Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, April 23, 2012


Outside my window...
Wind...the tree tops are bending and it sounds so cold. The thermostat says it's 41 degrees outside. And 67 inside. Brrr. My son called me on his way to class complaining about the cold and I reminded him that it is still April and this is normal (we just got teased by that early warm weather).

I am thinking...
...about a lot...school at home, housework, sewing that must be done, rosaries to make. I am thinking I need to give up sleeping. But I won't.

I am thankful for...
Good shepherds...I wrote my pastor a letter about an issue that bothered me (liturgical music that is more performance than worship) and he made a point to find me after Mass yesterday to tell me he received the letter, would respond, and he was not at all offended (I was really worried after I mailed it). He agreed with me, thank goodness, but even more important, he listened.

From the lesson plans...
...making up for taking Friday off unexpectedly. Double Latin, reading, history, plus all the rest. Peach will be so pleased. I realized last week (I am a little slow) that we are just a little more than a month from June. I plan to take a short break then and school again while Noah does summer gym. Don't tell Faith. She'll just nag me for a month and I'm not changing my mind.

She is almost finished with the fourth grade Teaching Textbooks and I was going to jump right into the next level, but then I thought maybe we would review instead. She needs more practice at multiplication and division and I know the next level of TT will review but will it be enough? I need something structured. Any suggestions?

From the kitchen...
...well I started the day with a strawberry cupcake. Not so good. Too sweet. I need a piece of rye toast and cheese.

Faith has been preparing her own lunch, which is nice because I don't usually want lunch. For dinner: grilled flat iron steak, grilled vegetable kabobs, roasted sweet potato slices, artsian bread.

I am wearing...
...khaki trousers, a long-sleeved aqua tee, my favorite Lands End grey sweater, black patent loafers, my chains 

I am creating...
...embroidered scapulars. I finished one last night, got another order yesterday so I still have three to catch up. It's rather endless, so I should stop counting.

Many First Holy Communion rosaries. I have never had so many requests, which is good, but I'm busy!

I have 12 lilac lyrical ballet costumes hanging from my drapery rod in the dining room (it's a cast iron rod!). The studio's seamstress had a personal crises and an urgent medical issue and they were lucky the dresses were sewn. They came on picture day minus the neck trim and bows, so I am sewing them on. The seamstress thought she was going to get them all back after pictures, so I imagine she is happy.

I am planning...
...to make cheese. I know, I really don't have anything to do. What was I thinking? Well, I want to make my own cream cheese and mozzarella. Just because I can I guess, and because I just know it will be so much better. And because I'm not much of a meat eater, and I love cheese (because cheese is sooo good). Good enough reason? 

I ordered the ingredients I needed, and I have my milk here waiting. I can't wait!

I am reading...
 The Kitchen House. It's very good. I wish I could just sit and read. But I must sew, and make rosaries, and teach my daughter, and make cheese!

I am hoping...
...that my back feels better this week. I don't know what I did but it is really sore. I can't get up or down very easily, and no bending at all. I think that major grocery shop on Saturday didn't help.

I am hearing...
...the wind. It's blowing furiously through the trees. And the furnace kicked on a little bit ago. It feels good.

Around the house...
...mostly laundry. I need to dust, but bending is out so I will have to ignore it or give the job to Peach. I need to do a marathon of ironing, but that too will have to wait until my back is better. In the meantime I will just wash and dry (Peach gets the stuff out of the washer and puts it in the dryer). 

I went to the thrift store yesterday and bought my men some shorts and polos (which are in the dryer now). I don't usually thrift store shop, but they ruin things so quickly it's a shame to buy new (i.e., expensive). Joshua just got hired at Best Buy and needs khaki trousers, so after I went to the thrift store (and found no pants in his size) I ordered some pants for Joshua, socks and underwear for the other boys and Doug from kohls.com. I spent $300 on three pairs of pants, socks and underwear for four men. And it was all on sale. It was a good thing I bought shorts and shirts at the thrift store.

Everything is so expensive any more. I sew most of Faith's clothes now, and I rarely buy myself anything. Who can afford it?

I am going...
...to take Faith to the dentist later, stop at the phone store (Noah locked himself out of his cell phone...tee hee), and the meat market

I am praying for...

...my children, and my husband.

...two soldiers just deployed, both to Afghanistan

...our priests and all religious

...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week
...and SFO mom

For the rest of the week...
...school and home...my vocation.

...making cheese

...lots of sewing

Picture for the day...

a Cardinal nest in the shrubs. Aren't those eggs gorgeous? When I see such beauty in nature I wonder how anyone can not believe in God.

I hope mama Cardinal is ok on this windy morning.


  1. What a beautiful photo of the Cardinal nest and eggs! We have our flycatchers back in the same nest that was left from last year. It's good to see them again. :)

    I wish I could taste the cheese you're going to make. I'm a big cheese fan, myself.

    I'll be praying for your back to recover. I had my back go out on me a year or so ago while switching out loads of laundry. It was awful pain and being so limited was very frustrating.

    God bless your week, Barbara.

  2. How neat to try making cheese! Can't wait to see pictures and your 'take' on how it goes.

    I marked the book, too. I'm always looking for an interesting read to take my mind off stuff so I can relax before going to bed in the evening.

  3. I've never seen cardinal eggs before. They are so pretty!

  4. Cardinal eggs: new to me! I'd never expect blue with speckles. COOL!!!

    I'll look forward to your documentation of the cheesemaking adventure. Now I want some mozzarella.

    Thank you so much for prayers! I am being good!


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