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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's a sick day today.

Faith is on the sofa with a plastic barf bowl. She has a low grade fever and a sore throat. Care to diagnose? We could have a contest and the winner can hold her hair back. Ha.

We are headed to the doctor in a few long short hours for a strep test. And because our medical insurance absolutely stinks when it comes to pediatrics, I have to drive the swab to another lab. My husband works for a hospital system and our insurance stinks. Not for adults, mind you, but for kids. Our hospital system doesn't treat kids, but they don't really want to pay the children's system to take care of kids properly. They should be ashamed. Especially because it's a Catholic hospital system. Shame on them. I am not very happy right now because I have to take my daughter to the pediatrician for him to stick the swab in and then drive the swab across town to a lab that will test the spit for free. If I let my doctor send the swab to the children's lab it will cost us around $75.

Can you tell that I'm not very happy about it? But I am glad I have medical insurance. In a year we may not. In a year we may not have a job.

But my daughter just giggled at Bugs Bunny so all is not so bad.

I'll let you know what the doc says, but you're welcome to take a guess (just a hint: the only symptoms she has are those listed and she had a flu shot in the fall, as well as her tonsils out).


  1. That is too bad she is sick. When I got my tonsils out at the age of 33 my dr. told me I could still get strep and that they can grow back...totally freaked me out!

    Hope she smiles more and gets better soon.

  2. Have you ever had allergy testing done with her? My daughter did not ever display typical allergy symptoms, but after the 3rd set of tubes we finally agreed to testing. She was allergic to 29 of 48 common allergies! After putting her on allergy medicines regularly, she was so much better! I was really resistent to having her tested (they wanted me to at the 2nd set of tubes), but I was wrong. I just felt that she didn't sneeze, cough, have red or itchy eyes or anything typical of allergies, and I didn't want to put her through it. Turns out she was just exhibiting her symptoms differently. I'll be surprised if she has strep, because our doctor said that was very unlikely after tonsils are taken out. I'm sorry your insurance is such a pain!

  3. Hope Faith feels better soon....I have a coughing boy and he's a big crab because of being up all night coughing!!

    (it's Nicholas, not Simeon)

  4. Sounds like strep to THIS mama...hope she is feeling better and yes, that Catholic insurance provider should be ashamed.
    Hope she's feeling A-OK soon!

  5. I just read Chritine's comment. Funny (but not surprising :) ) that her doctor said something different than ours. But I can attest to the growing back thing, because my daughter's adenoids did and had to be removed for a second time. Bleh.

  6. I've got a 14 year old man-baby on the couch coughing and sniffling, eating saltine crackers, and drinking Gatorade. I sure hope your girl feels better soon and you get some answers. The not knowing can drive a mama crazier than dealing with the sick.


  7. Poor Faith! I hope she feels better soon!!

  8. I hope the poor thing feels better soon. I hope it's not strep. The times I have had it I always felt so awful. I vote for the ever mysterious "virus". It seems when my kids were little everytime I went to the doctor it was termed "viral" and we had to let it run its course. Which I certainly hope is short for Faith's sake.


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