk? We can talk!

  2. I don't have too many problems with teens---mine sleep all day, or go to work, or watch endless TV. Right now, it's Cars, so it could be worse. ;-)

    I haven't made new toothpaste yet because I wanted a new container, and then I used the tins I bought for "lotion bars" (only they're tins of lotion), so now I've got nothin' again. :-) We're making do with baking soda for the time being. I'm anxious to hear what recipe you use for yours.

    Love Voyages. But I'm pondering Arrow and Boomerang from Brave Writer. Looks like fun. http://www.bravewriter.com/

  3. Teens are a whole different species. They should have their own planet.

  4. I could talk teens too...but will save your ears. Speaking of teens and ears...the female version under my wing this summer is talk, talk, talkin my ears off. That girl is quiet only in her sleep! She just got a sales job in a store at our local mall...either she will have lots of sales or no sales at all! :) Your coconut granola looks delicious, my husband thanks you and I'm not making it until tomorrow. :) I tried making my own deoderant with baking soda and other ingredients and it practically tore up my armpits...so I'm anxious to see your recipe. Baking soda toothpaste also tears up my gums. :(

  5. Yes, teens are surly, but they sleep half the day. My only problem with them is that they stay up half the night--and I'm ready to go to bed by 9. Luckily Hubs is a night owl.

    The ones who are killing me this summer are my 10-year-old and his huge group of very needy friends. And school's not even OUT yet...


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