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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Homeschool bleg

I am on the hunt for an old Saxon 5/4 answer key. If anyone has one, I'll pay up to $10 for it. I'll even copy it and return it if you need it back. It's this book:

I also have an extra copy of this book if anyone else needs one (sorry, answer key not included). I'll send it for a small postal donation.


  1. I might still have one, but I need to go check. I thinned out my horde of no-longer-in-use books last summer. I know we DID have one as my two oldest used Saxon curriculum until we moved to Teaching Textbooks.

  2. Yes, I do!! I found them right away still sitting on the shelf. :) It's the 2005 edition. I have the entire set of Textbook, Test and Worksheets and Solutions Manual, so if you need all of it just let me know.

  3. I have a copy that I will need back, but right now. So use it and send it back at the end of the school year!

  4. Barbara...I have one that you can HAVE! However, it doesn't look like the picture. It's yellow and blue...says Saxon Math Homeschool 5/4 Solutions Manual. It's relatively new (bought it from CHC year before last). Let me know and I'll have it into the mail for you on Monday. Are you doing 4th grade this year??? I've got lots of stuff, if you're interested...all from the CHC curriculum.

  5. Kelly,
    I have the Second edition, copyright 1995. Apparently it's true -- you can't judge a book by its cover!

    Jenny -- is yours the key for the 1995 printing?

    Nancy, thanks but they answers won't match up to the problems. :-(

    I am so confused. Seton uses the 5/4 in fifth grade. Faith will be in fifth grade, even though we are not using Seton, I feel like they must match the 5/4 for fifth grade for a good reason. Does CHC use 5/4 in fourth? We used Teaching Textbooks this last year.

  6. The math book says second edition and is the 2001 copyright. My answer key is also second edition, but says 1996 copyright. And I looked up on the CHC site and they do use this book in 4th grade. Hope that helps.

  7. Jenny, how odd that CHC uses it in fourth and Seton uses it in fith. I have always found Seton to be more challenging.

  8. Barbara,
    It has always been my understanding that Saxon 5/4 is for the typical 5th grader, or advanced 4th grader.

    Just as Saxon 6/5 is for the typical 6th grader, or advanced 5th grader, etc.

  9. Friends,
    Both Seton and Saxon has students doing 5/4 in fifth grade. I don't know why CHC pushes faster.

    Michelle, my uncoordinated thumb accidentally deleted your comment this morning on my phone but I appreciate the time you took to write it. I looked up a Saxon placement test, and you're right -- I can tell just where she needs to be by looking at it. She is not a good math student and frustrates easily. I think 5/4 is a good follow-up to the fourth grade teaching textbooks we did last year. She did not enjoy the computer teacher so no sense in doing TT again. Saxon is actually very similaries the way the lessons are set up. And she likes doing the problems on paper rather than in the book. I think visually 25 problems on one sheet are more doable than five pages of worksheet. It's all in her head!

    Jenny, I'll email you about the answer key.


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