Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, December 09, 2011


AKA: Confessions of an impatient, stubborn, German woman

First things first. The doctor did not come to any frightening conclusions at Joshua's appointment today, thank goodness. He wanted to touch base after Joshua experienced what seemed to be an authentic migraine this week, this following 10 days or so of consistent headache.

Backing up, on Monday the doctor told us that he thought Joshua's ten-day headache was from analgesic rebound. He told Joshua that once finals were over he wanted him to stop taking any pain medication and tough it out for two weeks. Then the next day he had his first migraine. And so the doctor wanted to see him again. Long story short (or maybe short story long) he gave him a prescription for any future migraines and told him to stick out with no Advil/Tylenol, etc. I sort of squealed on Joshua and told the doctor that he is really worried about the headache (because he has been surfing WebMD, duh), and the doctor asked Joshua if he's worried that he has a tumor. Of course he is. Isn't that what any one would think after having a ten-day headache that no medication will touch? Yes, according to the doctor that is what normal people think. So he put his mind at ease that he has no neurological symptoms indicating a brain tumor.

Sorry, that was totally a short story long.


Now for true confessions of an impatient knitter. That hat I featured in this week's Yarn Along is gone -- as in, in the trash.

I finished it this morning after we came home from the doctor, while my daughter was doing math and I was halfheartedly listening to her pleas for help (she pleas for help all the time so don't think I was being completely heartless).

I was down to two or so rows until I was finished and I really wanted to be finished -- too many other things to do (or maybe too much black coffee). Anyway, I finished, tied off the top from the inside and then decided to look a little more closely at one spot that I noticed was not a good weave. From the last black row to the gray the yarn had come loose and there was a gap. The problem was, no matter how I pulled on the loose end, nothing tightened. 

You know where this is going, right?

I fiddled and fiddled and then I fiddled a little more roughly. Then I decided it had to come apart and I had to rip down to that spot and re-knit the top of the hat.

But I had finished it off so securely it would not come apart. So then I grabbed the scissors.  

Yes, I did.

And I snipped and then I slashed and then I threw it in the trash and took the trash bag out to the cans.

True confessions.

The moral of this story is, if you have knitting envy and you just want to recreate the image of the peaceful, contented knitter, sitting by the picturesque window, sipping her tea and wondering how life could ever be this good, you can now give that image over to the slasher. Yes, that's me. The stubborn, impatient, German knitting slasher.

Not a pretty picture. Let's just hope she has enough yarn to knit that hat again. Tonight. One fell swoop, whadya say?


  1. Glad Joshua is good.

    That crazy knitter would be me I'm afraid, if I were a knitter...maybe there is a reason I never learned.

    So sorry about the hat though...

  2. I'm glad your doctor calmed your fears, but I hope your son's headaches go away completely. As for the slasher knitter, I think every honest knitter has had those moments. At least I know I have. Thanks for being honest. It's refreshing to hear it's not always perfectly perfect in every way. ;)

  3. So, you're really good at finishing so that things don't come unraveled? Good for you! I can't imagine you becoming a slasher/knitter. I'm sorry you had to go through that---it's never fun.

    I hope Joshua's headaches go away!

  4. I might do that, too; I've been known to do similar things. I will pray each day for the next two weeks especially for Joshua. --- Rosemary

  5. I'm glad the doctor was reassuring re the lack of problematic neuro symptoms. I'm just shaking my head and grinning about the hat...I had logged on to thank you for your tips on dpn's only to find this!! I'm making plans to have an outing w/ my girls to buy dpn's tomorrow. Now to search online to find a great pattern for a hat with earflaps for the toddler. I'll start with ravelry. I hope your next hat project doesn't meet the mean ole scissors!

  6. I'm glad your doctor visit for your son was reassuring! Hope he gets some relief from the headaches.

  7. Prayers for the headaches to leave and soon...and stay away. Love the true confessions :) I've done the same with fabric things before. I also advised my mother to do the same and just yesterday at that. She is making some doll clothes for a granddaughter's new dolly. Doll clothes making is not my mother's thing.

  8. I hope your son will feel better soon!

    I do have knitters envy, so much so that a had my very first knitting class today! You mean to tell me I won't be knitting away happily contented? I happen to be an impatient Irish woman...uh oh. I just paid for 5 more classes...

    Christine :)

  9. I hope too that Joshua's headaches get better.

    Knitting is one of those things. I have a hat that is driving me crazy. Intarsia and kitchener stitch arghhh. I would have been done, but some stitches slipped off my needle while attemptin the kitchener stitch for the first time. My yarn is black and as I tried to fix it (ie pick up the stitches), I ended up having to rip out half of my work before I successfully got all of the sts back on my needles. I almost threw it out. I know that I swore (don't tell anyone). We all have those moments. I just seem to have them more than I like. Good luck and God Bless.

    ps.I am sure you will make it even better this time.


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