Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, March 19, 2012

(3/19)...streaming (and a St. Joseph rosary giveaway)

It's the Solemnity of St. Joseph....such a great day. Following on the heels of the raucous St.Patrick's Day, St. Joseph's Day always comes sort of quietly and unassumingly...much like I image the saint himself. Though we call the Lord's mother Our Mother, and I do truly feel as though she is my mother, I feel like St. Joseph is more like a sweet, heavenly grandpa. I never feel that he corrects me or scolds me, more like gently guiding, the way a good grandpa does.

If all goes well today, we'll have Cream Puffs for dessert (no fasting on solemnities!) -- a traditional St. Joseph treat. I would love to have a big St. Joseph altar, but wasting food wouldn't be good, and I can't imagine who would eat it all. So Cream Puffs it is.

I do hope you celebrated big on St. Patrick's Day -- any feast in a storm, I say (or any reason to party during Lent -- just kidding...sort of). I will be sharing some yummy treats we enjoyed over on my food blog later today.


I feel like I've been away for so long, we need a whole pot of coffee to catch up. Make that low-acid coffee, or better yet, herbal tea. I have been away because I had a little IC flare, and when I say little I mean big. For those of you who don't know what that means (like all of you) it means I was in pain and whenever possible curled up in a tight little ball in a large stuff chair in the living room. Some day soon I'll talk about my IC, not because it's all so very interesting, but it is sometimes helpful for others out there who may also be suffering. And if there is anyone out there who has had success with flares, you can help me.

Anyway, I've been away and I had so much to say, none of which I can remember right now. Which just figures.


Faith and I have been working hard at creating a Calvary hill. You have probably seen it at many blogs and on Pinterest. We decided to wait until Holy Week to add the crosses when we have a have hill full of grass -- bluegrass mind you...only the best.


We had bad storms yesterday evening right around dinner time. They blew in furiously and before they were even officially here the tornado sirens were going off. There was not a drop of rain outside nor any wind so we took a second before dashing to the basement to check the radar and see where exactly the storms are. It seems just wrong to set the alarms off all over the county when the storms might be 30 miles away. I think there is no better way to get people to ignore the sirens than to set them off every few days with no chance of a storm hitting.

I had chicken drumsticks frying on the stove and really didn't want to turn them off half fried (do you remember those Crisco commercials 30-some years ago?). As it turned out the storm did blow in just a few minutes after we checked the radar and with some fury so we went to the basement. I was able to leave the chicken frying on medium-low and run back up stairs every five minutes just to turn it. It was no worse for the wear. Yum.

Faith drew this picture and wanted me to be sure and share it on my blog. So here ya go:

you can just imagine the witch on her broom (a la the Wizard of Oz) in the middle of that big funnel cloud.

Besides big thunderstorms rolling in every day, the weather has been quite unseasonably nice. I am a little wary of it, however, because I think it will either get really cold again (three snows after the forsythia bloom, ya know) or it's going to be an unbearable summer. You know me, always ready for the other shoe to drop. ::wink::

My little flower fairy was dancing amongst the creek stones there, always fashionably dressed ya know, and of course, wearing white, which goes so well with mud.


Well, if you have stuck with me this long, God bless you. And your reward is a rosary give-away for the good prayin' man in your life.

It's a simple black knotted rosary with a St. Joseph medal attached to the center knot. Just leave a comment or send an email (scmom@columbus.rr.com) with a way to get in touch with you by 11 p.m. Wednesday and I'll pick a name on Thursday.

PS Jenny requested the recipe for my homemade lotion a week ago, and I promise to come back later and deliver.

PSS Comment moderation is on so don't get wigged out if your comment doesn't show up.


  1. How I would love to give this to my dear husband to carry with him to work. I think it would fit quite nicely in his army uniform pocket.

  2. Being this is for our husbands, enter me!!

    I love the picture of Faith by the water, and your comment about white and mud!

    Her picture is great!!! Oh, I hate those sirens, it causes such panic, we have a siren right at the top of our hill, so it's very loud for us!!

  3. Happy Feast of St. Joseph!

    I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Mass this morning at our parish, St. Joseph!! Our family is growing in our devotion to him, so I would love to win this for my husband.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Hope you feel better...man that sounds just horrible all curled up in pain.

    Enter me please. St. Joseph is always in my prayers for a good and holy death.

  5. P.S. I'd like to make one of those Resurrection gardens, too. Do you think it's too late for the grass to grow by Easter? I'm clueless when it comes to all-things gardening, which is not good, since my kids want to plant veggies and flowers this year. Yikes! =)

  6. Sarah, We started ours exactly a week ago and it started sprouting over the weekend. I think you have time. Grass seed generally takes about 7-10 days to start but it grows fast. I have heard you can do it with wheat berries but I have no idea how long they take to grow.

  7. Cream puffs were my grandmother's go-to dessert. I'm finding I'm craving more of custard style desserts (like cream puffs) than chocolate. This weekend I had two "out-to-eat" dinners for my birthday, and the chocolate dessert was too much. Creme brulee was my favorite at one restaurant, which I find almost heretical to admit that I liked that to chocolate! But I did.

    I think that's such a great analogy on how St. Joseph's day comes quietly. I'm always not prepared.

    I love the string rosaries. They are the ones that the most comfortable to carry around without much worry, pray in bed, and no worries. Yours is beautiful in elegant black!

  8. I'm cracking up at that picture of Faith. It's something my daughter would have done at that age (still would, at 16, come to think of it. Guess what name she chose for Confirmation?)

    Hope you are feeling better. Being in pain is no fun--done plenty of that myself in recent weeks!

  9. I won one of your beautiful rosaries before, so I don't feel I should be entered in the drawing, but I just wanted to say that it a beautiful rosary! I love it.

  10. My husband could use a new "manly" rosary as well.

    The white dress and the mud brought me back to my oldest daughter's First Communion day, thankfully AFTER Mass. We were washing kids down in the laundry tubs in the basement, since it was too cold to hose them down outside. The dress was spared for the next daughter, but as I remember, she received a new one as a gift.

  11. My husband loves knotted rosaries--thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I love my prayin' man hubbie, but today I received an email from a former neighbor, John, who receives my daily Eucharistic reflections via email (blog Truth Himself). In the email he states that "in the middle of the night - not in a dream - but clearly heard - it is time for you to become a Catholic". Whoohoo! - Yes, the rosary would definitely go to him! Very manly, and 'just right' for a baby Catholic!

    Thanks for using your gifts of craftsmanship and generosity in these lovely ways, Barbara!

  13. I have never seen a resurrection garden, what a great idea! Would love a new rosary, this one is simple , but very nice...


I appreciate your comments -- sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself!