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Monday, March 19, 2012

Coconut Oil Body Butter

In the comment box of my I spy post last week, Jenny asked for my body lotion recipe.

I saw the recipe on Pinterest and since I already make my own lip balm, I was keen to make my own lotion, as well. I followed the recipe fairly closely, and I'll note where I made changes.

I really had no intention of adding scent, as that was part of the reason I wanted to make my own -- less chemicals, (even though essential oils are not really chemicals, though if you have allergies I would just leave them out). Anyway, the place where I ordered little plastic pots to hold my body butter sent me a sample of Patchouli honey and it smelled, to me and my husband, like Avon's skin so soft. It was nice so I decided at the last second to add it (about 10 drops) and it adds the most subtle fragrance. I would be just as happy without, but it's nice. I gave a pot to a friend and she asked me to make a bunch for gift bags at a bridal shower her daughter is a having, and I will add it to those.

I got the coconut oil and Vitamin E oil at my local natural food store. I already owned the beeswax pellets for using in lip balm, but I can get them there as well.

This is good cream -- I use it on my face -- a little dab'll do ya -- and used it on my legs, post shave with no irritation. I could see not buying any lotion ever again. The recipe made three of these 2 oz pots.

Someday I am going to open a shop to sell pretty homemade stuff. At least in my dreams.

Coconut Oil Body Butter

1/4 cup coconut oil (almond oil can be used for a more liquid lotion -- the coconut oil creates a solid butter)
1 T. of beeswax pellets
1/3 cup distilled water, or brewed herbal infusion of choice (To make: boil distilled water, add herbs you are using and let sit until mostly cool)
1 t. Vitamin E oil (important-to preserve)
Essential oils of choice (optional)

In a double boiler,  put the coconut oil and beeswax and stir over medium heat until the beeswax has just melted. (I used a glass measuring cup in the microwave on 50% power)
Remove from heat, add the vitamin E oil and essential oils (if desired) and stir to combine.
Make sure water or herbal infusion is slightly warm but not hot (important step or the lotion won’t emulsify)
Put the water/herbal infusion in a blender or food processor and turn on high (I used a blender)
VERY SLOWLY add the oil mixture, starting with a drop at a time.
Continually drizzle the oil mixture into the blender until all poured in.
Check consistency and blend more if needed. (I had a hard time once the mixture set up. I had to heat my oil/wax up again because it solidified while I was pouring. Plus, I had to keep turning the blender off and redistributing the mixture with a spoon)
Store in a jar (or pump bottle if you use almond oil and have a thin enough consistency). Lasts up to two-months out of the fridge or up to 6 months in the fridge.

Source: Wellness Mama


  1. Oh, thank you! I will have to order the beeswax, but I have everything else. I am so excited to try this recipe!

  2. I'm going to have to make some of this, or something similar (because it's not in my DNA to follow a recipe as written. ;-) ). I've made E. Foss's healing salve, but I like the idea of just CO and the emulsifed aspect. I bought a tiny crockpot at the church yard sale for steeping my herbs and oil.

    BTW, I use straight Jojoba oil from Trader Joe's for my face. It's pretty light and I've never liked CO on my face for some reason.

    1. Me too, Sara! I've been using straight organic jojoba oil on my face for a few years now. The only thing to watch out for is the summer sun - jojoba oil really attracts the sun and I'll notice I'm much tanner if I put some on that morning, so I need to figure out a natural sun-screen for over the oil or just use a diff. oil in the summer for my face.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think that the natural food store nearby sells most of what is needed, so I look forward to trying this.
    I use a prescription medication on my face, so I like a plain, good moisturizer without additives -that can be challenging to find. This looks like it will be perfect!

    BTW- l really enjoy your blog. I have been a longtime "lurker" and welcome the few minutes I have when I get to "check in".

    Thank you!


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