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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Not Reader

Well, if you use Google Reader I guess you have figured out by now that "they" made some changes. I really just started using Reader this past summer. I used to just use my own list on my sidebar and click over to each blog. When I'm sitting at the computer it's not a big deal -- our internet service is fast and it's as quick as scrolling down in reader (and I am much more inclined to comment -- always a good thing). But when I'm on my phone, it's not so fast -- many more steps involved, now that my blog is set for mobile use and so are many others.

I really used Reader, however, because I like the "share" button and when you wanted to save something, it was oh-so-easy to do. I curse Google for deleting the "share" button. Like the grocery store manager who says he is being more efficient by moving things around, I know it's because they think I will buy more trying to find my way around the store again. I absolutely never pick up anything else, just to spite them. Google has some incentive, I'm certain, but I'm not buying whatever it is.

I (hopefully) moved all my favorites back to my sidebar and now I'll read blogs the way I did before. And I started a new blog to save my favorite stuff. It's just as easy as some of the other methods and ya know what they say -- "there's more than one way to skin a cat." Poo on you Google.


  1. I honestly did not know about that at grocery stores. I usually just get what's on my list, too. Unless the children are with me . . .then all sorts of extras go in the buggy. My husband and I can't market together as he is the worst for add-in's (usually unhealthy).

    I feel bad about the changes since they bother you. I should get a side bar reader up then. :)

  2. I knew about the grocery store thing and it ticks me off too...that's why they put milk in the back of the store too, so you pick extra stuff when picking up just milk...hate that!

    I don't care for the new Reader either, but I didn't use that "share" button either, I just use it for reading...they took away the statistics though, I guess I liked that. Fun to see.

  3. I concur and do not like the changes made to reader. It's much harder to find the 'place' where one can manage blogs being followed. But, for me, it is still the most efficient way to read posts.

    I try to shop alone, so as not to come away with extras. The list is my friend!

  4. I miss the SHARE! I haven't thought out a good way to SHARE things in its absence--but I need to find something.

  5. I agree with you. I really put me out that google got rid of the share feature. I think it's just a way to manipulate people into using google plus. I tried google plus for a few weeks and didn't like it at all. It took quite a bit of searching on the web to figure out how to delete it without. Right now I'm trying out FriendFeed. It works for sharing and they have a widget you can put on your blogs sidebar. It's not great, but it's better than nothing.

  6. Oops! My kiddos distracted me and I hit publish before realizing I hadn't finished my thoughts…

    The sentence should read: It took quite a bit of searching on the web to figure out how to delete it without deleting my entire google account.

    Oh, and I meant to say "It" really put me out, not "I".

    *sigh* Sorry. It's been one of those days.


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