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Phil 4:6-7

Monday, June 04, 2012

In the Garden

We started the weekend with rain -- all day Friday, and I couldn't take pictures of my new Wayside Shrine. Then life got crazy and I didn't get the camera out until this morning. And then I went a little crazy so, I apologize if there are just too many pictures. This is just the back and side yard, I didn't even head out front, but luckily there is not a lot of yard out there.

 My beautiful Wayside Shrine, between our two decks and at the top of the new stairs. This area used to be a worn path down to the ravine but it's now "blocked off" with rocks and at the top is this beautiful new garden.

The "box" is made of cedar and the top is made of copper, which will patina to a lovely green. Doug put the post in the ground and stained it. 

Some of the pretty flowers on the ground below the shrine. I just bought these pink perennials and Doug put them in the ground without their identifier. Now I forget what they are. If you know I'd appreciate the reminder.

We moved a bunch of day lilies to the back row behind the shrine and these are in front of them.

 These pretty purples are in the very front -- I thought it was purple lamium, but now I don't think it is. Any ideas?

Pots of leaf lettuce and cilantro. I can't grow much in the ground because of the animals. Even the little pots of cilantro the squirrels tipped over and dug through.

A couple of pretty rose trees are just across from where the shrine sits. I don't remember them being so red last year. In fact I thought one was coral and the other pink. This year they are both gloriously red. The yellow lamium needs to be thinned in this bed -- it's taking over.

 Pretty angel surround by lacy white astilbe and dark green hostas.

A new row of hostas split up from all over the yard, mixed with bright pink impatiens and bugleweed, which blooms purple in the spring, and spreads like wildfire.

 The new stairs -- my husband's project a few weeks ago. The black post caps are solar lights -- very neat at night.

A silly girl and a dog interested in her blueberry muffin breakfast.

Pretty pots of pink and green dot the decks.

Another project -- keeping the dog out of this garden. Even though there is not much growing here in terms of food, the dog using it as her bathroom was just disgusting. First he put the gate in, but she crept under and the lept between the slats of the fence, which only had two slats. He added two more slats to each fence section. I'm waiting for her to start digging.

Not a very pretty picture, but I wanted to share with you -- a couple years ago I bought a package of wildflower seeds for this corner. There is so much ground to cover in this area and I just can't keep it all weeded and manicured. I just tossed the seeds down but didn't really water very well. A couple of years later it is filled with flowers. I think this big "shrub" is shasta daisies. We'll see in a few days.

This is our side yard. We have gone through periods of trying to vegetable garden here, but it gets  only afternoon sun and the animals love snacking there. Mostly it's just strawberries left, and a variety of herbs, but I am filling in most of the space with perennials.

 Just whatever I see that I like, like these pretty purple daisy-type flower. I'm not very good at keeping track of what I put in.

This spring I put in three blueberry bushes. Yum.

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you my bird story.


  1. I think your gardens are wonderful! The Wayside Shrine and the little garden angel are perfect. I especially like the "infrastructure"; fences, gates and pathways are the bones in any garden and seem to anchor everything else. We're hoping to put in a pathway some day from the back of the house (deck) to the garage side door. Wish I could help you with the names of your new flowers, but I'm still learning. Saving your tags and bringing them with you when you shop can help you identify them at a later date. Faith seems like such a happy child and photographs well. Happy planting!

  2. You do not have too many pictures! Your yard and gardens are gorgeous, and the Wayside Shrine is just perfect! I've always wanted one like that. You might be inspired by the OOP picture book illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones, called "Song of the Sun". The images have a little wooden shrine covering St. Francis but very reminiscent of wayside shrines. One of my favorite books.

  3. Gorgeous garden pics! I love them all! And your shrine is so beautiful...just beautiful!!

  4. The shrine is beautiful, and so are the gardens. I wish I had the energy/time/desire to get out there and garden! I really just want to all be done.

  5. What a beautiful yard you have!! What a blessing. Can you believe we still do not have our back yard finished and we have been here for almost 3 years. Last year we were able to put in our fence, put in most of our trees and finish our cement work in the back. I'm really hoping to be able to put in a lawn and decorative rocks/plants this summer. *keeping fingers crossed*

    I absolutely love your wayward shrine. So lovely. Thanks for sharing, Barbara.

  6. Your shrine and gardens are lovely! Such a beautiful place to live. My backyard looks out on everyone else's backyard. Nice in some ways (when you have neighbors you like) but it's never a "peaceful retreat."

  7. Such a beautiful garden. I like the little Mary shrine...never knew it was called a Wayside shrine, but that makes sense. =) Those stairs are sooo nice. I'd be sitting on them all day. =) You should link this post up on Friday to the Nature Walk...it's a retreat for the eyes.

  8. I'm pitching my tent and moving in to your garden. It's beautiful, and I love the shrine! :)

  9. Your yard and garden are so lovely! I understand why you shot so many photos; there is beauty everywhere you look! I hope and pray that you and your family have a wonderful, blessed summer. --- Rosemary

  10. Barbara,
    I'm thinking that the first unknown purple flower looks like it must be verbena.
    Sorry I can't help you with the rest...

  11. Your landscaping is all so lovely! The gardens are beautiful and the stairs are just fabulous! And I love the shrine!


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