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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yarning Along

Joining Ginny at Small Things for reads and knits.

I wanted to post the pictures of the little bonnets I made (found here on my ravelry page) -- I am finally almost finished with the second bonnet. I did something I have never done before -- made an I-cord to thread through the eyelet holes for the ties. I have a few inches left to knit on the second I-cord and then I can deliver the bonnets to my two little neighbors. Cute, cute.

My read is Those Who Saw Her, a book about Marian apparitions. I am not far into it, as there hasn't been much reading time lately.

Go see Ginny for more fun knits and reads.


  1. such a lovely colour yarn, so sweet
    happy knitting xx

  2. OH, my gosh, that is just adorable!!

    I've got to learn how to knit someday, I just have to!

  3. Gorgeous bonnets!! I'm going to have to fav that one over on ravelry.

    Btw, I have to tell you this…when I first read you had a ravelry account I thought, What?! She's over there?!
    So I clicked over to friend you and saw that we were already friends! LOL! My brain is so fried. And I don't have a pregnancy to blame it on, either. Bummer.

  4. Those bonnets are so sweet.

    The book also looks like something I would like!

  5. Beautiful bonnet!
    Your book looks really interesting. I hope you get some time to enjoy it :)

  6. i just did an icord for the first time recently----it was fun! Those bonnets are adorable, and I'd probably love that book.

  7. I love the bonnets. I want to try an i-cord edging but I am still not there. I love each time I conquer a new skill. I love i-cords but I can't seem to visualize having them be a bind off or edging. Great job !


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